Intelligence VS Ignorance, Chernobyl Fukushima July 8, 2014.

I watched a Outer limits episode that was like the LSD trials of the 60s. The scientists invented this mind expanding drug that made a man super intelligent. The guy explained how it felt to be intelligent. He said, ignorant people see a leaf fall from the tree and that’s all they see. After taking this mind expanding intelligence drug, you not only see the leaf fall, you see all the leaves fall off the tree and then you see the leafs return in the spring and you see how the tree grows and blah blah blah. This is how I am.

When I see someone smoke a cigarette I just don’t see them smoke a cigarette, I see them getting cancer from the cigarette and I see their children picking up the smoking habit and I see so much more that I could write a book on it if I had the time. On the 5th July people were still blowing off fireworks and the air was filled with smoke and noise so I went to the bar. Because not only did I see people blowing off fireworks, I seen people blowing off fingers and eyeballs. I seen children inhaling the toxic smoke from the fire works from China, that I bet no one has tested the toxicity of the smoke. Probably filled with lead and other toxins. I also seen doctors refusing to treat people who blew off fingers with their stupidity of purchasing fireworks. Then the next day I read about a doctor who believed in Darwin’s evolution and he refused to give treatment to ignorant people who purchased fireworks and blew their fingers off. He said it was Darwin’s evolution weeding out the ignorant.

In Texas they have Americans driving to the border to stop immigrants. Next Fourth of July the same people will be driving to emergency rooms to stop people from getting treatment for their firework injuries. People are tired of paying for medical Coverage for emergency room visits and that’s why they voted for Obamacare. Last year there was over 11,000 emergency room visits on the Fourth of July from firework injuries and eight people died from fireworks. This is not counting how many birds died from heart attacks or how many dogs and cats ran away, not to mention the fires that caused millions in damage, just so firework manufacturers can shove money up their fuckin assholes at the expense of taxpayers. And what are we celebrating on the Fourth of July that we no longer have the British ruling over us? We should be celebrating that we don’t have the ignorant George W. Bush ruling over us anymore. Sending us to war for oil and nonexistent weapons of mass destruction. A crusade to promote Christianity.

So I get to the bar and there is a boxing match, not on one TV screen but on every TV screen in the bar and they have at least 100 TV screens. And I looked around the bar that was packed on 5 July and all these people could see on the screen was two guys fighting and I think some of these people don’t even have the intelligence to know that one of these guys are going to lose the fight. I cannot only see the two guys fighting, but I could tell which guy was going to lose in the first round. I could not only see that, both of these guys are going to suffer severe injuries in their career” brain damage like Mohammed Ali. I could see so much more than that. Their tattoos told me they were gang members. They also told me they were from poor families and bad neighborhoods. These two fighters were not the children of rich people nor were they intelligent people. This was the best way they could think of to make a living. The only reason why they were fighting was some rich people want to shove money up their fuckin assholes and the only reason why the middle class were watching the fight, is because they have such a hard life, it makes them feel better about themselves, if they can see someone who has a harder life than they do. So I left the bar because I already knew who was going to win the fight and I already knew what was going to happen to these guys when they got older.

I worked for High Shear in California the day Chernobyl blew up. That day all the engineers and tool makers, anyone with any intelligence stopped what they were doing, to find a solution for Chernobyl. It was the Cold War but when Chernobyl blew up the Russians were seeking our advice. Their top scientists and engineers stated a hotel near the accident and all died. They gave us all the details, all the secrets of Russia’s nuclear power plants. They told us the Russians had a pool of water under the reactor. This was their safety valve to stop a China Syndrome. Their top intelligent people thought that if the core melted through the containment vessel it would simply drop into this pool of water and cool off. We thought the Russians were crazy. When that 10,000 degree core drops into the pool of water it’s going to explode into radioactive steam contaminating the whole world. So we convinced them to drain the pool under the reactor and fill it with sand and borsson to stop the fission reaction. This stopped the China Syndrome meltdown and made it possible to contain 97% of Chernobyl’s radioactive materials. There was hope for the future, it look like we might be able to learn from our mistakes.

When Fukushima happened, it was the day after I was kicked out of JP Shakers for telling customers how they were systematically being robbed by the waitresses working at the bar. It was the day both me and God agreed that the world is so corrupt, it couldn’t be saved. When you expose criminals your spokes to be the hero, not kicked out of a bar and made to look like the criminal. When I seen them helicopters dropping water on the reactor’s, I thought those Japanese people are more ignorant than the Russian firefighters, who all died at Chernobyl. It wasn’t until two years later when the story of the Ronald Reagan being contaminated, that I figured out those were Americans flying those helicopters over Fukushima. Now I had an idea at the time to use helicopters to keep Fukushima from helping down but my idea was to use a 25 foot pipe attached to a hose, attached to the helicopter so it can shoot water at it from 75 feet away continuously. But no one had contacted me about my idea. It seems our government had seen the firemen at Chernobyl die from dumping water on the reactor was helicopters and they used the same idea and expected different results.

President Obama recently sent 300 advisers to Iraq, so that we can steal their oil. He should’ve sent 300 advisers to Fukushima in March of 2011. Because we ain’t going to live long enough to use that oil. We went from a country who learn from their mistakes and did whatever we could to fix it, to a country that uses lies and propaganda to pretend we didn’t make any mistakes. We got Hillary Clinton saying, “don’t worry, were not gonna test the tuna to see if it’s poison”. Their solution to Fukushima, is to not put the bad news on the news. The government is supposed to protect us but it has turned into a government that is against us. The CIA is supposed to gather information and truth to protect the country, not to spread propaganda that Fukushima, isn’t going to kill us all. We got zombies in Homeland security that think the way to make America secure, is to kill the scientist who knows what’s going on at Fukushima that are trying to educate people. All these people can see is a nuclear power plant and clean energy. All they can see is two boxers fighting. They can only see one leaf fall off the tree. All they can see is if we don’t use nuclear energy we have to go back to coal, they can’t see if we don’t go back to living like the Amish, all life on the planet will die. They can’t see living without electricity. When I seen Chernobyl meltdown, I didn’t see all the nuclear power plants meltdown, because I seen the intelligent people trying to solve the problem. When I seen Fukushima meltdown and I seen all the ignorant people trying to cover up the catastrophe, trying to cover-up the truth, trying to cover-up the information, then I seen all the nuclear power plants melting down.

Nine months ago I created a YouTube video titled “Fukushima Solution”. All there was, was cover-up, so we had no information on Fukushima. The geological surveys were not made public because the government officials were more worried about lawsuits and this information about the earthquake fault lines and underground rivers would have made them liable for billions of dollars in damages. So my video was made on guesses of what the underground rivers look like and to my surprise the TEPCO Engineers copied my guesses for their examples of what’s going on. Those geological surveys need to be made public so that someone can find a solution and if Japan or TEPCO destroyed those documents, then new geological surveys need to be made to find a solution. We need to know where the earthquake faults are, where the underground rivers are and where the cores are, before we can even look for a solution. I had told them in my video how they can find the cores by drilling at an angle a 100 feet underneath the containment buildings to put instruments, thermometers, Geiger counters to determine if the cores have burned down to that depth. They could leave those instruments in place in case they burned down to that depth in the future. If they have not reached 100 feet they could have tunneled 125 feet to stop the China syndrome and contain the cores just like they did at Chernobyl. Very possible the underground rivers have stopped the cores from burning more than 50 feet into the earth.

The Japanese government is doing nothing to contain the runaway cores. They are more worried about their economy. They are more worried about getting sued. If they don’t stop this radiation they’re not even going to exist, so they shouldn’t even be worried about the economy or lawsuits because they will be dead. Those cores had a 20 year life span and they are hot for another seven years after the fuel is spent. This means they have to be cooled for 27 years. Some of these cores had already 10 to 15 years of their energy used up but they still plenty to go. After their energy is used up they are not harmless, they are toxic spent fuel.

There’s no solution to Fukushima because they thought like the Russians. The Russians had the underground pool to stop a runaway core. Japan built the plants on the river with the ideology the river would stop the China syndrome. In a way they were right in their ideology. The rivers did stop the cores, but it also made them spew out toxic steam and made the radioactive water drain into the ocean. But the problem is even worse, because they can’t tunnel underneath the cores because the highly radioactive water will fill the tunnel. If they try to stop the radioactive water with this ice wall, the river will stop flowing , the cores will no longer be cooled, then the cores will heat up again and continue on in their China Syndrome burning to the center of the earth. This is still theory, because no one has the geological survey to show where the underground rivers are or what’s happening to the cores.

We know the cores have melted through the containment buildings because of radioactive steam coming out of the ground. Before they turn on the ice wall, they need to tunnel underneath the underground river and fill it with sand like they did at Chernobyl. When they turn on the ice wall it will stop the river and the cores will burn down to the sand and it will release enormous amounts of radioactive steam, that will probably kill most people in Japan. However, if they don’t do that, 100% of Fukushima’s radiation will eventually be released, killing everyone on earth.

Intelligent people and ignorant people cannot live together. There are people who believe they need nuclear energy because coal is too dirty and they can’t see living without electricity. Well they need to move to Japan so they can rebuild the nuclear power plants. We can’t afford losing intelligent people by letting them live in countries where the people are so ignorant, they believe they need nuclear energy, coal or electricity. They are like the guy on the movie I seen the other day titled “of Mice and Men” about a mentally retarded guy that had to be killed because he was so ignorant he would kill pets and people when he petted them. It’s not even about switching to solar power or wind power. It’s about learning that only ignorant people need electricity at all. I would call Edison and have my electricity turned off, if ignorant people didn’t make that illegal. I had cut my electricity bill down to $15 a month until the cable company offered me free HBO with my Internet connection and a cable box that used 30 W of electricity 24 - seven. Now my electric bills are $40-$45 a month again.

The electric companies got us addicted to electricity like the oil companies got is addicted to automobiles and the tobacco companies, cigarettes. Everyone who is forced to pay a electric bill needs to sue the electric companies. I use to have a gravity furnace in my old house and it did not even need electricity. Now you can’t heat with gas without electricity to run the furnace. This is not a coincidence. The electric and gas companies are doing it on purpose. You don’t need electricity or gas to heat your home. If you build your home small enough, your body temperature will keep it warm. This is why they passed city codes so no one can build a house without gas and electricity and therefore they need to be sued. This is how bears hibernate in the winter. They live in small caves where their body heat keeps the cave warm and they don’t need gas or electricity.


Next time you go to a bar and you see a fight or boxing match on the TV screen start yelling out things like, “a lot of people voted for Obamacare because they were tired of paying for these guys emergency room visits” ,“if these guys are insured by AFLAC’s I’m not buying their insurance or I'll be subsidizing high risk fighters”, “I’m glad I’m on disability or my tax dollars would be paying for these guys disability five years from now.” “Better not let taxpayers see us watching this fight or there will be a revolution”

When you see the guy get punched in the eye say, “I bet he’ll be needing glasses before he is 45" when the guy gets punched in the head say, “another Mohammed Ali in the making, don’t worry his insurance company won’t be paying his disability, it’ll come out of Social Security that none of you guys will get, unless you become a boxer”. lol


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