Not Only Are Jobs Slavery, November 6, 2015.

Not only are jobs slavery, not only are jobs a crime against humanity, jobs turn people into murderers and serial killers and they might even be the cause of mortality. A new study found that jobs are killing people. When I watched this new Escape TV channel 20.3, about all these murderers and serial killers, I knew jobs are what created these murders and serial killers. There’s even a new term for called, “going postal” where postal workers jobs cause them to go on shooting sprees. Yes it’s better to die than be a slave. But people are finding out it’s better to kill others, then be a slave. One serial killer was a trucker. I think many truckers are serial killers but the one they had on escape TV was a trucker who killed women and got mad because someone was taking credit for the women he was killing. So not only are jobs killing people and driving them to become serial killers, the people who don’t have the guts to kill people, try to take credit for people who were murdered by confessing to murders they didn’t commit. So this trucker was killing women and people were taking credit for the people he murdered.

First of all you have to look at what is a truck driver. People are not born saying someday they want to be a truck driver. Truck drivers is the lowest job on the totem pole, before becoming homeless. When you have a job in a coal mine and the doctor says you can no longer be a coal miner because of black lung, you become a truck driver. People who can’t pass a background check to be a bus driver or a limo driver, become a truck driver. Truck drivers leave for months at a time driving 12 to 14 hrs. a day and they sleep in back of their trucks. We live in a capitalist society, where people chisel off of each other to survive. So the doctor tells you that you have cancer, so he can sell you chemotherapy treatments and he almost has to do it because there are so many doctors and not enough disease. The dentist has to scrape the enamel off your teeth to cause cavities, because people don’t get cavities naturally and there are more dentist in my neighborhood then there are liquor stores. We used to think they were trying to turn us into alcoholics, but with all the dentist in my neighborhood I think they want us all to be toothless. You go in to get a cavity filled and you leave the dental office with two new cavities, created by the dentist. You get one tooth pulled and now you’re going to need two more teeth pulled after going to the dentist. The auto mechanic tells you that you need a new carburetor and he puts metal shavings in your power steering pump, so you will be back in a few weeks to get that fixed. The doctors, dentists and auto mechanics are not in business to make you healthy, fix your teeth or automobile. They’re in business, to get your repeat business. I’ve met several people with plumbing problems that were caused by the plumbers. The plumbers are not interested in fixing their plumbing problem, they are interested in making money by trying to fix it and skating around the real problem. If you think the church preacher is evil by taking your money promising you that you will get to heaven, you haven’t realized all jobs are evil.

So even the prostitutes are chiseling off people to survive. They hang around these truck stops where they chisel off the truck drivers. Can you imagine sleeping in your truck only getting 4 or 5 hours sleep and some prostitute bangs on your window to wake you up every night asking you if you want to date. Most of these prostitutes Rob the truck drivers if they get a chance by taking their wallets. If these prostitutes banged on a gun owners door, the gun owner could shoot them through the door and claim self-defense. But these prostitutes wake up the truck drivers at 3,4, and 5 o’clock in the morning. No wonder truck drivers are serial killing prostitutes. If they were a gun owner they could’ve shot them through their door and it would’ve been self-defense.

It is jobs that turns people into murderers and serial killers. Every single FBI file, Snaped, forensic files, American justice, and unsolved mystery episode, can find jobs as the cause of the murder or serial killing. Many people will claim, “I have a job and I’m not out killing people” that’s because you have not had a chronic pain job injury. Believe me if you’re in enough pain you will start killing people. God did not create evil people. These people kill because they were injured on the job and tortured by the medical system and nobody gave a shit. So they don’t care if they torture and murder people.

People asked me what I do all day that I’m disabled. I pray to God for nuclear war to blow the arms and legs off the 310 million Americans, who made a conscious decision they would rather die in a nuclear war, than pay the capitalist injured worker his $450 billion for his job injury. You want to be a capitalist, then pay the capitalist injured worker his $450 billion for his job injury and his $5 billion month late fee. If the guy who created Facebook got $750 billion for his little bit of work, than I can get $450 billion for my 30 years of chronic pain and suffering. In fact I’m thinking of raisin it to $450 trillion, because of the extra pain and suffering I have to go through when I go to a bar. The pain I suffered from the job injury is one thing, but when the medical system tortured me with Stella ganglion blocks to the neck, I knew the United States had to be destroyed. They’re just not going to stop torturing people and are not going to believe the medical system is torturing people, until God destroys them all. Now however, I can’t even go to a bar without someone putting glass in my drink, poison in my food or accusing me of faking a job injury to get out of work. They even had a girl on the Dr. Phil propaganda channel who claims to have put Drano in her eyes to get on disability, to brainwash the masses into believe in everybody’s fake and job injuries to get out of work. If this girl actually put Drano in her eyes to get out of work, may be jobs should be illegal and the people who create them put in prison for life.

After my last episode of meeting a woman in the bar who believes the homeless man with one shoulder injury can get another job with his other arm, I go to a different bar. In this bar some psychopath is angry that his hunting buddy on disability, is calling him about the carrots. This insane person, is going to go hunting and they’re going to buy $30 worth of carrots to feed the deer, so that they could kill the deer after feeding them. And he’s angry that his disabled buddy, is calling him about the carrots, when he believes his disabled buddy, has time to go get the carrots. This guy has a job and he believes he shouldn’t have to go get the carrots also. I think his disabled hunting buddy is going to shoot him in the head on the hunting trip. This guy is angry because he’s got a back injury and instead of going on disability, he’s picking on the other disabled. Somebody talked him into starting his own business, when he was disabled from a back injury. There was another person at the bar that thought the same thing. They think that if you become disabled, you can start your own business and enslave others. As if the cure for job injuries is enslaving other people. It’s like if you can’t drink any more alcohol because you’re an alcoholic, you can sell alcohol to other people. If you can’t smoke anymore crack, you could sell crack. If you can’t work, you can enslave others. It’s insanity. Even the bartender thought this guy wasn’t disabled, you can’t have a very bad back injury if you’re going hunting. Unless you going to kill the people who think your faking a job injury.

But it’s not even about whether you’re a disabled or not. It’s about getting a job injury and realizing the industrial nations don’t have enough money to pay for a job injury and that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. My job is to get the $450 billion from my last job injury and sue the medical system for $1 trillion for torturing me with a Stella ganglion block to the neck, because they didn’t want to pay me the $450 billion I suffered. It’s about suing industry out of business, so that the earth can return back to the Garden of Eden. Anyone who thinks business should still be in business after a man is injured on the job, is mentally insane and there’s no mental institution that can cure them. Because all the mental institutions were built off the profits of businesses. The word sin is in the middle of business. It’s not about starting a business to enslave others, when you become disabled from a job injury. Every business owner knows that jobs are slavery and business owners are slave masters. Every business owner once had a job injury, that’s how they got their business. The business is a bribe payoff, for your job injury. This is why God’s wrath is going to be on the business owners. It wasn’t about starting a business after your job injury it was about suing all business out of business. God is the provider, food grows on trees, Monsanto did not invent the Apple.

In 1999 the president and vice president was on TV saying there is no Mafia. But when you watch escape TV they have several videos on how the Mafia worked back in the 40s and 50s. And all those laws the Mafia put on the books are still there. Halloween was invented by the Mafia to make billions of dollars in the candy industry. The same tactics the Mafia used to extort money from businesses, children were taught how to extort candy from people with threats of violence and vandalism. The system of enslaving people with jobs was created by the Mafia who murdered people to keep business in business. Because in a just world, business would have been sued out of business the first time a man was injured on the job. In a just world, The automobile industry would’ve been sued out of business, when the first person was killed by an automobile.

I imagine people were probably injured on the job at the automobile factories before people were killed by automobiles. So the automobile manufacturer should have been sued out of business long before the first person was killed in an automobile accident. In fact the first automobile the model , only went 15 mph and nobody was killed by them until they started going over 20 miles an hour. The cause of all traffic fatalities is speed limits, not drunk drivers or distracted drivers. People are human and they knew, if they made cars go faster than 15 miles an hour, people would be killed by them, but they made them anyway, because they thought they can get away with murder. Because most of the judges and lawyers were also Mafia members. The Mafia would send their children to school to become judges and lawyers. If you watch these videos from escape TV you will see the children and grandchildren of these known Mafia members are now judges and lawyers. One judge was impeached for taking $150,000 bribe so he became a congressman. When he becomes impeached from taking bribes as a congressman, he will run for president and nobody is none the wiser.

Guns have been used to keep mankind in bondage. It’s not about getting guns and starting a Civil War to kill the people who enslave you. It’s about having faith in God that he’s capable of bringing fire down from heaven to have the 310 million Americans killed, who decided they would rather be burned over 98% of their bodies than give the capitalists injured worker his $450 billion for his job injury. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. You want a capitalist nation, than pay the capitalists injured worker or move to a communist country.

Revelation talks about Elijah who by his faith would bring fire down from heaven to destroy the wicked. The wicked are the business owners. The wicked are the people who believe men should be enslaved with jobs. I have been disabled since 1989 and people ask me what I do all day. I’ve been praying for destruction on those who don’t believe I should be paid for my job injury. God said eye for eye, tooth for tooth, $450 billion for $450 billion worth of suffering no free rides for workers compensation that was created by the Mafia, to keep business in business. That is truth.

Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth and they will be used to destroy the nations who think you can profit off of people suffering by enslaving people with jobs.

It’s very possible that jobs are causing your mortality. Jesus said, “those who believe in me never die”. Then why do people die? Because they have jobs. If you believed in Jesus you would not work with your hands, ever, Psalms 127:1. Jesus said the birds do not toil, neither do they spin and the heavenly father feeds them and you are worth more than the birds. It’s very clear that anyone who has a job is sinning against God, a sin punishable by death. I don’t think it’s about quitting your job and becoming homeless. To serve God you must do everything to put business out of business and take God’s land back from the people who claim to own God’s land. It’s about taking God’s oil back, God gold back as everything belongs to God and anyone who claims ownership to anything is a thief who stole from God, a sin punishable by death. You cannot buy or sell without receiving the Mark of the beast as money is the Mark of the beast. One serial killer on the FBI files said, “God help us all”. He knew, that not only he was a sinner but so was everyone else.

God is looking for men of faith. Men, who believe God is capable of bringing fire down from heaven, to kill the 310 million Americans, who enslave others with jobs and are too stupid to know jobs are a crime against humanity. Can you imagine anyone so ignorant, that they think the injured worker should start a business and enslave others until they become disabled? You just can’t save people with that kind of insanity. Thank God for nuclear weapons.

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