Jesus is God I am the Messiah, September 5, 2016.

What Iím doing. How do you bring people to Jesus? The Bible says, ďsins hide his face from youĒ, Isaiah 59:2. The Messiah comes to prepare people to see God. The Messiah is the messenger of the covenant. Jesus is not the Messiah. Jesus doesnít come to prepare the way for his coming. The messenger of the covenant, the Messiah, comes to prepare Godís way. And Jesus is God, not the Messiah. Jesus isnít going to come and say, ďhi Iím Jesus, Iím coming to prepare for my coming, prepare to meet Me (Jesus) he would be a skizoĒ. The devil has been teaching lies in the church for five thousand years and this is why Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews cannot see Jesus. Their sins hide his face from them. God is not going to appear to Christians who think Jesus is going to heal peopleís job injuries, so that industry can make billions in profit. God is not going to appear to gun owners, who think they have a right to kill people without a trial, jury or judge. God is not going to appear to people who make statues, and paintings of Jesus. The way to prepare people to see God, is to teach them the ten Commandments and make sure they obey them.

The commandment ďdo not killĒ means, ďdo not killĒ. It doesnít mean that if you join the NRA and purchase a lethal weapon, you have a license to kill. Jesus said you know them by their fruits. How do you know if they are a murderer? If they have a gun. You know if someone is a crack addict, if they have a crack pipe. The crack pipe is the fruit of a crack addict. A gun, is the fruit of a premeditated first-degree murder. Christians, Jews, Hindus and Muslims donít even have a clue to what the ten Commandments say, because Christianity teaches the lie that Jesus died to pay for your sins. The first commandment is not to make any images of anything in heaven above or on earth below. So why are Christians make an statues and paintings of Jesus? Is it because they want to spend eternity in hell? The commandment says, ďdo not stealĒ. The Bible says everything belongs to God, so if youíre claiming ownership to anything you are in fact a thief who stole from God. The only way God is going to appear to you, is to get his property back, by sending you to the lake of fire. There is a prerequisite to seeing God, God does not appear to sinners, John 9:31. To be able to see God you must first purge all of your sins. Once you see God, youíre basically saved, for then you will know God. Those who have not seen God, do not know God. Your sins hide Godís face from you so that you cannot see God, Isaiah 59:2. When you reject the true Messiah, the son of Joseph, which is me, you reject God also. Now go and see if your pope can save you.

The Christians, Jews, Muslims and Hindus sure have a funny way of showing their love for people, by walking around playing God with a lethal weapon, deciding who gets to live and who should die. Only people who belong to the Timothean religion will see God. Timotheanís do not believe in gun ownership. Timotheanís believe everything belongs to God and anyone who claims ownership to anything, is the worst kind of thief, who stole from God. Timotheanís do not make any images of anything in heaven or on earth, to do so would mean eternal punishment. No paintings of Jesus, no statues of Krishna, not even a painting of a tree.

If you want to see God donít belong to any church that does not call gun owners premeditated first-degree murderers. Donít belong to any church that enslaves people with jobs. Donít belong to any church that destroys Godís earth. You know them by their fruits. Are they cutting down Godís trees? Are they polluting the air? Are the against a carbon tax for polluters? Are they putting toxic copper, lead water pipes in the city? Are they pumping Godís water out of Godís earth? Then theyíre destroying Godís earth and you donít want to belong to that church. Because youíll never see God. Itís not just murder to kill without a trial jury or judge, itís murder if the government kills with trial jury and judge. I donít even know you if want to live in a country that believes in capital punishment. It lessens your chances of seeing God. There is a lot more you have to do to purge your sins than I can make in a few YouTube videos. The devil has been teaching in the church for more than five thousand years and has twisted everything by killing Godís messengers.

Not only is drinking alcohol not a sin, according to the cup of the holy Grail, it may very well be a prerequisite to drink alcohol, to see God. He who drinks well, will see God. Not that you should drink strong drink, as too much alcohol will cause brain damage and possible death. The devil has changed Godís laws. The law, ďdo not killĒ was changed into, ďyou can kill if you purchase a gun license and join the NRA or the Christian ChurchĒ. Itís laughable that anyone believes this Catholic, Christian, Muslim, Hinduism, Judaism, religious crap. If you canít see the Timothean religion as the only truth, you canít be saved. If you belong to a church that believes in gun ownership you are just as evil as premeditated murderers. If you belong to a church that believes you can own what belongs to God youíre no different than a thief.

Join the Timothean religion before itís too late. God does not have to prove he is God and the Messiah doesnít have to prove he is the Messiah. The people who belong to these false religions will die in their sins. Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Hindus and Jews all died in the latest earthquakes. The Pope couldnít save them, neither has the Imanís, preachers or priest. You people made Donald Trump, Putin, President Obama and people like Jack Van Impe, Paul Bigley, Lisa Haven, Alex Jones, Doctor Phil and David Ike your saviors. Good luck with that. They never seen God and yet they claim to know him and speak for him. For those who want to join the Timothean religion my address is on my website Iím going off-line again because these people are just stealing my ideas promote their evil religions. If you donít believe I am the Messiah you are not going to believe Jesus is God and you canít possibly be saved. There is no other Messiah. There is no other son of Joseph. The Jehovah witnesses have predicted that there was only one year for Joseph to be born and that is in the year 1914. So thereís not going to be another Joseph or another son of Joseph. The truth is not for murdering gun owners, painting statue idol worshipers, sees who steal Godís land, oil & gold, destroyers of the earth who cut down trees and build cities of delusion out of menís blood. If you havenít liked what Iíve said so far, youíre not going to like what else I have to say. So I will wrap it up and continue my teaching by mail-order only.


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