Healthcare Reform Two January 7, 2011.

You cannot force people to pay for healthcare that they do not want. Besides, forcing poor people to pay for healthcare does not make economical sense. Poor people can barely afford to pay rent, utilities and buy food. If people are forced to pay for healthcare, malnutrition and disease will spread widely. However, you can create a health care system that everyone wants. A healthcare system that is fast, honest, clean, efficient, consistent, low cost and high customer satisfaction, just like McDonald’s. McDonald’s is the model the healthcare system should be based on. Both rich and poor go to McDonald’s because they know it is honest, clean, consistent, fast and low cost is just a bonus.

There is a percentage of restaurants and a hamburger stands that are dishonest. You go there and give them a 20 and they give you change for a 10. You complain to the management and they don’t seem to care if they lose your business. This doesn’t happen at McDonald’s. If they shortchange you at McDonald’s the manager will look into it, if not corporate management will install cameras to see if they are shortchanging people. I was never ripped off at a McDonald’s. But even if I was, I know I could get my money back. It’s not just that McDonald’s has a complaint department, they have a complaint department that takes action.

McDonald’s is clean. They don’t have carpeting on the floor that breeds germs, bacteria and viruses. The tables and chairs are attached to the walls so that the floors can be easily mopped throughout the day. I’ve been to doctors offices with carpeting where sick children play on and spread their viruses to other children. These doctors think that this is good for business. Let one child with the flu play on the carpet this week and we can treat several other children for the flu next week. These doctors offices should be disinfected several times a day and UV treated at night.

McDonald’s is consistent. You’re going to get the same service and prices no matter which McDonald’s you go to. My doctor moved to a new location so I had to find a new doctor. Regular doctor visit is $40 but because I am a new patient they can charge me 200 for my first visit. I didn’t complain because I got a complete physical. The nurses complained because it took two hours of their time. Several years later I moved. I move closer to my first doctor, so I went back to him. But because this was a new clinic, they charge me $200 for a first visit. Where do I send in my complaint? They’re making $1200 an hour off of new patients.

McDonald’s is fast, efficient and this makes it low cost. Going to my doctor was like a comedy show. I asked the nurse a question and she said she’ll ask the doctor. So she went room to room looking for the doctor, there were several patient examining rooms. She found the doctor in the last room. Then the doctor came in. He said he would send in the nurse to do an EKG. Then he went room to room to find the nurse. These doctors and nurses are spending more time running around, than they are with their patients. The doctor and nurse should have headsets on so they can talk to each other just like McDonald’s or the police department does with their walkie-talkies. They might not think it’s worth spending the $300 on headsets because it only saves a few minutes time. But McDonald’s is figured out that a few minutes time a few dozen times a day times thousands of franchises, means big savings. The nurse took five minutes to get my weight on a scale that was 100 years old. It’s like they’re not even trying to be efficient.

The cost of healthcare should go by how much money you make like taxes. When a homeless man gets hit by a car and breaks his leg, he doesn’t get much in the lawsuit. When Bill Gates gets hit by a car and breaks his leg, he thinks he should be paid more because he is worth more. Rich people should pay more for healthcare, because they are worth more. If you’re worth $1 billion, why would you not pay a few hundred thousand to save your life? Healthcare should be 8 to 10% of your income. No matter how much money you make. However, low income people who only have enough money to pay for rent, utilities, food and beer necessities, should not pay anything at all.

Some healthcare plans cover several doctor visits and tests per year. And some people go to the doctors to get those test just because their health can plan covers it, not because they need it. I really don’t think you should go to a doctor unless you’re sick, because you could become sick from going to the doctor. I can’t believe some doctors shake your hand when you see them. I don’t care if they just washed their hands. They have shaken the hands of other people, who have, who knows what and washing only cuts down on the germs and viruses, it doesn’t destroy them all.

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