Homeless Man Escape TV, October 17, 2015.

I started watching these stories, on Escape TV, the over the air channel 20.3. The stories are The FBI Files, Forensic Files and Unsolved Mysteries. God created everything, so all people are good. When you watch these FBI Files, of criminals, you wonder why, there is evil in the world. Is there a devil? Is there a evil spirit? Or does society condition people, to become bank robbers, rapists and murderers? I used to use Adolf Hitler, Jeffrey Dahmer, Dr. Phil’s sledgehammer murderer, or Charles Manson, as the most evil men on earth, to show, that people are who they are, because of their environment, religious beliefs and experiences. My new evil person to use, as an example, is this guy on the FBI files, who was torturing, and murdering young models, every other day. The name of the story was, The MODEL MURDERER. When you hear about, this murderer, you wonder, what makes a person so evil, they go out, and murder a young girl, every other day of the week.

God doesn’t speak, to me with a voice, he teaches me with life. So I’m pondering on, what makes this guy so evil, that he rapes, tortures and murders, a pretty young model, every other day? Then, I went to the grocery store, and I meet a homeless man. He was asking me some questions, about my bicycle. He wanted to get an E – bike. I asked him why he was homeless. He said his girlfriend, kicked him out of the house. Well, that’s not really, the root reason, why he is homeless. Because generally, people have family, friends and a stash of money, in the bank. In case the relationship, doesn’t work out. They can go, get themselves another apartment. So I kept pressing him, on why he was homeless. He said he had a shoulder injury, and it was hard, for him to stay employed. I asked him why, he didn’t go file, for disability. He said he tried. I told him, you need to fight, and get a lawyer. He said he did fight, and he did get a lawyer. He tried everything. I kept pressing him, that he needed to try harder. He just got upset, with me, and walked away, without listening. So I guess, he will always be homeless, or he will end up, in prison. These are the kind of people, who are filling up, our prisons. They are disabled people, who cannot work, and cannot prove, they are disabled.

So I go to the bar last night, and I share this story. With this woman, about this homeless man. Who could not work, because of a shoulder injury. She got angry at me, and said, “he has another arm, he can get a job, with his other arm”. I was amazed. It was almost like, this was the woman, that kicked the homeless man, out of her house. She doesn’t know, this homeless man, and neither do I. But we know enough, about him, that he’s homeless, because of a shoulder injury. He didn’t just one day decide, to become homeless. >> Homeless man: “Gee, I think I will become homeless, and use the excuse, of a shoulder injury” . Then I tried to ask questions, but she would not listen. She got up and walked away. This woman is more evil, than the guy, who was killing a woman, every other day. Unfortunately, her delusional belief system, is not illegal. She believes, all these homeless people, are faking injuries, to have an excuse, to be homeless. She believes, if somebody chopped off, her right arm, that she can simply, go get a job, with her left arm, so that the person, or industry responsible, for her injury, can make billions of dollars, in profit. I should’ve told her, I got a business, making YouTube videos, where I chop off stupid people’s arms, because they believe, they can get a job, with the other arm, so why should the person responsible, for her losing her arm, have to pay? Now I understand why God, that only created good, created these evil people, to rape, torture and murder women, every other day. Too bad, the cops killed that guy, when they tried to arrest him. They could have sent him over to the bar, and introduced him, to this lady. This lady, and people like her, are the cause of all the suffering, all the rape, all the murder, and all the torture, that is going on, in the world. It’s all, because of her belief system, and whoever taught her, her beliefs. That’s why, there’s nothing more evil, than Christianity. It teaches people, Jesus is supposed to heal, people’s job injuries, so that business owners, can make billions in profit. And not have to pay, for the suffering, that they cause.

This is why Christianity, has to be destroyed, and why Muslims, are killing Christians. It’s not, just that their Christians, but they are causing, all the suffering in the world. By their mentally ill, belief system. That Jesus, is supposed to heal, the injured. So that the business owner, can keep, his billions in profit. The business owner, should of been, sued out of business. When the first man was injured, by his products. This is why this man, was killing models. The same reason why ministers, were murdering prostitutes. The model, is using what God gave her, to sell product, for big corporations. That is what is causing, not only, all the suffering in the world, but it’s destroying the earth. It’s probably, going to kill everybody, on the planet. Unless, someone wakes up, to what is happening.

You don’t take the law, into your own hands, you take them to court. But when the disabled, take big businesses to court, and can’t win the lawsuit, because big business, runs the justice system, then you have to go, to the United Nations. And beg them, to destroy, the unjust country. This is why, we have wars, to defend truth. Truth is, that if it was God’s will, to work, not one man would be injured, on the job. So jobs, are not only slavery, they are crime, against humanity. Jobs are the cause, of all the suffering, and death in the world. That’s American justice.

I don’t, have to be a prophet of God, to predict. That this homeless guy, is going to keep going back, to different jobs, until he gets an injury, to his other shoulder. And if he is stupid like me, who not only gets two shoulder injuries, but re-injures, the same shoulder twice. Because of denial of disability. I injured my right shoulder, and went back to work, to injure my left shoulder. Then I went back to work, to re-injure, the right shoulder again. I should have started killing, after one shoulder injury. For it is better, to spend life in prison, with one shoulder injury, then be a free man, with two shoulder injuries. So I can relate to the guy, who murdered a different woman, every other day. And this goes back to the Bible. In the Garden of Eden. Eve took from the tree of knowledge, told Adam to get a job, to pay for God’s apples. God said, the man’s foot, would bruise the woman’s head. Women are used, to enslave mankind, with jobs. The blowback, is Domestic Violence.

This answers the question, to why the murderer on the FBI Files, killed some women, and not only let one woman go free, he gave the woman plane fare, to go back home. It’s like that Texas gun owner saying, “some people need a killing”. The devil, if you want to call them that, uses women to enslave mankind. Actually, it is simply the people in power, the Archons, which means senators, governors, judges and prosecutors. All those people, who enslave us, with jobs. These narcissists, use schizophrenic, psychotic, delusion of grander rationalization, to make us believe we are free. They have no clue, to what freedom is. Charles Manson, is the first person, to become free. The FBI said to him, “you’ll never get out of here, Charlie Manson” and Manson answered, “out of where man? you’re the copper whose enslaved, and you will die as a slave”. Or something to that effect.


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My story of this homeless man I met, a girl at the bar. My opinions on the stories on Escape TV. #Halloween, is when parents let children demand candy from complete strangers, with threats of vandalism & #BlowBack is poisoned candy.

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