Halloween “drunk or treat”, October 11, 2015.

I was just going to upload some of my old Halloween videos but my videos have been changing Halloween, so now I have to make some updated videos. You can read what I wrote about Halloween on my website and you can tell by the truth in my videos, how I changed Halloween.

These TV preachers would have people write in about Halloween. All people like Pat Robinson would talk about was how Halloween was of the devil. They didn’t want to give you any truth about Halloween or tell you what was really going on about this holiday. There is no devil, just a bunch of Mafia cartels who want to make billions of dollars selling candy to children to give them cavities, so they can make billions of more dollars in the dental industry and selling morons college classes, to learn the profitable business of dentistry. So they make money off the candy they sell, they make money selling people college courses to learn dentistry, then the dentist make money fixing peoples cavities. It’s all Mafia cartels pulling off the greatest scam in history. There is no devil involved. It’s all about greed and evil people who care less about giving children cavities for profit.

Halloween started out as a charity around harvest season. This is the time of year to harvest the crops. It’s time to pick the apples, the pears, the nuts, the squash and out of the abundance of the harvest, they would give to the poor. However, this holiday was hijacked by the Mafia candy cartels. Instead of giving out fresh fruits, nuts and vegetables to poor children, they give out candy to children to make money in the dental and medical industry. The candy not only rots the children’s teeth but causes them poor health. At least a lot poorer health than they would have had if they ate some fresh fruits and vegetables. There’s nothing like a fresh picked Apple when it’s in season. It’s better than candy. People have come to hate fruits and vegetables because the Mafia only allows rotten fruits and vegetables to be sold in the grocery stores. Only the rich people get the fresh fruits and vegetables. When those fresh fruits and vegetables don’t sell in the rich neighborhoods, the trucks bringing in the fresh vegetables, pick up the old vegetables to deliver them to grocery stores and poorer neighborhoods. So you go to the grocery store and you asked for some fresh apples and the clerk says, “these just came in today”. But that doesn’t mean anything. Because those vegetables came from a grocery store in a rich neighborhood that didn’t sell to the rich people and now that they are old and rotten, they sell them to the poor people. Even though all these fruits and vegetables grow for free in God’s garden of Eden, the Mafia cartels are all about profit.

So the truth about Halloween, is the Mafia cartels used to get thugs and gang members, to go out on Halloween and intimidate people to give out candy to children. Any house that would not purchase Halloween candy, to give out the children, would get burned down on what they called devils night, the night before Halloween. This is how the Mafia sent out the message that you will purchase candy in the $8 billion year candy industry, to give to children or your house will burn down. The police departments and fire departments supported the Mafia run candy cartels, because they were getting a portion of the profits. The fire departments looked at it as job security. The more houses that burned down, the more over time they got. It was a great payoff. The police department’s knew they were working for the Mafia, when they refused to arrest gang members and thugs who threatened to vandalize houses who refuse to purchase candy in the $8 billion year candy industry.

The FBI knew that people hated to be intimidated by threats of violence and vandalism so bad, that some Americans would poison the candy. They would put in razor blades or needles in apples, drugs in candy etc. So children would get addicted to heroin, crystal meth, cocaine because these neighborhood thugs were putting these drugs in Halloween candy. The police and FBI knew all about it, but they were working for the Mafia and they knew it. They were working for the rich, not the poor.

Even the medical institutions knew all about what was going on, but they let it happen because they were making so much money off of sick children, especially the ones that got cavities. So police departments and emergency rooms would scan children’s candy for razor blades, needles, poison etc. instead of banning the multi-billion-dollar year Holiday. Money was more important than children. Their jobs for more important than human life and without serving the Mafia cartels, they would be out of a job and every policeman an FBI agent knew it.

The CIA doesn’t stand for the Central Idiots Association, these people knew what Halloween was all about and they were willing to support the Mafia cartels, because it created so many jobs for doctors, dentist, candy makers etc. They knew jobs were slavery and a crime against humanity, but they really didn’t care, money is more important to them than life.

So you don’t send out your children to beg for candy on Halloween, from complete strangers by threatening to vandalize the houses of the strangers, to get candy. Because if you do, the strangers who don’t want to give into the intimidation of the multibillion-dollar Mafia candy cartels, are going to resent the intimidation and the blowback, is that some of them are going to put razor blades, needles, poison in your children’s candy. Others might simply cough, spit, put boogers in the candy or use the candy as a suppository before giving it to your children. Even if the senior citizens who resent being forced by intimidation to give out candy on Halloween, do not stick the candy in their vaginas, before giving it to your children, they might simply just give out old, outdated, stale candy, that they purchased for 50% off last Halloween.

People who send out their children to demand candy from complete strangers by threats of violence and vandalism, should lose custody of their children. You’re supposed to teach children not to accept candy from strangers. But for years police and fire departments have been serving the Mafia Cartels, by telling children to go out and demand candy from complete strangers. Not very smart are they?

It’s not about turning off your porch light if you don’t believe in Halloween, because you are opening yourself up to vandalism, when you keep the lights off. It’s about leaving your porch lights on, so that neighborhood thugs cannot vandalize your home, and calling 911 when someone knocks on your door and says, “trick or treat”. If the cops don’t come out to arrest the parents then you sue the city for serving the $8 billion a year Mafia candy cartels.

Now they are trying to change Halloween into, “Trunk or Treat”. I will call it “drunk or treat” because it seems like the Mafia cartels are still trying to find a way to make billions of dollars, enslave mankind, provide slave jobs for doctors and dentists by giving children cavities and making them sick, selling them crap, that will make them sick. It seems like more people will be getting drunk on this “trunk or treat” because this holiday might even be worse than threatening vandalism for treats.

I spent over $500 this year on dentist because of holidays like Halloween. God said an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth but I will take a out-of-court settlement with the candy manufacturers for $1 billion for each tooth I lost, instead of demanding that one of their teeth be knocked out, for every tooth I lost, this so I can show society what a nice guy I am. Can you manufacturers wanted me to be a capitalist and congratulations I’m now a capitalist. I will take a out-of-court settlement for $10 million, for each cavity I got. I got at least nine cavities. But if you wait for Jesus return before you decide to pay for the suffering you caused, then your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren are going to have to lose a tooth, for every truth that was lost, while you’re trying to make a profit selling candy. Don’t give me that Bullshit I chose to eat candy. The tobacco companies tried to sell me that delusion. You chose to sell the candy. The tobacco companies chose to sell the tobacco and that’s why they are responsible for everybody killed by tobacco. The gun manufacturers are responsible for every person that is killed by a gun. That’s why God created the lake of fire, if not you would not be able to pay for all your sins. The candy companies chose to sell candy to make a profit and they are responsible for every cavity that humans suffer from. If they did not want to lose a tooth, for every tooth they cause to be lost, they would not have sold their candy.


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