Jodi Arias Bryce Williams Connection, September 13, 2015.

Jodi Arias and Bryce Williams murder cases have the same MO. They both have the supernatural magic cameras that takes pictures of the murderers as they fall to the floor. The odds that Jodi Ares’s camera taking a picture of her murdering someone accidentally as the camera fell to the floor was about one in 1 billion. The odds that this happens again in the Bryce Williams murder case, is so astronomical that someone should start a new religion on it, so people can worship the magic camera. The supposed photo taken of the murderer Bryce Williams as the cameraman’s camera hit the ground causing it to snap a picture of Bryce Williams, does not have enough light to be taken in the daytime. The picture looks dark. We would expect the picture to be distorted, but not look like a picture that was taken at night, when we know the murder happened during the day outside in bright daylight. On the other hand the supposed picture of Jodi arias murdering her boyfriend in the shower, was taken in a dark house at night and had too much light to be taken without a flash. If there was a flash Jodi Arias would have known the camera had just taken a picture of her murdering her boyfriend. The digital cameras that were around years ago needed a lot of light. They needed a flash. But the Jodi arias photo look like it had more light than the Bryce Williams photo, that was taken during the daytime outside.

The story of Jodi arias was that two Mafia thugs murdered her boyfriend, cleaned up all the foot print evidence that someone was involved in the murder and framed Jodi arias. Police claim Jodi arias tried to clean up the murder scene but only manage to erase any evidence that someone else did it. She left all of her bloody fingerprints on the walls and only cleaned up the footprints of the two Mafia thugs who did the murder and were most likely cops.

The news media did not show the video footage of Bryce Williams camera. But there were copies of it on the Internet as supposedly Bryce Williams uploaded it before he committed suicide. The video is obviously a false flag staged event. The gun was shooting blanks, there was no blood other conspiracy theorist claim it was a white man’s hand on the gun. Bryce Williams was half white so it might have been his hand they would actually have to compare his hand to the hand in the video which nobody has done. But the gun was shooting blanks. You can tell by the sound that the gun was shooting blanks. You could tell by the sparks in flames coming out of the barrel of the gun that it was shooting blanks. Generally the bullet causes the smoke and flames to shoot out to the right and left of the gun because the gunpowder travels faster than the bullet and it has to go around the bullet. When the flash comes straight out of the end of the gun it means it’s shooting blanks. I do not know much about guns but some gun experts have said the shell casings on that model of gun should have been seen ejecting out of the side of the gun. There was quite a few anomalies in the video. The cameraman was shot but he carefully set the $20,000 camera on the ground and slowly turned it on its side as not to damage it. And while he was setting the camera down at no point did that camera point to the shooter, so where did the camera get the picture of the shooter when you can clearly see footage of the camera going slowly down to the ground and turning on its side. Every news channel covered the story because this is big news when two reporters get murdered live on the air. However none of these newspapers or news teams seem to have been sent out to the murder scene two snap photos of the crime scene after the fact. They may have been taken and you would think someone would be suing the police department to get copies of those photos of the two dead news reporters on the ground bleeding all over the Boardwalk. We would not need to see those photos if we actually seen a real gun shooting real bullets and didn’t have a supernatural magic camera that took the one in 10 trillion coincidental shots as it hit the floor in the same way it did in the Jodi arias murder case. Trying to prove these are false flag events is useless because even if you convince somebody of the truth, they will simply kill the people you convince. More people have been killed trying to expose the 911 false flag event, than people who died on 911.

So Macks wanted me to watch a movie titled “nightcrawler” so we can do a interview next Friday over my opinions on the movie. He sent me a link to a free movie but they want me to sign up and it doesn’t seem free. However, I read the plot of nightcrawler on WikiLeaks. I have seen several movies with the same type of plot. It’s where newspaper reporters participate in crimes to get a good news story. So his idea is that these false flag staged news events are simply so news reporters can have a good story to sell to newspapers and media across the country. This movie was based on a 1930 event on the same plot. But these plots have been around for a long time even to Jack the Ripper. The story there is a newspaper agency hires a serial killing Mafia thug to slit women’s throats so they have plenty of news stories to sell and it really sells a lot of newspapers. I think I seen a episode of twilight zone from the 50s where the reporter created the news by murdering people. This is not a new idea or plot. What amazes me is that happens again and again and nobody does anything to change the way news is collected or reported.

Photographs from reporters are very powerful and they were used to end the Vietnam War. One of the most famous photographs was of the 12-year-old girl crying, running naked through the streets that sent thousands of Americans to protest the Vietnam War. The photograph that ended the Vietnam War was of the two-year-old child that was shot dead by an American soldier. When the soldiers came home every one of them was called a child killer even though only one man killed the two-year-old. I actually talked to the man who killed the two-year-old on the Internet in the 90s. He was on all kinds of medication because of what he had done and vigilantes had murdered his two-year-old son because of what he did in Vietnam. I tried to comfort him by telling him he is the hero that ended the Vietnam War by killing that two-year-old child. We would still be in Vietnam today if that child had not been killed. It’s almost like a sacrifice to end the war. There was a lot of anger about the photograph of the dead child because it was sold to some tabloids for $2 million. At that price people could be purposely killing two-year-olds just for the money. But the photographs sold for $2 million because everyone knew that it was going to be the photograph to end the Vietnam War and it did. Now the military really controls photographers and reporters in Iraq and Afghanistan because the reporters can determine the outcome of the war.

The news can be manipulated to make an innocent person look guilty or a guilty person look innocent. The FBI files showed an interesting story about a high school reporter in Senator Robert F Kennedy’s murder. Sirhan Sirhan was framed for the murder. We know this because there was a cover-up. The major news reporters are told where they can stand in a political event so that the murder can take place without any reporters evidence. But this was a high school reporter who didn’t report to Secret Service or security that he was a reporter so he stood on a table to take his photographs of the murder of John F. Kennedy. He took three rows of film but the FBI confiscated all of his film. He literally had to sue the FBI to get his pictures back. He won, but they didn’t give him all these pictures they only gave him one roll. So he sued again in a different court and won. This judge ordered the FBI to return all of the pictures and film that this high school news reporter took. The FBI agreed to return the pictures but they were coincidentally stolen before they were returned to the reporter. These people in the FBI are like the Untouchables. They can kill senators and presidents in broad daylight, frame an innocent man and get away with murder in front of thousands of witnesses and hundreds of reporters with cameras. Why do they even attempt to do this in front of so many witnesses? It’s because of power and control. They want to have absolute power not only over the people but over all of the Senators, governors, presidents and kings. You do what we ask for your killed and it doesn’t matter who you are is their attitude and that’s why they do it in broad daylight to put fear in people and to show their power. Jeffrey Dahmer did this to his victims. He murdered people and then he showed his future victims the pictures of the people he murdered to control them. These people take pictures of themselves murdering Sen. Kennedy in front of thousands of witnesses and cameras and then show them the people like other senators and governors and presidential candidates to put fear in people and control them. These pictures that this high school reporter took of somebody other than Sirhan Sirhan killing presidential candidate John F Kennedy were not destroyed. They are worth too much money and can be used to blackmail and intimidate presidential candidates, senators, governors even the police and FBI, etc. most likely the video footage that was confiscated of the true person who killed Pres. Kennedy are still around also and used to make deals and for intimidation or maybe even insurance, that people who are in power behind the scenes, stay in power.

You may ask why would they kill someone so powerful in front of so many witnesses and reporters? Hidden in plain sight is the best way to get away with murder. They have plants, fake witnesses. If you plant 10 fake witnesses who say they seen Sirhan Sirhan shoot the gun, then it’s easy to make the real witnesses who seen the real murderer look like they are tinfoil hat wearing crazy people. “Sirhan Sirhan didn’t shoot Mr. Kennedy, I seen that FBI agent do it”. Who’s going to believe you? I hear the story where they might even use someone like Bob Barker from the price is right to kill someone. So someone does witness the murder, who’s going to believe Barb Barker from the price is right did it. This is how Bill Cosby got away with drugging and raping so many women. What FBI agent or policeman is going to believe this rich guy with all this money, who could by any hooker he wants, is going to rape somebody and risk losing everything he owns? This Bob Barker from the price is right is like the guy on the great Gatsby who made the great Gatsby a billionaire. He has so much money and power he can create millionaires. The story goes Bob Barker went into a shoe store where he met a shoe salesman named Benny Hinn. And he turned Benny Hinn into a TV evangelists that wears $10,000 suits so that Bob Barker can play God by using this shoe salesman to go on TV and teach the sheeple what God’s will or should I say Bob Barker’s will is.

When you go to church, you’re not listening to the gospel, you’re listening to the sermon that the people who built the church want you to hear. They don’t build multimillion dollar mega-churches with that dollar you put in the collection plate. The automobile companies had donated money to build just about every church around Detroit Michigan. Not because they were generous, but because they wanted people to believe that if people died or were injured in car crashes, that it wasn’t the automobile manufacturers fault, it was God’s fault. I’m not really sure exactly how they did it because I never went to church. All I know is everyone who has went to church does not blame the automobile manufacturers when someone is injured or killed by an automobile and it’s not by coincidence it’s because the automobile companies are building the churches. The church wasn’t built by God. The preacher doesn’t get his paycheck from God. The preacher is getting his paycheck from the donations of the tobacco companies and other big businesses and that’s why there were so many people smoking cigarettes and not blaming the tobacco companies, when they got cancer.

In my next video I will teach why the devil created Christianity. Not only did the true Jesus not die the only way to tell Christ is the true Christ is you cannot kill him. It almost goes back to the Salem witch trials where they knew you were a witch if they couldn’t kill you. False Christ and false Jesus is will come and the only way to tell the true one is you can’t kill him. I’m not claiming to be Jesus Christ, but you will know Jesus Christ when you can’t kill him. The devil had to build a church to convince people that Christ can die so they can set up fake Christ that could be killed to rule over the people. And the fake Christ that were ruling over the people where the pope’s who all died except for the most recent pope.


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