Hayley Turner & Organized Crime, August 15, 2014.

Organized crime is much more powerful than the FBI or the police and so people are more afraid of telling the truth and being killed by organized crime, than they are of going to prison. Gangs have many of their members in prison and so people know that if they go against the gangs they can be killed even in prison. But if they lie to police the gangs offer them protection in prison. This is why people like Hayley Turner and Jodi Arias make up so many stories for fear of their life. Many times these people tell the cops the truth but the cops are skeptical and so when they don’t believe the truth you have to tell them a story they will believe. If I tell you I’m 56 years old and you don’t believe me and you keep telling me I’m lying in an interrogation room, sooner or later I’m going to tell you that I’m 62 or 45 or something that you will believe. It’s only common sense.

I tried to report a crime and the cops acted like I was making up the story because I didn’t know the guy’s name or his address or what he looked like. Six months later I was robbed at gunpoint and never went to the police, because I didn’t know the guy’s names, I was afraid and didn’t get a good look at them because they threatened to kill me if I looked at them and so the only proof I had that I was robbed at gunpoint, was that I didn’t have any money in my pocket. The information I had that it was two black guys on bicycles might help them out in another robbery but I would not have been able to identify these guys a line up and if they ended up robbing a armed gunmen who killed them and didn’t report it, I would be the prime suspect in their murder. It turned out that a friend of mine knew a cop and told him my story of being robbed by the two blacks on bicycles and he gave the cops the tip, that tip got cops to start harassing all black kids on bicycles, who I had no doubt, had nothing to do with the guys who robbed me. When you’re being robbed at gunpoint you fear for your life and you’re going to do whatever you can to make it through the robbery. Cops think you should just study the robbers face so that you can make a positive identification later. But these robbers are psychopaths who don’t want people looking at them. If they think you got a good look at them they will kill you. I mean I’m not good at faces or remembering people’s names so even if they told me their names I wouldn’t remember them.

Hayley Turner a 18-year-old girl who said she was kidnapped but could not identify the kidnappers so cops claim she made up the story and “They” want to sue her. Now she might have made up the story but how she got witnesses to claim they seen her jump out of a moving car topless is beyond me. I think the cops were in on the kidnapping and wanted to get this girl to work in the porn industry and now that she escaped they are claiming she made up the whole story and she can’t tell the truth because the cops are the ones who kidnapped her. Or people pretending to be cops. Remember people like Jeffrey Dahmer can easily manipulate cops into bringing the victims back to their homes to be killed. Cops are not the brightest people in the world that’s why they work for the police department instead of Silicon Valley.

Another woman was raped at gunpoint and the rapist made her say on tape recording at gunpoint that it was consensual sex and the cops believed the rapist because they heard the recording. A guy in Michigan was forced at gunpoint to kill another guy’s wife and he was arrested for murder. The cops tend not to believe anything they hear. They simply assume everybody is lying to make them work harder. Jodi Arias is another girl who was more afraid of organized crime then the police, she just watched two people murder her boyfriend. And the murderers cleaned up their footprints and any evidence that they were there. Cops thought she started to clean up evidence that she was there but forgot to clean up her bloody fingerprints. It was a professional hit no doubt the guys were wearing gloves and clean the floor so their footprints couldn’t be found. They didn’t bother cleaning the blood off the walls because they were wearing gloves.

The cops are far deeper into organized crime then anyone had ever believed. Look at the cops covering up for George Zimmerman in a racist killing. I think the blacks cops were trying to get a white Hayley Turner to turn to prostitution and when that failed they are snowballing her. Someone needs to investigate the cops they have been come to powerful. The prostitutes on Michigan Avenue in Detroit have the cops arresting John’s and protecting the pimps. You really have to drive that street to see what’s going on and when I used to drive up and down it to see what was going on the cops would harass me for driving down the street. They would arrest the prostitutes or the pimps. And the cops would have sex with the prostitutes all the time. A news agency said these women were kidnapped and forced to work the streets in different states throughout the United States when they interviewed them and the cops never came to even help. We don’t know how that’s even possible in the United States. Kidnap women forced them into prostitution and when they say they were kidnapped arrest them for making up the story because cops are doing a kidnapping and are into prostitution and the porno industry. That evil most people cannot comprehend, but that is exactly what’s happening in the United States. When you think about it, it’s not that much worse than cops supporting the capitalist system. Because capitalism is simply forcing mankind into slavery called jobs. Capitalism forces children to go to school and if they don’t go cops arrest their parents. That’s almost more evil than kidnapping women forcing them into prostitution and making porno videos and then arrest them for lying if they try to tell anyone they’re story.

There would have to be more than one person making up stories in the Hayley incident. First on Hayley never called the police, her girlfriend did. So do blame her for making up a story is insanity. And the witness who seen a topless girl jump from a moving vehicle also called the police. Again blaming Hayley for making up the story means cops are insane. But Hayley never called the police, and police want to arrest her for making up a story. I think the black cops are pimps forcing white girls and the black prostitution and Ecorse Michigan is just the place for that to happen. There are plenty of strip clubs and massage parlors in that city along with street hookers who claim they have been kidnapped and forced to prostitute against their will, but police never investigate any of the kidnapping or arrest the pimps, they claim everyone is making up the stories. A lot of cops in Ecorse have to go to prison. A black guy told me that they kidnap pretty white girls and take them down to 7 mile in Detroit to force them into prostitution and they can go for help because the black cops are pimps too against pretty white women with blond hair. I don’t think she was making up the story because you don’t leave your car idling as a prank and not return to it for 18 hours. Because you know it’s going to be run out of gas. If you make up a story to get attention or a prank you’re not good purposely harm your belongings especially a car. You’re not going to risk it being stolen. Either the cops were in on the kidnapping or they’re extremely stupid for not believing Hayley. I have seen many questions on Yahoo answers of women who were raped and went to the cops and the cops did not believe their story because they were so upset telling their story, that they didn’t get the facts straight. One girl said she ran outside after her dog that got away and something hit the side of her head, she fell to the ground and a guy got on top of her and pulled off her clothing, because the clothing didn’t rip, the cops did not believe her story she was raped. The guy had used a condom so there was no DNA evidence. I believed her story but no one on Yahoo believed it. Why would she make up a story and then asked the question on Yahoo if anybody believed it. She did many updates to the question of “do you believe I was raped?” Showing she wasn’t making it up as she went along. I told her to return to the scene to see if she can find a used condom that the rapist would have left behind. She did have a bruise on the side of her head where she said she was hit, but the cops claim she hit herself on the head to cause the bruise, because they didn’t want to believe her story. Unfortunately many times they don’t leave any evidence And might even pick up the condom. But if there’s no evidence there’s nothing you can do. But for cops to charge you for making up a story because they don’t believe you and there is no evidence, is complete insanity and is going to keep people from reporting crimes.

A girl told me she was in a car with gang members who tried to get a 15-year-old girl to work in prostitution and when the girl didn’t want to do it, they stripped the girl naked, shot her dead, and pushed her body out of a moving vehicle. She told the story to many people but nobody believed it. Bikers threatened her life when she told me the story but I didn’t believe her either until I watched Dr. G. The autopsy Dr. On cable TV. Dr. G. Was doing an autopsy on a 15-year-old girl who was shot dead and nude body pushed out of a moving car. Either it happens all the time, the girl saw the story on Dr. G. or it was the same dead girl. But then again what’s more evil, cops that would shoot a 15-year-old girl because she didn’t want to work in prostitution or cops who would refuse to arrest political leaders who let the tobacco companies murder both my parents? Or cops who let the automobile industry get away with me suffering $450 billion worth of pain from my job injury And then tried to force me into slavery with another job?

It doesn’t seem to matter how evil people are of kidnapping and raping and killing women, forcing them into prostitution, forcing them into making porn videos, cops are still 1 million times more evil and they know it. In fact they are the ones doing it. I met a girl online that was in the porn industry and her boyfriend was a cop that forced her into doing it. She was trying to get away from her psycho boyfriend but couldn’t do it because he was a cop. And not just any cop he was national security cop. We are worse than a police state. We are a state run by evil police that are worse than the people on death row. If it turns out Hayley Turner was not making up the story Ecorse police should be beheaded and their severed head stuck on a pole outside the police department to be a sign for other corrupt cops. See the riots in Missouri and know that cops are nothing more than Roman soldiers defending the evil people in power and they know it.

Many people who heard the Hayley story believed this was a true kidnapping. Leaving your car idling in a parking lot to get attention, nobody does that. Not even attention grabber. Getting a complete stranger to give you a ride home after they witness you jumping out of a car without a top on and them giving you a shirt to cover yourself, it would be far-fetched if she was making up the story and hired a stranger witness to say that. Getting a friend to call police and a stranger to take you to the police department, nobody does that for attention the cops are the criminals and there needs to be riots in Ecorse like there is in Missouri.

Hayley Turner was just kidnapped raped and tortured for 16 hours and the news people thought she wanted to get out of the SUV and tell her story to the world before she even seen a doctor or therapist, what are they fockin crazy? Then they claim she was making up the story to get attention? If she was just doing it to get attention she would’ve jumped out of the SBU and said “hi I’m Hayley Turner I was tortured, raped and kidnapped for 16 hours now I’m famous on the news” she didn’t want to be videotaped. She is was raped, kidnapped and tortured, so she flipped off the fuckin insane news people. She should’ve jumped out of the SUV within a ax and hacked their heads off and put their severed heads on poles for being so insane, to think that someone who is just raped, tortured and kidnapped wanted to be on the news so her kidnappers and torturers could see her. If I was just kidnapped, raped and tortured and these news people wanted to video me and my story before I even told it to the cops, I would of flipped him off too and probably even got a gun and shot them all dead. These news agencies need to be sued for so many billions of dollars they’ve never do that again. Please watch my video on YouTube titled “Hayley Turner & Organized Crime” on channel “Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy”

Oh and her phone was found alongside the Road with the batteries missing and cops believe this was part of the made-up story. There needs to be a revolution now. There is no doubt Ecorse cops are the ones who kidnapped raped and tortured her and Ben are trying to accuse her of making up the story and suing her so they don’t get charged with rape and kidnapping.


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I believe her story and I also believe police are the rapists and kidnappers. Many women are raped and go To the police and the police don’t believe them.

Please watch my video on YouTube titled “Hayley Turner & Organized Crime” on channel “Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy” and comment there.

Ecorse police are the ones who raped, kidnapped her & her threatening to sue her for telling her story. http://youtu.be/nMeZdhGRhkw

Ecorse pimp police R the ones who raped, kidnapped her & are threatening to sue her for telling her story. http://youtu.be/nMeZdhGRhkw

@GeorginaDamin @NBCNews Ecorse cops R the 1's who kidnapped/raped her & R threatening 2 sue her 4 telling her story. http://youtu.be/nMeZdhGRhkw

@JohnLuciew @PennLive Ecorse cops R the 1's who kidnapped/raped her & R threatening 2 sue her 4 telling her story. http://youtu.be/nMeZdhGRhkw

Ecorse cops R the 1's who kidnapped/raped her & R threatening 2 sue her 4 telling her story. http://youtu.be/nMeZdhGRhkw #HayleyTurner

@freep Ecorse cops R the 1's who kidnapped/raped her & R threatening 2 sue her 4 telling her story. http://youtu.be/nMeZdhGRhkw #HayleyTurner

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