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James Holmes Wade Michael Page Conspiracy, August 10, 2012.

Nothing in this case makes sense until you start looking at it as a conspiracy. The GunNuts try to make it look like a conspiracy to ban guns, but I think it’s a conspiracy to cover the asses of ignorant police officers. Anyone who thinks the government did it because of a 1961 UN ban is gotta be totally mentally ill and is not worth me even letting those people comment on this video. Especially when there’s thousands of shootings every day, they could’ve used for the UN ban so why would anyone have to go out and shoot some more people? That just makes zero sense that the government did it to ban guns. It would make more sense that the gun lobby did it to get gun carry laws legalized in movie theaters and temples like the Virginia Tech and Columbine shootings benefitted gun owners, by getting the stand your ground and right to carry laws passed. Proving the gun lobby was behind those shootings. This is how the mafia works they kill people to get laws passed benefitting gun owners and every gun owner knows it. They are the ones that told me that those who have the guns make the laws. They are the only ones evil enough to kill innocent people so that they can keep their guns and carry them in movie theaters, Starbucks and temples. They have are ready said the only way the FBI can take their guns is to pry them out of their dead hands and they don’t have a lethal weapon to stop criminals, they have a lethal weapon so they can kill people and they don’t care if they miss and kill one of their own family members. Gun owners are the lowest scums of the earth more evil than any other type of person. Jesus said even the children of gun owners will spend eternity in the lake of fire, as you cannot get good fruit, from a bad tree.

If California cops did not admit it, it would look like a lunatic conspiracy when they shot over 90 rounds of ammunition into a speeding suspect. This is what they are admitting to on a YouTube video. I’ll give the link below. If they are admitting to 90 rounds, they probably shot 900 rounds into the suspect.

People go to baseball games dressed in baseball hats. Fans of hockey games paint their face like the devil and go to the game. I believe James Holmes was a Batman fan, who dress like one of the characters with a toy gun and went to the movie. Someone at the movie theater thought that the toy gun was a real gun and called the cops. The cops show up with guns a blazing and tossing in teargas into the movie theater. I don’t even think GunNuts can get cans of teargas, I think cops are the only ones that can get them. Cops love tear Gas. Someone told me they are tear gas happy. They will use tear gas at any chance they can get.

It’s dark in the theater they can’t see where they are shooting, especially after they tossed in the tear gas, and they start emptying their guns into the crowd. They don’t care about collateral damage. They want to be a hero and kill the suspect. The cops have no intention of serving and protecting the people, they become police officers so they can kill people. That’s why they have lethal weapons. They want to kill and will not be happy until they do kill someone. They don’t care if they miss and hit innocent bystanders or even a baby, they want to kill. They don’t even care if they miss and kill one of their own family members, they would not dream of using a less than lethal bullet or obeying their oath of serving and protecting the people, they just want to kill someone. It’s as if they’re serving the devil and they get a certain amount of points for every person they kill, like life was a video game on how many people you can kill. And it seems as if every cop wants to kill more people than George W. Bush, because he’s winning the game with 1.5 million Iraqis, dead under his name. Anyone who doesn’t see anything wrong with the president killing one 1.5 million Iraqis for oil, probably sees nothing wrong with emptying their guns into a crowded movie theater or religious temple. For them it’s just a way to control population.

So James Holmes didn’t kill anyone. He did even have a real weapon. He had a toy gun and the cops went in to the crowded theater and tried to put him down by emptying their guns into a crowd of 500 people killing 13 and wounding more than 50. This is what makes sense, because no one else can get teargas except the cops. The bulletproof vest, the guns used, were the kind of equipment that only the police can get their hands on. The cops killed and wounded all those people and the blue code of silence, they had to make it look like James Holmes did all the killing himself and they were there to try to stop him. Every cop was dressed in black tactical equipment as they were called to the scene on a report of a gunman. If the California suspect was in a crowded theater there would’ve been 900 dead by cops guns, as they emptied their guns trying to stop the criminal suspect. It makes sense because this case is going to be held in secret. James Holmes claims he just went to watch a movie. This is how the blue code of silence works. Cops go to a scene and start shooting and everyone who is killed they pin the murder on the suspect. The cops are not going to admit that they killed someone and go to prison. Although they did admit to shooting 90 rounds into a suspect in California. But I think they first tried to cover that up and it was a government investigation that found out the truth.

We have the same story with Wade Michael page. Police were called out to the scene because someone seen a man with a gun. Cops start shooting lethal weapons into a crowd of 500 people to try to kill the suspect, so they can be a hero. Handguns are very inaccurate at distances more than 10 feet. If you got a guy standing in a crowd of 500 people at a distance of 50 yards, you could shoot 90 rounds without hitting the armed gunmen. With a crowd of 500 people you’re going to hit somebody. I think the real conspiracy would be that cops did not shoot any of the 500 people. That would be statistically impossible. It makes sense that cops killed the people at the Sikh Temple. Because the gunmen only had one gun and he used all of his ammunition to shoot the cop. He had no bullets left over to shoot any other people. They said the cop had eight bullets in him and those are the ones Wade Page hit. Where would he get the bullets to kill seven other people, injure a dozen more, if eight of the bullets went into the cop?

When we start numbering bullets we are going to see the fact that cops are doing the majority of the killing and they’re blaming it on the suspects, so that they don’t go to prison. This is happened more than a dozen times. People in prison for murder are claiming that cops are the ones that did the killing and they were just an innocent bystander. I’m sure one or two of them might be lying, but there is so many of them, there has to be truth in the fact cops are killing people and blaming the suspects, so that they don’t have to go to prison or get fired from their job for being an idiot.

All cops and FBI bullets should be numbered or identification marks put on them, so lawmakers can learn the truth and pass laws to prevent cops from killing people and getting away with it, by the blue code of silence. Less than 50 people a year are killed by guns in Japan. Because guns are banned in Japan. The only reason why there are 50 killed in Japan by guns, is because the cops still have them. There is absolutely no reason to have a lethal weapon. Anyone who is for lethal weapons is guilty of every person killed by them. The Constitution gives no one a right to bear arms except for well regulated militia. Well regulated means five safety locks on a gun. Anyone against putting five safety locks on a gun, that causes a child to be killed by a gun, is a child killer, the lowest scum of the earth. You cannot say you are not a child killer, if you are against mandatory five safety locks on a gun. The militia is all volunteer army. If you’re not working for free in Iraq or Afghanistan than you are not in the militia. Regulated means gun-control. If you are not for gun control, than you are in no way in the militia and you have no right to have a lethal weapon.

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