Are People Using Hot Sauce to Discipline Children? May 24, 2017 (8:01am).

On the news they had a story of children at a school that were getting pepper sprayed in the eyes. They said this was voluntarily and that they got the parents permission, to make it justifiable. These kids were going to become police officers someday and they said they needed to feel what it feels like if they are going to be using pepper spray on people. The police state, where it is acceptable to torture people with pepper spray is now trickling down to society norms. I believe people are using pepper spray or hot sauce to discipline their children.

After watching this on the news and hearing these people scream in pain, it reminded me of my neighbor. Her kid screams in pain just like that. I thought he was just a whiny kid that cries a lot. But when he cries it’s just like those people that were being sprayed in the eyes with pepper spray. I heard this kid screaming bloody murder. These townhouses the walls are paper thin. But an hour later I would see the kid playing outside and he didn’t have any bruises on him. He didn’t look abused, but is a skinny sickly kid. He has all these allergies and stuff. The other day they got a new screen door and the child was playing with the door. I heard the mother say, “you don’t leave that screen door alone, you are going to get hot sauce”. In the old days parents would say, “you don’t leave the door alone, you’re going to get a spanking”. Spanking was ruled as child abuse so the new agers would say, “you don’t leave that door alone, you’re going to get a timeout”. But now days, “you don’t leave that door alone, you’re going to get pepper sprayed?”. This is what happens when you live in a police state. In his already been ruled on TV that pepper spray is harmless and only last 30 minutes. It doesn’t leave any bruises to report to CPS, child protective services.

I believe using hot sauce or pepper spray to discipline children is child abuse. Furthermore I think it is such child abuse, the children are going to start to kill their parents like the Bible says. People are taught by the police state that pepper spray is harmless, but once they start using it on their children, they’re probably going to get killed for it.

A few years ago on Halloween, the neighbor thought it was a joke to hand out hot potato chips to children. This is legal. Although Halloween shouldn’t be. It is literally neighborhood bullies threatening people with violence to get snacks and treats. Anyway I find it very disturbing that the neighbor child might be getting hot sauce as punishment when he does something wrong. This is far worse than the old torture of washing the kids out mouth out with soap. The kid is between three and five years old. Is there any age limit for using pepper spray? Like do not use on children under 14? I don’t think pepper spray should be used on women or children. Pepper spray was invented for and is only supposed be used on rapists. Anyone think I should turn them into CPS? There’s no marks on the kid that will stand up in court. But this is just a ridiculous form of discipline.


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