Jewish False Prophets, Gaza, Russia, July 1, 2015.

I did a Skype interview and the guy asked me about when Jesus told me to read the Scripture in red, he said, “then Jesus was confirming the Scripture in red was true”. Yes, Jesus did say to read the Scripture in red, but not as if he was confirming every word of it to be true, but as if I shouldn’t bother wasting my time reading the Scripture, that wasn’t in red. Unfortunately I have my mother’s Bible, which only has the words of God in red in the New Testament. So I don’t know which words are in red in the Old Testament.

I haven’t read much of the Old Testament. But I was watching a YouTube video about false prophets. And it’s kind of neat how the Bible was written, you have creation in the beginning, you have some stuff written about Moses and you have the middle of the Bible, most of it Jewish prophets, then you have the New Testament and then there’s the end of the world, book of Revelation at the end. It’s a pretty complete book of the world from beginning to end kind of like a DVD movie. So the YouTube video was about false prophets.

The lady was reading from Jeremiah on how God hates the false prophets. This is Old Testament Jewish writings, and we can see that we had false prophets, thousands of years ago. So we looked around and we wonder who are these false prophets? Where are these false prophets? Well the false prophets seem to be in the Bible. We look at Jeremiah, which we assume is a true prophet, because he is dogging on all the false prophets, then we have Ezekiel, Danielle, Hosea, Joel, Amos, Zechariah, Micah, Amos, Jonah etc. There’s a lot of prophets, so which ones are the false prophets? Well the Jews had this book for 5000 years and even the Christians are going to say none of these are false prophets, because to do so, would mean they had the wrong religion. I mean heaven forbid if Ezekiel or Danielle was a false prophet.

Good thing the Bible tells us how to tell a false prophet. If the prophet speaks and the words do not come to pass, don’t be afraid of him, he is a false prophet, Deuteronomy 18:22. Now Jonah hears the word of the Lord and the Lord says Nineveh will be overthrown, if it doesn’t repent. Well Nineveh repented and it wasn’t overthrown. Does that mean Jonah was a false prophet? No it doesn’t. Well what about the other prophets?

There are so many false prophets that makes God angry, that he decides the prophets will no longer tell of future events, that are 100 or 1000 years into the future. Because it’s easy to deceive people by saying I’m a prophet, there’s going to be an earthquake and when the earthquake happens 100 or thousand maybe 5000 years from now, the people say, “look he predicted it, that must be a true prophet.” So Jesus says, the prophets of the future, and this was 2000 years ago, they would only predict things that were going to happen within the next few days or weeks, not years or centuries into the future. So anyone predicting something that’s going to happen 100 years from now, is pretty much a false prophet.

The false prophets even start deceiving people by saying Pres. Kennedy will be assassinated and then they go out and shoot Pres. Kennedy, to make themselves look like a true prophet. So those kinds of predictions of presidents being assassinated, are not really prophetic events. If I make a prediction that somebody is going to throw a piece of paper at you and then I throw a piece of paper at you, that’s not proving I’m a prophet. So man-made events are not a sign of a true prophet. Now if you go outside and the wind blows a piece of paper in your face, then you could say that was prophetic.

The Jews seem to be worried that their prophets were false prophets because their prophecies haven’t been coming true for the last few thousand years. So the Jews, instead of admitting that the prophets are false, are taking action to make sure the prophecies, their prophets predicted, thousands of years ago, come true. I just watched the video today with Jewish person saying prophecy is being fulfilled in Israel. First of all, Israel becoming a state, is a man-made event, not a supernatural God prophetic miracle. But this guy tried to claim Bible prophecy is being fulfilled in Israel, because the Jews built a fence around the city. Well God didn’t build the fence around the city, so that’s not really prophetic is it?

If I predict a fence will be built in my backyard and then I go build the fence, that doesn’t make me a prophet and the doesn’t mean prophecy is being fulfilled, because someone else said a fence would be bult in my backyard, a few thousand years ago. The building of the temple is not a prophetic event either. Anybody can go outside with some wood and build the Temple and then claim their false prophet prophecies being fulfilled. Now the heavenly Jerusalem descending out of heaven, already built, an act of God, that would be prophetic true prophet. But the Jews deciding they will go and build the Temple is not prophetic. It’s the Jews trying to fulfill their false prophets prophecies, to make the Jewish religion, look credible.

The Jews are saying all kinds of things in their false prophets. A wall will be built around Israel, the wall will be taken down, but these are man-made events. What the Jews are trying to do is they are trying to poke at the Russian bear to get it to attack Israel. Because that would fulfill one of their false prophets predictions. You see when God sent a prophet, you don’t need Jewish people to try to poke at people to get the prophecy fulfilled. This is why I turned down the interview about revelation. Revelation is going to be fulfilled regardless if I prod people into fulfilling its prophecy with my interpretation. The interpretation is for me and those who follow me not for Jews, Christians the Pentagon or other idiots trying to make a false prophet look like a real prophet by man-made actions bringing it to pass. This is what the Jews are doing in Gaza. Man-made actions to fulfill their false prophet predictions. This is why the Jews are passing sanctions against Russia and invading their Ukraine to try to prod and poke at Russia to get the bear to attack the state of Israel. Because they need their prophecy fulfilled or everyone is going to realize the Jewish religion is a hoax and possibly satanic.

I believe it satanic. This Jewish guy in this video I watched talked about the Jews invading countries, stealing the spoils and because their Jews they think they can get away with. It seems the Jews think that they don’t have to obey God’s laws of the 10 Commandments that says, “do not steal”. So I couldn’t believe it when this guy said the Jews would take the spoils of war and there would be another war where people fight to get their spoils back from the Jews who stole them. This Jewish guy really believed the Jews are rich because they stole spoils of war fairly and squarely. Unbelievable. It doesn’t sound like a religion it sounds more like the Mafia or some kind of motorcycle gang. God said do not steal, do not covet your neighbor’s belongings. The Jews are worse than the Christians. Christians will claim they can steal because Jesus died to pay for their thefts. Then I realized that the Jews were preventing Messiah from returning. The Jews are claiming the Messiah is the antichrist. God is going to return to the earth and sit in the temple and the Jews believe this is going to be the antichrist. Well the antichrist has been in the Temple teaching for thousands of years, he’s not coming he’s been here. When I was online I claimed I had all the answers back in 1995 and these people said, “if anyone comes claiming to have all the answers, that is the antichrist”. As if the true Messiah wouldn’t have any of the answers. We got to wait for someone to come, who has none of the answers, otherwise the Jews will think it’s the antichrist. These people are not preparing the way for the Messiah they are doing everything to make sure he cannot come. They want to make sure God is a return to Earth because God will take away all of their spoils of war and all of their power. Because they are in fact thieves. Everything belongs to God and nothing belongs to the Jews. The penalty for stealing from God’s death.

While we know most of the Jewish prophets are false because it’s the Jews themselves that are building walls, starting wars, bombing Ukraine, poking at Russia, to get it to attack Israel, driving Gaza Palestinians to the sea. The Bible actually says Philistines will be driven to the sea but the Jews are okay with driving the Palestine’s to the sea to fulfill their false prophets predictions convincing the world that their religion is credible. Not to forget the Jews were behind the 911 attack killing Americans, to get the United States to kill off the Muslims. The Jews don’t care if they kill Christian Americans in 911. There were no Jews in the twin towers on 911. If the Old Testament is filled full of all these false prophets and the Jews are causing these events to make their false religion credible, who are the true prophets who make predictions based on supernatural events rather than man-made ones? No doubt the Jews being evil would have rejected the true prophets and any true Messiah or even God himself. That’s why they didn’t accept Jesus as either God or the Messiah but instead killed him for blasphemy against their religion. See the Jews never repented and became a true religion they are just as evil as they were the day Jesus tried to overthrow them.

2nd Esdras or Ezra seems to be one of the prophetical books that the Jews rejected along with the book of Revelation. These books predicts things that could not have been known in the past. When you see the Roman eagle screaming in the air, then you will know Jerusalem will be destroyed. In a way that’s a man-made event, but because it was made long before Roman jet fighters or stealth bombers were ever invented. So this seems to be a true prophet. The book of Revelation talks about the beast that arises out of the sea, having seven heads and upon each head 10 crowns and on the crowns the name of blasphemy. Boy whenever there are bombs in a war the soldiers write all kinds of stuff on those bombs before they dropped them. And the beast was like a leopard. These cruise missiles stay close to the ground to avoid radar. They follow the terrain over mountains and in valleys. And his mouth was like a lion. These cruise missiles open up at the mouth so that 10 smaller warheads come out of them. And the dragon gave them their fire meaning they are rockets. If you look at the Trident class nuclear submarines they follow this description perfectly. Watch them as they launch a missile, and the missile goes over the terrain open in its mouth to let smaller warheads come out.

It seems this is the war of the religions. Who’s prophet is right and who’s religion is credible? If the Jews fulfills all of their man-made prophetic prophecies, people will believe the Jews. However, if the United States along with Russia, sends the screaming Eagle, jet fighters, in the air to destroy Jerusalem, then Christianity and the Catholic religion, wins out over Judaism. The Muslims have a dog in this fight also. For they too hate the Jews who breaks God’s laws of do not steal and do not covet. The Jews have been stealing all the spoils of war and that’s why we have many wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Libya, it’s the Jews stealing their oil and because they are Jews their law says it’s okay to steal. They don’t obey God’s 10 Commandments. The Jews are admitting they steal the spoils of war fairly and squarely because they won the war. Are you serious? The people who gave me the radio interview were Jews. I asked them what religion they were and he said agnostic, but then he told me a story about his dad being Jewish.

The reason why I was calling the people work at the CIA idiots, is because they are in intelligence gathering agency and they did not know, or they do not care that the Jews are poking Russia into attacking Israel to fulfill their false prophets predictions. The Jews are also attacking Gaza, the Palestine’s just to make their false religion seem credible. No other reason. The Jews are not moral when they believe they can war with a country and steal the spoils as if they wanted fairly and squarely. Their law says, “do not steal.” The prophecies the Jews and even some Christians who support the Jews are claiming God is bringing the past, It’s not God doing it. None of these events are supernatural. All of them are man-made. None of these prophets predicted the technology we have today of screaming Eagles in the air jet fighters, or nuclear powered submarine beast rising out of the sea where they say to it, “arise and devour much flesh”. That prophecy can only be talking about a nuclear powered submarine in Revelation 13.

The Jews do not believe we are all created equal. They are not Americans. They believe they should have all the money and everyone else should have none. This is why Hitler killed them. Hitler documented the way the Jews treated their fellow Jews in the ghettos. Rich Jews walked around with mink coats while starving women beg for food for their babies. Hitler videoed these rich Jews walking past starving women with their starving children. It was horrible I seen the video on PBS. Then the Jews claim they were fake propaganda videos and none of it was true or that Hitler caused the starvation but video doesn’t lie. Those were not fake Jews wearing mink coats walking past starving people. The people were dying of starvation and you can’t fake that. The Jews were rich they escaped with million-dollar paintings and gold teeth and you can’t fake that. The Jews still deny to this day that they were rich and starved their own people. We see it in our country today. The homeless veterans and the billionaire Jews. Nothing changes when it comes to the Jews. I used to work at a Jewish bagel factory. The owner had a gold bagel on the front of his Cadillac and we were paid under minimum wage. The government came and made that Jew pay us back pay. We were paid $1.75 an hour, at the time minimum wage was $2.25

The Christian Messiah was wounded to save mankind, the Jewish Antichrist is wounded to prove he’s not a man of God. Either Christianity is of the devil or Judaism is. Is it the Messiah who was wounded or the Antichrist? The Jews are not our friends. The not the friends of the Christians, they are not the friends of the Muslims, they’re not the friends of the Americans and their definitely not the friends of the Russians or the Timotheans. The true Israel is the man that sees God. It’s not a state in the Middle East. I’m going to do my next video on who the true Jew really is. Stay tuned. Here’s a hint, Moses was a Hebrew, not a Jew. So where did the Jews come from?

Hitler’s video of the Jews in the ghetto.


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