Sex Ed, Heartbreak Hotel, December 23, 2013.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this girl and there was so much I thought it needed to talk to her about. I called the restaurant, it was a tough phone call. I didn’t know the girl’s name or her friends name so I had to ask for the short girl with the smiley face. They knew who I was talking about.

Got her name from her smiley face friend, but she wouldn’t give me her phone number, she told me she was working Monday. I didn’t see anything wrong with her giving me her phone number I already knew where she lived.

She said her name was Dominic, pretty name, also found out her name was Sam. Don’t know why I was never interested in her name before. But I thought I knew smiley faces friends because there’s a bunch of young girls at the bar who smiled just like her. But they said their friend that worked at a restaurant had a name that begins with H. I forget what that name was. It might have been a different restaurant.

Anyway I went down to see her and she said she could not give me her number, she was married. I really don’t think she was married, but it was a pretty good clue that is not interested. So if there is no communication or she is married, the relationship is over, I can stop thinking about her and I can get some sleep. I just can’t figure out why she would tell me where she lived, but not trust me with her phone number. Good thing it was raining Saturday, I was going to go over to her house. I understand you don’t give strangers your phone number, but why tell them where you live? Women, I just can’t figure them out.

Next time I go in there and see Sam I will have to tell her how her sister Dominic broke my heart and made me cry. See if Sam blabs her mouth to her sister of what I told her in confidence. I could not figure out why Sam told me that I made Dominic cry. Did Dominic tell Sam to tell me that I made her cry? If she did, Dominic is manipulative. If Sam told me Dominic cried, of what Dominic told her in confidence, then Sam is not a very good friend.

I do believe she is in love with me but atheistic psychiatry, who know nothing about God or love has made all these atheistic dating rules to scare people off. Atheistic psychiatry teaches people that people who are in love are simply too needy. They are all different kinds of psychiatric labels and rules that they put try to put on love because they don’t believe in God. This prevents any true marriages from ever happening. Stephanie’s psychiatrist tried to do the same thing.

Stephanie was a girl I met in Alcoholics Anonymous. I asked her to be my sponsor or she wanted me to be her sponsor and I got her phone number. Anyway got her phone number somehow. She thought I was in love with her because I bought her cup of coffee. She said no one had bought her a cup of coffee before. But it was alcoholic anonymous and the coffee was free. Someone else had poured her a cup and I just pointed towards the cream and sugar and she thought I did it for her. Well that’s what happens when you drink a lot and smoke marijuana.

Stephanie wanted me to go to a female psychiatrist with her because she could not communicate her feelings. Her psychiatrist was a joke. She told me, “are you crazy, you let Stephanie move into your house, that woman could kill you”. Little skinny anorexic Stephanie could kill me? Is that how the CIA plans to knock me off? I’m a martyr for Jesus Christ and not really worried about Stephanie killing me. I really felt like telling that psychiatrist off. But she would’ve had me locked up. I felt like saying, “are you crazy, you let me come into your psychiatric office?” Do you know I am? Better yet, “do you know who I think I am?” Psychiatrist I talk to are never the same again. The workers compensation psychiatrist they sent me to, was shaking so bad, his bones were coming out of their sockets.

On one side of me I had Stephanie who did not know she was a whore and there was no way to tell her without making her more depressed. And on another side of me was this female psychiatrist who didn’t believe abortion was child murder and there was no way to tell her without sending her off the edge of a bridge.

The relationship with Stephanie might have worked out if she was only able to communicate. When Stephanie went out and got drunk and the next day I said, “Stephanie we have to talk”. She just started packing up all of her stuff and said, “my friends would let me do what I want” She did not need me, so I did not try to stop her. That was the end of the sponsorship.

Stephanie wasn’t my girlfriend. I was her sponsor. I let her stay in a spare room of my house. We Never had sex, she tried to kiss me once, but I wouldn’t let her I was just trying to help her. We could’ve had a relationship, in fact that’s what I was going to talk about before she packed up her stuff. That was the, “we need to talk” that I was talking about but I guess she was so used to hearing that as a sign of the end of a relationship rather than a sign of the beginning of one.

One therapist tried to tell me I was looking for a virgin in a whore house. I would go to all these topless bars to try to meet women. And that is a good analogy if you think of the church as a place of virgins. But I looked at the church as the great whore. The United States is like this huge whore house. The way I look at the strip clubs, it’s like a refugee camp for all the victims of the great whore called the United States. The women at the strip clubs are basically the victims of an atheistic society and a church that is run by atheists for money. Churches are not run by God-fearing religious people. They are run by con artist, tyrannical governments and the Mafia.

God is the provider, food grows on trees. Jobs are slavery. These women find sanctuary at a strip club where they can take off their clothes to show men what God created and everything these women need is provided for them. But now many of the strip clubs are also run by con artist, tyrannical governments and the Mafia. So now these women at the strip clubs are used and abused by the people owned and run them. The women that were set free of the great whore called the United States now become enslaved by the owners of the strep clubs that take half of their money they made from what God gave them.

So I go into a strip club and see the most beautiful woman in the world. Years ago the women were happy with dollar tips. But now that the Mafia tyrannical government runs the strip clubs you have to pay $20 to talk to the women for three minutes. So I want to make sure get my money worth. I give this woman $20 and ask her “what is love?” She went on with this beautiful explanation of love. She said, “you can tell that the other person loves you, even when they’re trying not to show it,” so I’m like, you can tell I love you and she says yes and I say well I can tell you love me.” And were in this euphoric I found the one state and the three minutes is up. So I pull out another $20 and ask, “what would I have to do to get you to marry me” and she’s real verbal she starts telling me to buy her flowers and the kind of chocolate to likes with the peanut butter the brand and everything. So I’m like wow this is too easy. I asked her for her phone number and she gives me her MySpace page instead so I can e-mail her. If someone asked me what they would have to do to get me to marry them I would have had a big list, but some chocolate and some flowers, that’s easy.

My imagination I’m thinking send over a truck load of flowers and other truckload of chocolates call up the newspapers so they can have the cameras there to do the story with the headlines “man buys truck load of chocolates and truckload of flowers to prove his love.” And then it hits me “proof”? Love doesn’t have to be proven. Even the girl’s definition of love didn’t have to be proven. Love is an act of faith. It’s something you know. And I realize the Bible verse where Abraham is told to kill his son to prove his love for God, is a lie. Abraham would never have to prove his love for God. In fact, God who knows all of our thoughts, knows if we love him or not. So this verse can be scratched out of the Bible. It was probably put in by a tyrant dictator that wanted to manipulate people into killing. God wants you to kill to prove your love? I don’t think so.

That girl gave me her MySpace e-mail but she did tell me that a friend monitored the MySpace. She was told by the friend that he would block all the losers. But that was no friend. That guy was like a pimp that wanted to keep her working at the strip club making them money. The strippers are told that they can meet their soulmate at a strip club, because there is so many men to screen through. Whenever one of the strippers meets their soulmate or someone they’re getting along with, that they might quit their job, the people who work at the strip club sabotage the relationship. They are only using the women to make money. Only when the women get old and ugly and no longer make the strip club money, do they let them find a relationship. One girl was going to go out with me at the strip club and they told her I was an ax murder, because they were afraid of losing one of their moneymaking girls. This relationship might have worked if I would have said, “if you loved me, you would quit your job right now and not dance for another man” instead of getting her phone number to call her later. So the strip club that I seen as a refugee camp from the great whore the United States had no longer become a sanctuary for the victims of the great whore house called the United States.

The male dominated society has corrupted women so badly that their mental capacity is as a six-year-old child. The analogy of comparing trying to find a virgin in a strip club when in fact the whole United States is even worse than the strip club.

The women Ariel Castro had kept chained up for 10 years had the mental capacity of six-year-old girls. This is why they did not scream out for help, because they thought they would get in trouble.

On the night of the gas leak when Dominic came to the door in a mouse or bunny nightgown, it was like she had the mental capacity of a six-year-old. Either that or she was having some kind of perverted sex orgy. But the male dominated society has diminished the mental capacity of women, the same way Ariel Castro diminished the mental capacity of his victims. Jaycee Dugard who was held captive at 12 years old, still had the mental capacity of a 12-year-old when rescued at 30 years old. This is the main reason I am still single at 56. You cannot get a mature woman in a male dominated society.

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