Hypothetical Situation, Suing Gun Manufacturers, July 9, 2017.

On the law of right and justice. In most cases, all one needs to do is put themselves in someone elseís shoes, to see what is right.

A speeder is pulled over by the police and one officer goes up to the window, while the other officer has his back. The driver pulled a gun and shoots the officer. The other officer, that has his back, opens fire and kills everybody in the car, including two people who were unarmed. Itís counted as collateral damage. Neither of the officers were even fired from their jobs. Before you make a judgment of what is right, consider putting yourself in other people shoes. The police have to obey the same laws as everybody else. They are not above the law.

If you were walking down the street with your armed bodyguard and a cop car pulled up and one of the officers started shooting, should you expect the bodyguard to kill everybody in the cop car, even the officers that were unarmed and not expect to at least the bodyguard be fired from his job, for the collateral damage? I donít think any police officer would go for that scenario.

In both cases the cop and the bodyguard is doing his job to the best of his ability. When you look at, ďwhoís to blameĒ in these hypothetical cases, it is clearly the gun lobby. The gun lobby allowed their guns to fall into the hands of criminals. And why is it always only self-defense when a cop kills someone and never self-defense when someone kills a cop? They are not above the law and every American has a right to bear arms. Supposedly for self-defense. I would find it very hard to believe, that a cop never made anyone fear for their life.

This is why guns need to be banned. You can argue back and forth that the cops or bodyguard didnít do anything wrong, they were only doing their job. But the gun lobby, the gun manufacturers are not only responsible, they are the people making the profit. The gun manufacturers are responsible for every person killed by a gun. If they didnít make the gun no one would have been killed by it. It doesnít matter if they spend billions of dollars trying to blame someone else. This is why gun manufacturers need to be sued, not the city, if someone is shot by a police officer or even a criminal. I donít know why the city is not suing gun manufacturers when they get sued because someone is shot. The gun lobby, the gun manufacturers, allowed the mentally ill and the criminals to have guns. The gun lobby was against background checks. The gun lobby was against bullet numbering to find criminals. The gun lobby is against mandatory gun safes and gun locks. The gun lobby is against security cameras. The gun lobby is the criminals. The gun manufacturers new people would be killed by their guns and they did nothing to make them safer. They did nothing to keep their guns out of the hands of criminals.

And even if a criminal breaks in to a gun safe, the maker of the gun safe is responsible, because they could have made their gun safeís safer. They could have put alarms on the gun safe. They could have put dye packs in the gun safe, so that when someone broke it open, they were covered with red dye. They could have had security cameras on the gun safe. They could of had security cameras on the guns. The only reason why they didnít do it, is because they wanted to save a few dollars and thatís why they need to be sued. They could have passed laws for better background checks.

Itís just like the automobile companies, who donít want to spend a few dollars to make automobiles safer. When they try to save a few bucks and someone gets killed, they get sued. The gun manufacturers have been pitting cops against criminals to sell more guns. The NRA used to insure guns making it profitable for gun owners to let people steal their guns. Gun owners were actually collecting on two or three insurance policies when their guns were stolen. If they had a $500 gun stolen, they would collect $1500. The gun lobby knew this. They also knew the more guns sold, the more crime increased. The gun lobby is doing nothing to try to stop crime, because the more crime there is, the more guns they sell and the more profit they make. It is basically the gun lobby that was against these neighborhood watch camera websites.

If a gun is stolen and used to rape, Rob or kill someone, the gun manufacturer is responsible. People have been brainwashed by gun lobby run news channels and publications and the gun lobby used their money to have laws passed so that they were not responsible. But we all know that they are responsible and they have been blocking everyoneís free speech, that try to explain why they are responsible. They could have done things to keep guns out of the hands of criminals, but they didnít want to spend the money. Donít invest in gold or silver as the dollar starts to collapse. Donít invest in bit coin, Invest in Therium. Therium is the wave of the future. As these fake news channels, who have been supporting the gun lobby with lies for the last 50 years, start to fall apart, and these religious zealots, who supported the gun lobby, start to be proved to be possessed by the devil, people will start suing the gun lobby and gun manufacturers. You canít sue the city, they donít have the money. You canít sue the criminal speeder, they donít have the money. But you can sue the gun manufacturer, and the military-industrial complex, who not only profited off of the cops guns, they have profited off of the criminals guns.

Therium is a legal organization that invest in lawsuits and lawsuits are the wave of the future. They are going to use lawyers and legal teams, that are not owned bought and paid off by the gun lobby. Gun lobby or the NRA, is not going to be able to pass these laws, that say they are not liable for the people who are killed by their product. Most of these magazines and news channels are owned, bought off and run by the gun lobby. Once the first lawsuits are won against the gun lobby, for people who are injured or killed by guns, the rest of the lawsuits are going to be easy wins. So thereís going to be big money in Therium in the future. Guns donít necessarily have to be banned, by the time everyone shot or injured by a gun, everyone who was robbed, raped by a gun, sues gun manufacturers, guns will be so expensive only the government will be able to afford them.

Once the news media that is run by the gun lobby stops lying to the people, we will be able to pass laws so that the people who supported the NRA and the people who purchased guns, are also liable for someone who is robbed, raped, injured or killed by a gun. When these people supported the gun lobby and were against bullet numbering, background checks, gun safety locks, security cameras, dye packs, gun safes, that made them liable for every person robbed, raped, injured or killed by a gun.

Itís hard to sue the gun lobby because they have billions of dollars. However, when the speeder shot the police officer and the backup officer killed everyone in the car, they couldíve traced the serial number of the drivers gun, back to the knucklehead that let his gun be stolen and they can sue him. He could have kept his gun better locked up. He could have had security cameras on that gun. He could had it in a gun safe. He could had a dye pack in that gun safe. Thereís hundreds of things he couldíve done to stop the criminal from taking his gun but he made a conscious decision to be sued. I doubt he has enough money for million-dollar lawyers. Somehow the gun lobby, has been hiring lawyers for these idiots, because they know once one gun owner is sued, for letting his gun fall into the hands of criminals, that they wonít be able to sell any more guns to knuckleheads. If you let a gun fall into a criminals hands, you are responsible for every crime committed with that gun. And I donít care what kind of delusions the gun lobby is trying to brainwash you with, that says youíre not. Whatís even more amazing is were going to be able to sue the law companies that defend the gun lobbyís. These law firms are just as responsible for the people injured, Rob raped and killed by guns as some of the gun manufacturers. And they have the big money.


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