Hillary, Donald, behind Belgium Brussels Attack, March 23, 2016.

Definitely it was an inside job and we know who was behind it. Donald Trump showed no concern, empathy or remorse for the people killed, he just said this attack shows us that we need a wall on the Mexican border. Hillary Clinton, also showed no empathy or concern for the people killed, she just went on and on and how we need to stop free speech on the Internet and monitor social media sites. This tells us that both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were behind the attacks to stop free speech and strengthen our borders.

They know that they have a short time. Theyíre going to have to pay for enslaving mankind with jobs, especially the people in third world countries. Monday night I went to the store to buy some patches for my jeans. Two black people work there and told me I should just wear the jeans with holes in them. Thatís the style. When I looked at the jeans and the price of patches, I realized it was cheaper to buy new jeans. I realized that blacks are no longer slaves, but now the Asians are slaves, making our clothing and picking the cotton. 108Morris108 on YouTube makes videos of Cambodia and shows us the Asian sweatshops, where people are forced to make our clothing like the blacks used to in the eighteen hundreds. He has a video where the Asians are stacked like sardines on trucks to the factories, similar to the way slaves were stacked on ships back in the eighteen hundreds. He says sometimes those trucks crash and hundreds of Asians are killed. Thereís probably millions of Asians killed, but the news people donít report it.

Those slaves are about to revolt, as three and a half million of them are protesting in Brazil. The people in power are going to have to pay for all the women they forced into getting abortions. Because they could not afford to raise children when God is the provider and food grows on trees. Those millions of people injured on the job, in wars, in car accidents, who were told they should simply get another job after their injuries, when they seen Hulk Hogan get a hundred and ten million dollars, because he canít work because someone seen his extremely small penis on the Internet are waking up. And the woman who claims she needs fifty-five million in a lawsuit, because she canít work, because someone seen her naked through a peep hole at a hotel. People are starting to wake up to the fact that the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, and military are complete idiots, who do not know how to hack an Apple iPhone, where everyone else knows, that any twelve-year-old child could have hacked an Apple iPhone. You have to understand how evil the people in power are. When I said the proof that God exists, is he makes it rain fish. To fill all the ponds, craters and lakes, the CIA came up with the propaganda plan of an airplane, to dump live fish in ponds, craters and lakes. To convince people itís the government, who fills the ponds craters and lakes with fish. They donít know how ignorant they are. God can stop making it rain fish to fill the ponds, craters and lakes and it would kill everyone on the planet within ten years, twenty a hundred. The bears will have no fish to eat and will die. The Bears that plant berries and trees when they shit, will cause the death of all the deer and antelope. This will start a chain reaction that kills all the animals and eventually humans. I could write a whole book on this subject alone.

When I wrote a letter to the president of a certain prophecy that would happen on a certain date to prove Godís existence, the CIA went on TV talk shows, saying this is proof astrology is true and they used my prophecy. The CIA steals my prophecies and uses them in religions to convince people these fake religions like Christianity and Islam are the true religions. This is why I cannot prophesy.

In California Jesus and John the Baptist went to in to a funeral home and raise someone from the dead. There was so many witnesses, the story was even on the six oíclock news. The people in power confiscated not only the news reels, but intimidated all the witnesses of the resurrection.

This government is run by evil people in the ATF and FBI that are so evil, that not only do they killed twenty-nine women and children at Waco, they killed the witnesses who seen them do it. Furthermore, they believe if they kill the witnesses who seen them murder they believe in their own delusional schizophrenic sociopathic minds, that theyíre not murderers if they kill all the witnesses and destroy all the evidence of their murders. They are not only trying to shut people up on the Internet. They are shutting people up inside of bars and restaurants. They have CIA spies in all the bars similar to the KGB. Any time someone tries to talk, someone tells them not to discuss politics or religion in a bar. Well this is not a communist country. We have free speech and freedom of religion. Anybody can go into any bar and talk about politics religion and anyone who tries to stop them, is a communist dictator and needs to be told to move out of the country or killed. This is why Barack Obama is making friends with a communist dictator, to find out how to control people, murder people and still have society love you.

There is six degrees of separation. That means if you tell all your friends that jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity and they tell all their friends and they tell all of their friends that after six repeats, every man on earth will know jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. Anyone who doesnít believe jobs are slavery, are behind the Belgium Brussels attack. Anyone who does not believe jobs are slavery, support the people who did this attack. The people who did this attack, did it to keep mankind in slavery, called jobs.


Brussels, Belgium, attack, bombing, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama, GoTimothy, Timothean, The Gospel of Timothy The motive for the #Belgium #Brussels #attack #bombing was to stop free speech, control Internet & keep mankind in bondage called jobs. Hillary & Trump did it.

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