Jesus is God, doubting Christians, September 3, 2016.

None of the apostles believed Jesus was God. To convince Thomas Jesus was God, Jesus told Thomas to thrust his hand into his side. When Thomas was able to stick his arm through Jesus, he said “my Lord and my God” , John 20:28. When you mention this to doubting Christians, the first thing they say is, “doubting Thomas, don’t listen to him, he’s doubting Thomas”. Although Thomas doubted Jesus was God, after Thomas thrust his hand through Jesus, he doubted no more for he knew Jesus was God. Now they are considered doubting Christians. Because unless the Christian thrust their hand through Jesus’s side, the Christian will not believe Jesus is God and no Messiah. Messiah is a man, the son of Joseph. Jesus cannot be both the son of God and the son of Joseph. Either Jesus was God’s son or Joseph’s. But Jesus is not even the son of God. For the word “son” was interpreted from the word begotten. The only reason why the word son is used is to show the difference between God and the Messiah. In fact when it says the Messiah is the son of Joseph it actually says “the seed of Joseph”. So it doesn’t even say son, it says seed. This is for the people who try to claim Jesus was the adopted son of Joseph. Jesus is the seed of God and not the seed of Joseph. The Messiah is not the seed of God, he is the seed of Joseph. After the twelve apostles, came Paul and after the teachings of Paul, the Catholic Church had finally recognized the fact that Jesus was God. Unfortunately they have not dropped the title of Messiah, who is surely a man and no God. This is why I created the Timothean Religion. Google gotimothy as doubting Christians die in their sin.


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