Intelligent Conversation, November 25, 2015.

My horoscope for today. ďPeople who appear to be know-it-allís rarely engage in debates, at least until important points are raised that they canít negate. They rely on statements and quotations, and they thrive on accolades and attention. When you truly raise up an uncomfortable truth, though, they may have negative things to say to you. You may now be dealing with such a person, Scorpio. The best way to deal with someone like that is to not engage them in debate, because they will not engage. Your thoughts are pure and well thought out, so just ignore the source of contention and it will go away.Ē I usually donít check out my horoscope but my birthday was last Friday. This is the first time the horoscope made any sense.

Intelligent conversation expands the mind. But it also opens up uncomfortable truths that causes emotional distress. Truth hurts our feelings. It makes us recognize we were wrong and we donít want to be wrong. I watched a video of Morris108 where he says the world is making us all somewhat schizophrenic. We are cutting ourselves off from each other because of all the lies told on the media. When we wake up to one truth itís hard to have a relationship with someone who hasnít woke up to that truth. So people who believe 9/11 was an inside job have a tough time relating to people who think caveman did it. And even if you wake up to the fact 9/11 was an inside job, Morris has a tough time getting along with people who donít believe we landed on the moon. Because he believes we landed on the moon, because he talked to one of the astronauts and he finds it hard to believe that astronaut was lying to him. Itís very well possible the astronaut was so brainwashed, that he actually believed he landed on the moon, but thatís another video.

Jesus said it best when he said, ďtruth comes from aboveĒ. We might have thought Pilate was right when he replied, ďthen there is no truth on earth?Ē All the religious leaders, all the government leaders seem to be liars. You canít run for office unless youíre a liar and you canít make money preaching religion unless itís all lies. Money is the root of evil. So if so many lies are being taught, nobody really knows what the real truth is. It makes it very hard to get along with each other. Even when you agree with 70% of what a person says, that other 30% makes it very hard to get along.

There are 10 in my family and one brother is kind of shut off from the rest of the family because he believed 9/11 was an inside job and the rest donít. Well except for me of course. This is why weíre have wars. People are fighting over just one or two differences of belief system. People asked me which is the right religion and I can honestly say none of them are. They are all so far off from the truth itís not even funny. But the only way to get at the truth and combine all the religions, is intelligent conversation. Yes some people will get their feelings hurt because what their religion has taught for 5000 years is wrong.

So one guy emailed me and said he wanted to talk to me about how to end the evil in the world. I said we could have a conversation on Skype, but I donít even bother talking to people who canít comprehend jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. So unless we agree on that, thereís no going any further. Itís like money is the root of all evil and if you canít comprehend that, then youíre never going to solve the problem of evil. The problem with knowing money is the root of all of evil, is some people believe you can solve the problem by wealth distribution. But wealth distribution, doesnít solve the problem of evil in the world. Because jobs are actually the cause of all the evil in the world. People work for money and thatís what causes the evil.

The lumberjack might not be rich but his job is to cut down all the trees and destroy the earth. The construction worker might be well-paid but his job of building nuclear power plants is destroying the earth. The policeman might be well-paid but his job is to protect the rich, so they can enslave the poor. The 13-year-old girl could not get a job to have a baby so she was forced to murder her own baby by abortion and became the serial killer aileen wuornos. When you are forced to murder your own baby, you see nothing wrong with being a serial killer. Killing the people who think 13-year-old girls should have to murder their own babies by abortions because they donít have jobs. Itís sort of a justifiable homicide. You may argue that not every 13-year-old girl becomes a serial killer, when she is forced to murder her own baby. I would argue most 13-year-old girls are insane and brainwashed into believing itís not murder and itís not a baby, itís a glob of goo. If you ever watched one of these chat rooms like on the Young Turks, the people seem to be brainwashed mindless zombies. Nothing intelligent or good points are made. The same with people on the #DrPhil twitter feed. They just mindlessly agree whenever Dr. Phil says and hardly anyone challenges them. They all are brainwashed to just accept whatever authority figures say as if it was gospel truth.

So until the world realizes jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity, you will never end the evil in the world. I could write 20 books on the subject. But everyone should already know by common sense that jobs are slavery. Every businessman already knows that he is enslaving people by hiring them.

I knew an alcoholic and a heroin addict in California. Because I did not judge them, I accepted them for the way they were. When I became their friend they stopped doing heroin and stopped drinking so much. This truth changed the way scientist thought about drug addiction. They realized patients were given heavy doses of morphine and did not become addicted. In the laboratory rats would go to the morphine water and drink until they died. In their experiment, they only had a lonely rat in a cage. When they redid the experiment where the rat had friends and toys to play with, the rat barely drank the morphine water. So now they are learning a whole different way of treating addiction. The problem with most drug addicts, is they lie cheat and steal and itís hard for them to make friends. People need to bond with other people and when they canít because of belief systems, they resort to alcohol or drugs to bond with.

We are becoming more divided by our belief systems. It seems like a lot of us are waking up to the fact that 9/11 was an inside job. But that is only the way YouTube is being designed. YouTube puts together like-minded people. So the people who believe 9/11 was an inside job only see others who believe 9/11 was an inside job and it seems like everybody in the world believes 9/11 was an inside job now. But thatís because youíre only going on YouTube. Itís like when I used to smoke marijuana, it seemed like everyone smoke marijuana. But the fact was it was just because I only choose friends who smoke marijuana and people who didnít smoke didnít want to be around us. The same thing happened when I started drinking. It seemed like everybody was a drinker. But the people who donít drink donít want to hang around with people who do drink. The people who donít believe 9/11 was an inside job, do not want to hang around with 9/11 trutherís. So itís usually the end of the conversation when you say 9/11 was an inside job. Or Sandy Hook was a false flag event. Or the moon landing was faked. But now we even have people who believe 9/11 was an inside job, but donít believe the moon landing was faked, so they canít get along with anyone.

We have to become open-minded to all possibilities or we will just go along with whatever the crowd believes. So people want to watch Alex Jones tend to believe everything Alex Jones says otherwise they wonít get along with other Alex Jones followers. People watch Dr. Phil have to believe everything Dr. Phil says they wonít get along with other Dr. Phil followers. I donít think anyone knows the absolute truth so we have to have an open mind to everything. Maybe they landed on the moon, maybe they didnít. The people who are either stuck with the idea that cavemen did 9/11, or that the government did 9/11, close themselves up to the idea that someone else might have did 9/11.

The gun owners are waking up to the fact that the France shooting in the Sandy Hook shootings are false flag events, but theyíre not opened up to the idea that the Mafia run gun lobby might be behind the shootings, to get them to buy more guns and ammunition. They are so brainwashed into the idea that guns save lives and that only the good guys sell guns, that they cannot comprehend there are people so evil that they would kill 200 people, just to sell some idiots guns and ammunition. There are people in the world so evil that they will kill 200 people to try to get guns made legal again in France. There are people in a world so evil that they will fund and organize school shootings to keep people in fear so that they donít make guns illegal. Thatís what the school shootings are all about, making people fear for their lives so much, that they donít make guns illegal.

Itís a fact that after every school shooting the gun lobby becomes more powerful. After the Waco Texas biker shooting, the gun owners were so brainwashed into believing the shooting was staged to ban guns, when the facts show the shootings were staged to get the concealing carry law passed so that every biker, gang member, Mafia thug, Black Panther, Terorist and Ku Klux Klan member can legally carry guns with a permit. Even when these facts are shown to the gun supporters, the truth hurts their feelings and they thumb down your videos. The truth is guns is what is keeping us in bondage called jobs.

This is why Donald Trump supports guns, to protect himself from the thousands of people he enslaved to build his Trump Towers. Donald Trump needs a gun to protect himself from the thousands of people he robbed at his gambling casino. Donald Trump knows that someday heís going to have to pay back with interest and penalties, everyone who lost money at his gambling casino. Just because Mafia thugs make gambling legal, doesnít mean youíre not going to have to pay back all those who were conned out of money in your casino, when Jesus returns with his 10,000 myriads of Saints to war against the evil.

If youíre not fighting in a war against being enslaved with jobs, you are fighting an unjust war. Soldiers are fighting to be enslaved. Soldiers are fighting to enslave others. No soldier is fighting for freedom. Because they have no clue what freedom is.

I used to think the soldier was the lowest slave on the totem pole. But then I found out soldiers were kicked out of the Army. I donít know how you can be kicked out of the military. I thought if you couldnít kill people, they made you a cook and if you couldnít cook, you cleaned out the latrines. Only when youíre not capable of cleaning toilets are you kicked out of the military and the only job he can get then is a truck driver. Truck drivers are the lowest slave on the totem pole because many of them got kicked out of the military.

If anyone wants to have an intelligent conversation with me on Skype, you have to be able to communicate. You have to be open-minded to the fact jobs are slavery and the cause of all crime and war. You can say money is the cause of evil, but wealth distribution will not end evil. It doesnít matter how much money the Lumberjack is paid, his job is evil. It doesnít matter how much money the doctor is paid, his job is evil. It doesnít matter how much money the police officer is paid, his job is evil. It doesnít matter how much money the soldier is paid, his job is evil. It doesnít matter how much money the lawyer makes, in fact the more money the lawyer makes, the more evil his job is. The schoolteacher is evil because they are brainwashing people into believing they need jobs. I talked to some guy who actually believed Apple trees were made by Monsanto and did not come from seeds. As if storks bring babies.

I just watched a PBS show about Jamestown. The people in Jamestown became cannibals because of the lack of food. They didnít have a lack of food, they had closed minds to what food was. They just discovered America that was the Garden of Eden. Food was growing everywhere. They could eat from any of the trees in the garden, but they believed meat was food so they became cannibals and ate horses and ratís. There had to be wild turkeys, dear, Buffalo, millions of birds, the rivers and lakes had to be filled with fish, I just canít comprehend how they starved.


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