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George Zimmerman Sandra Layne Hammerskin Nation, May 28, 2012.

Either you believe George Zimmerman story, that Trayvon Martin punched him in the nose, broke his nose and Zimmerman did nothing. Then Trayvon punched George Zimmerman in the left eye, giving him a left black eye and Zimmerman did nothing. Then Trayvon punched George Zimmerman in the right eye, giving him a right black eye and Zimmerman did nothing. Then Trayvon knocked George Zimmerman to the ground and Zimmerman did nothing, until Trayvon jumped on top of him, started pounding his head into the concrete. All this time Zimmerman did not punch Trayvon Martin back once, Zimmerman did not lift his arms to defend himself even one time before Zimmerman pulled out a gun, without telling Trayvon to stop, without showing Trayvon he was armed and it was a dumb idea to punch him, without warning shot, without shooting for his stomach, shoulder arm or leg, just shut Trayvon dead with one shot. A granny shot a kid eight times and the kid was still able to call 911 and lived long enough to make it to the hospital. But George Zimmerman’s boy was dead with one shot before police showed up who were already on the way, before the shot took place. Believe a gun owner was crying for help and a kid was punching a armed man, Or you can believe this.

George Zimmerman a member of Hammerskin Nation. A gang of misfits who murder those who are trying to mix races. Like the song half breed by Cher, George Zimmerman was a half breed who did not fit in with whites or Hispanics. Outcast from both ethnic backgrounds they are rejected by both whites and Hispanics. They are angry at the world for mixing the races. They don’t know where they fit in. Some quotes from a Web source about Hammerskin Nation. From this link <<< Hammerskin Nation "Everyday we get a letter from some kid who is fed up with his multi-culturist surroundings," boasts an editorial in the Hammerskin magazine, Hammerskin Press. "They are looking for answers and a way out....Kids grow up without any form of self-identity. They are given two choices, either go with the 'norm' of multi-culturalism and race mixing or be deemed an outcast, a minority. Let's take hold of the Racist minority and welcome them into the movement." >> Hispanics are a minority but Hispanic/white are the super minority group who don’t fit in with whites or Hispanics and end up joining gangs to fit in somewhere.

Hammerskin Nation is a violent gang that kills black people to keep the races from mixing. They are very selective in their membership. Initiates have to kill a black to become a member. Hammerskin Nation has thousands of members worldwide, like the police, they have a code of silence and a code to protect each other at no matter the cost. A very powerful gang that may very well have president Obama as one of their members. I suppose being half black and half white makes it difficult to live in a society where blacks reject you because you’re half white and whites reject you because you’re half black. Angry about race mixing they learn to hate the world. The Ku Klux Klan recruits these half breeds and convinces them that all their problems come from race mixing. We can hear the anger in Cher’s song half breed.

This gang is becoming more dangerous as they are trying to learn a way to make murder legal. Whether Zimmerman gets away with murder or not, they will look at what they did wrong in this murder, they will kill again, to make the next murder legal. Perhaps they forgot to plant a weapon on Trayvon, or they believe they are so powerful with members in the White House, they don’t need to.

The granny Sandra Layne who killed her 17-year-old grandson Jonathan Hoffman is more likely to be a member of Hammerskin Nation, than just some cuckoo who shot her grandson. Her and Zimmerman fits the behavior of Hammerskin Nation, where they don’t talk after the killing. Trained to keep silent. If granny really killed her grandson in self-defense, she would’ve still been emotional about it. Even cops who kill strangers in self defense feel bad about it. Jonathan Hoffman was a half breed. From the funeral video we can see half the people wearing Jewish hats and the other half Christians. Granny was more likely angry that the Jewish father divorced her Christian daughter leaving them a half breed Jewish/Christian grandson. The psychological profile of these extremely religious people, drives them to murder, to please their God. Whether it’s a complete war or murdering people one by one they see nothing unethical or immoral about it. They believe it’s the will of God. Like a priest who murders prostitutes, thinking he’s doing God a service.

Read up on Hammerskin nation from the link provided. It’s an interesting read.

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