How to Get Illegal Guns off the Streets, January 25, 2017.

My first email to Donald Trump.

Years ago I came up with the idea of the gun buyback program. Offering to buy guns back with no questions asked for fifty dollars. The plan worked but it was expensive and there are still a lot of guns on the streets. The new plan is to give five thousand dollars to criminals for every stolen gun. Then trace the serial numbers of the stolen guns back to the original owners and fine them ten thousand dollars for letting their gun get stolen and fall into the hands of criminals. If the serial number shows that the stolen gun was used in a crime, then you charge the gun owner with aiding and abetting a criminal for providing him with a weapon. Only the well-regulated militia has a right to bear arms. Itís an act of treason to let the enemy steal your weapon. Iíve argued with many people on this point and if they claim that people who let weapons fall into the hands of criminals are not responsible, then nuclear weapons are going to be stolen and used. Furthermore, whatever country let them be stolen will not be responsible. So if Russia lets China or Iran still a hundred nuclear missiles and drop them on the United States, they are not responsible, because somebody stole them and they didnít have to keep them secure, just like the gun nuts donít think they have to keep their guns secure. The gun nuts donít think theyíre responsible when someone steals their gun. The only reason why they have a gun is to keep someone from breaking into their house and stealing their stuff. If you canít prevent that, you have no reason to have a gun. Well-regulated means gun control. That means the gun must be locked up in a safe. That means you need to have security cameras, alarm systems, and guard dogs. And if someone takes your gun and uses it to rape rob and kill you should also be charged with the crime. We can get all the guns off the streets of Chicago in one day. Offering five thousand dollars with no questions asked for every person who brings in a stolen gun. Then we simply trace the serial number back to the original owner and charge them a ten thousand dollar fine. If that gun was used to murder someone, then you charge the gun owner who let his gun be stolen with accessory to murder. Itís called aiding and abetting a criminal. They provided the weapon so that the criminal could murder. If the gun is traced back and found to be used in a rape, you charge the gun owner who let his gun be stolen with aiding and abetting a rapist. You let the victims know the name of the careless gun owner who let a criminal have his gun. There is absolutely no reason you cannot keep a gun secure. ďI canít help it, the criminals stole my gunĒ is not an excuse. Youíll never hear this excuse about nuclear weapons. Because whoever lets their nuclear weapons get stolen is responsible for what happens to them afterwards.

In the computer industry, banks hire people to break into the systems to see how secure they are. This is a great way to make sure guns are secure by paying criminals to steal them from the so-called law-abiding gun owners, who just canít figure out how to keep them secure and slapping on them a ten thousand dollar fine. If the gun owner doesnít pay his ten thousand dollar fine, when his gun is stolen, he loses his right to bear arms. Believe me once gun owners start paying ten thousand dollar fines because they donít want to buy a gun safe, security alarms, security cameras and guard dog, then they will learn how to keep their gun safe. Besides just think of how many jobs will be created when every gun owner has to also by security cameras, gun safes, burglar alarms and guard dogs. I think most gun owners will learn that if their gun get stolen, then theyíd really never had a reason to have a gun in the first place. Why do you have a gun if a criminal can take it and use it to kill you or your children? It doesnít make sense.

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