Heart Disease, Stellate Ganglion Block, Obamacare, February 24, 2013.

I’ve been suffering from heart disease since 1993,that was caused by a Stellate Ganglion block to the neck, because Henry Ford Hospital and workers compensation, didn’t want to pay me the $450 billion for my job injury, to guarantee no one would ever be injured on the job again. That would just cut into their profits too munch. I’ve seen hundreds of doctors telling them a stellate ganglion block had caused me heart troubles, but the medical school that was funded by industry, had taught them people who complained of heart trouble, after the treatment that causes heart trouble, are mentally ill and for some reason they have to believe them or they can’t get a license to practice medicine. The real problem getting a diagnosis is that the system is designed “not” to find the heart disease that was caused by medical treatments. They will run every test except the test that is needed to diagnose it.

It made me sick to my stomach when I did a search on Google for, “chest pains”. There are literally thousands of people suffering from chest pains going from doctor to doctor and they are performing every test except the one necessary to make the diagnosis. You see a doctor for 10 minutes at the most. If anyone can make a diagnosis it is the patient themselves. You can go on Google and diagnose yourself because you have all the time in the world to make searches and see which test you need to get a diagnosis. Every time I went to the doctor or an emergency room with chest pains all the doctors did was an EKG and said you’re fine it’s all in your head. They keep telling people if you got chest pains go to the emergency room, because thousands of people are dying from heart attacks. But what they don’t tell you is, those thousands of people who have been dying of heart attacks have been going to emergency rooms every couple of years and the doctors claimed they are perfectly fine hypochondriacs. It not only gets to the point where they feel the patient is crying wolf, the patient gets to the point where, if they get chest pains, they don’t even want to go to the doctor, even if they have several other symptoms of a heart attack.

If you do a Google search you will find a book of the four symptoms of heart attacks. But that doctor wants you to purchase the book before he will tell you what they are and most people are having a heart attack, will be dead before the book arrives or have a chance to read it.

I seen on the news where they tell you if you have a crease in your ear lobe that might be sign of heart disease. But they don’t tell you the obvious symptoms like blue or purple lips. Nobody ever told me purple lips was a sign of heart failure. Common sense told me. I’ve been to funerals and the dead people have purple lips. I’ve seen drowning victims on TV and they have purple lips or turn blue. The lips are very sensitive with a thin layer of skin. You can tell about someone’s health by looking at their lips. This is why women should not wear lipstick. Is she healthy enough for sex? Not if she has purple lips. Women should take notice of this. If the man has purple lips, don’t have sex with him, if you don’t want to kill him.

My lips are purple and burning and I know I’m dying from heart disease from that sign alone. Dr. Brian Young of Henry Ford Hospital wanted me to do is stress test. I told him if I felt good enough to go running on a treadmill, then I would “not” need to go to a doctor. I mean are there people who say to themselves, “Gee I feel like running on a treadmill, maybe I should go to the doctor?” I didn’t do the stress test, because I didn’t think I would live through it. I barely crawled out of the car to make it into the doctors office. For some reason he moved and I had no doctor before I got a diagnosis. When I went to the emergency room, when I felt I was strong enough to do a stress test, they did a EKG and said I was fine and said they can do exploratory heart surgery, but they don’t do stress test at the emergency room. It’s like a $500 piece of equipment. I could buy one of those things and put it in my basement. In fact I ordered a oxygen blood tester and portable EKG machine yesterday. I have a blood pressure tester and my blood pressure is the same as it was after the stella ganglion block, 90/60. A can’t even bend over and tie my shoes and standup without feeling like I’m going to pass out. I was able to raise my blood pressure up to 100/60 by drinking tea with a teaspoon of salt in it.

I opted out of Medicare two years ago because doctors were doing nothing for me and insurance covered everything except the test I needed to make the diagnosis. I really need to go to one of them heart screening where they look at your heart with ultra sound and they can see the arteries if there is plaque or even see the heart valve. I found out this test is only about $60. But when I called hospitals to get the test, is like a six-month waiting list. I’ll be dead before that. Every emergency room should have a heart screening test available every day of the week if heart disease is the number one killer. The hospitals are not going to take care of people, than the churches need to get these types of medical equipment. The medical system is such a monopoly that most of this medical equipment is illegal to buy if you’re not a doctor. That’s not to benefit the health of society, that’s a guarantee the profits of the doctors. And then these doctors want to be in new from lawsuits it’s just fuckin crazy they have to die in the Revolutionary war. There’s no one in the world more evil than them. Why did we even bother going to war with Iraq or Afghanistan when we should have been killing the doctors and the nurses to rid the world of evil.

After Dr. Brian Young moved out of the neighborhood I seen Doctor Michael Harbut of Royal Oak he gave me a referral to a family doctor. That doctor performed every test he had in his office and gave me a complete physical and said I was perfectly healthy. I was in his doctor’s office for two hours and the nurses were crying, “that patient has been in the office for two hours and were all backed up”. Even two hours isn’t long enough time to diagnose a health issue. Even after he looked at all the test that Dr. Harbert performed and heard all my complaints and he claims I was perfectly healthy. He wanted to do a rectal exam and I said I just want to look at the problems I’m having and not look for prostate cancer. The problems are with my heart and chest, not my ass. Could it be a lung problem? Maybe, but I doubt it. My blood pressure was so low that nurses checked it three or four times but assumed there must be something wrong with their equipment rather than me, because they already labeled me as a hypochondriac. The one nurse checked my blood pressure twice and she could not believe it so she got the head nurse to check it, but when the head nurse checked it, she thought well the guys alive, must be the equipment. He didn’t do a stress test for some reason, maybe didn’t have the equipment but he offered me a script to have someone look at my lungs with a camera. They can put a camera inside your lungs to see if they can see anything. I had a $4000 MRI that was supposed to find the smallest little problem and they didn’t find anything. I was in that MRI machine for at least an hour and a half. He had already sent me to a doctor to look down my nose with a camera and he couldn’t see anything.

The worst doctor I ever seen was a heart specialist that wasn’t covered by my insurance and he charged me $110 to feel my pulse and say there was nothing wrong with me. He did no other test and said a Stella Ganglion block could not have caused my problem.

They say when you have a heart attack that a small blood clot in your heart can damage the part of the heart. So some of the heart dies because of that small blood clot that’s not getting blood. But if you have coronary artery disease, these type of blood clots can happen all throughout your body causing damage to your organs. Skin is an organ. I can see a discoloration in a spot on my leg that the doctor calls psoriasis. To me it looks like a small blood clot had stopped the flow of blood to that area of the skin and skin died. But that’s just common sense not a medical diagnosis. I have not slept well since 1993 because I can hear my heart beating in my ears. The doctor seemed to ignore this symptom, but people on the Internet say that’s a sign of a blood clot in a major artery. Unfortunately the people on the Internet are not doctors. I can’t sleep at night because I can hear my heart beating. Last week I woke up two nights in a row with heart palpitations and chest pains. The third night I woke up with a sharp stabbing pain in my chest and felt like someone stabbed me with a ice pic. I called up a heart specialist and made an appointment but then I found out he was on the other side of town so I canceled the appointment. Friday I felt much better so I went to the bar for a few drinks may be whatever they put in my drinks to damage my heart, they might give me more and I can die and get it over with. I was pretty well amazed I walked 2 ½ miles to the bar and did not feel winded and nausea like I felt last week. I walked to the bar again Saturday and Sunday I started feeling chest pains again and nauseous. I don’t understand why activity can cause a heart attack. I understand if you don’t do any activity for a long time and you go on a 5 mile hike your muscles are going to ache. But how can activity cause a heart attack? I do so much walking the doctors try to label me as mentally ill because I walk so much, but yet I don’t get enough exercise to benefit my heart. It’s because I need more of a cardiovascular workout. That’s hard to do when you get old with shoulder injuries, back pain and bad knees.

How can activity cause a blood clot? How can that clog your arteries? That part don’t make sense to me, if someone can explain it please let me know. Your heart is a muscle, if you don’t use it for a long time and then do something strenuously, than you gonna fill muscle pain in your heart and that’s not a heart attack. That simply sore muscles from not using them. May be the activity loosened some plaque in the arteries and that’s what caused the blood clot, but you would have to have plaque in your arteries to begin with. I’ve been on a pretty good diet for the last couple years of just fruits, nuts, breads and vegetables. I was eating chicken and fish but I cut out the chicken a long time ago and after Fukushima I cut out all fish. I’m trying natural blood thinners to reduce clots and trying to build up my blood pressure at the same time. Seems to be a Catch-22. I’m supposed to eat leafy greens but the vitamin K causes blood clots. I’m supposed to stop drinking coffee because it’s bad for your heart but they recommend drinking coffee to increase your blood pressure. Some say alcohol is bad for your heart but others say a few beers can thin your blood and prevent a heart attack. For me the beer not only cures chest pain, but it cures the nausea and gives me the ability to walk a few miles. I didn’t have a beer I could not walk to the bar and if I did have a few more beers I wouldn’t be able to walk home.

I called a local doctor for a stress test and they want me to pay $140 plus any other test he wants to give me, before he will give me a script for a $60 stress test and that will come out of my own pocket, is not covered by Medicare. They’re not interested in saving your life. They are only interested in shoving money up their ass. The medical system is not designed to help people, it’s designed to make as much money off of someone before they die. This is why there’s going to be a revolution and every doctor in United States is going to be killed. God said eye for an eye tooth for tooth, life for life and doctors have to pay for the people they killed with their treatments.

The people at the bar have been made to believe that I am sue happy because I think people should pay for the suffering they cause. So the guy told me a story about a mirror that fell off the wall at the bar and the bar owner could’ve been sued for everything he owns. The owner of the bar that’s worth $2 million, is worried about lawsuits. But if you treat people decently, they’re not going to sue you for an accident. You sue the people who screw you over. When the mirror falls off the wall and cuts someone and they carry the body outside and say it didn’t happen in the bar to get out of the lawsuit, then they need to be sued for every penny they own. When someone is injured at work and they torture you with medical treatments so they don’t have to pay, they need to be sued for every penny they own or die in a justified civil war. That’s what a civil war is, fighting for justice, fighting for a civilized society.

The world is run by evil rich people. Most of us could win $100 million in the lottery and be broke in two years, because some rich person, sues us in a frivolous lawsuit, because they know the lawyers, doctors and the courts. But the automobile companies can kill 40,000 Americans a year, injure 3000 Americans a year at their factories and injure another 120,000 a year by their product and they can still make 20 billion in profit at the same time they are supporting killing 1.5 million people for oil, for those gas guzzlers. This is because they systematically torture and kill the people who file lawsuits against them, with medical system treatments. And because the lottery winner does not run the hospitals, like Henry Ford Hospital, the lottery winner is broke in a couple years. When I die from heart disease, because they don’t want to pay me the $450 billion for my job injury, that’s the sign from God, the revolution is to begin.

The evil people make the argument that they can kill 40,000 with their automobiles and millions more in wars for oil, because God kills more people with malaria, than all the people who ever died in wars or buy guns or from industry. But they are not telling you that the malaria is caused by industry. Industry is cutting down the trees, destroying the earth, that makes nature fight back with malaria. It’s not about looking for a cure for malaria, stop industry and malaria will be nonexistent. What you call civilization, is causing malaria and so if you continue to live that way, the earth will fight back killing millions. Some of you did not like my prediction that Fukushima will kill billions. But if it doesn’t kill billions, no one is going to change their ways. They know that their way of life is killing millions and they don’t care if it kills billions of people, all they want to do is shove money up their ass. Judgment day is coming and so is the war between good and evil.


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