Why So Many Were in On 911 Conspiracy, December 30, 2013.

Text version of this video My website is http://www.Timothean.com/InOn911.htm A lot of people don’t believe 911 was inside job, because they know that literally hundreds if not millions of people, would have had to be in on the conspiracy.

Well there were millions of people in on the conspiracy. Because millions of people who drive cars knew, that we would have to kill millions of people, to supply our SUVs with gas and none of them cared that people had to be killed. They don’t know those people, they don’t care.

Well folks, I’m sorry to say but that is what your fellow Americans are like. That’s what an American is. A country of people who kills millions of people and takes their land, diamonds, gold and their oil. And yes we would cut down their trees and enslave their women as prostitutes or turn them over to the porn industry.

There is a lot of porn on the Internet and it’s mostly Russian or Asian women. You would think Russia would nuke America just to defend their women.

Someone had said America is the biggest exporter of pornography in the world. It’s our number one best-selling product. If we didn’t force women into pornography, America would go bankrupt and millions of people know it.

That’s why they’re all in on the conspiracy.

The guy at the bar the other day who was disappointed he missed the fighting match of two pretty women that they stick in a cage and watch these women beat the crap out of the each other for entertainment, should have been killed. The people who like to watch women beat the crap out of each other in a cage are worse than Hitler. You can’t get more evil than that. These people make the Hillside strangler sick to his stomach. When good men do nothing evil flourishes. When I talk about good men I’m talking about the men who have a constitutional right to bear arms to defend this country against evil enemies foreign and domestic.

The people who like to watch women beat the crap of out of each other are the type of people who claim there is no God, because they haven’t seen any of God’s miracles.

Is there anyone in the world insane enough, to think God is going to show one of these people a miracle? The only thing they’re going to see, is a giant like of fire.

You have this guy on YouTube the “amazing atheist” who seems pretty intelligent, but not intelligent enough to know why there is evil in this world. He claims how can there be a God when there is so much evil in the world. How can anybody be so ignorant to not know that it is greedy sick men, that are causing the evil in the world.

I have to admit God has done some pretty amazing miracles just to hook me up with some woman, when he should’ve been stopping a war somewhere. But the thing of it is, not only does God value a flea more than a dozen space shuttles, God values a flea more than he values a dozen space shuttles and the 200,000 evil people, who built them. The 200,000 people who built the space shuttles, their lives are worth nothing. They are sinners, sinning against God and serving the devil by building shuttles and destroying God’s earth in the process.

You think your life has value to God when you’re building automobiles for a living or drilling God’s oil out of his earth?

There is a guy with a Geiger counter on YouTube video, taken radiation readings on the beach in Sacramento California. The radiation levels are very high in the sand, enough to cause a Geiger counter to start beeping danger. An idiot that works at a nuclear power plant had posted on his video, that the readings must be fake, because he works at a nuclear power plant and the radiation levels above the rod pool were at absolute zero. This idiot is not smart enough to figure out that the radiation detectors his employer is supplying him either are defective or are only able to detect very high levels of radiation.

I suggested that anyone who works at a nuclear power plant, to purchase their own radiation detector and bring it to work with them. I am pretty sure it will be against policy for these workers to bring in their own radiation detectors. That should be a pretty good clue for anyone working in a nuclear power plant, that their life is in danger and they are probably working around very high levels of radiation.

I gotta filling nuclear power plants are going to start failing like dominoes. The first reason is, people are forced to work with the job injuries and they figure why not cause a nuclear accident, nobody gives a shit they have to work with their job injuries. The second reason is people are going to figure out how dangerous it is working at a nuclear power plant and they’re going to refuse to work there or even try to stop them from melting down. The nuclear power plant meltdown it’s only going to kill the evil stupid people, who didn’t want to use candles and they didn’t care if other people’s lives were in danger so they could use a lightbulb. I’m sure the Amish have moved far away from the nuclear power plants, so there’s really no danger to any good people if one melts down.

You people need to wake up and smell the coffee.

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