Halloween Terrorist, Ebola, November 1, 2014.

This was a letter I wrote the New York Times but they only allowed 1500 characters and I had to cut it down.

Come on you guys let’s be truthful about Halloween. How much is the eight billion-dollar a year candy industry paying the New York Times to write these articles anyway? Do you know what “trick or treat” means? When we were children in the 50s and 60s it meant you give us candy or we vandalize your house. At least that’s what the neighborhood bullies taught us when we were children. Just about every house gave out candy, the few that didn’t got toilet papered and waxed windows. If they didn’t give out candy for several years straight, their houses mysteriously burned down, nobody knows why. But it could have had something to do with those Mafia guys in suits and that big black Cadillac, who asked us kids which houses were not given out candy. Maybe they owned a candy bar company or they just owned millions of dollars of stock in Hershey’s. Who knows.

We would see the news reports the day after Halloween of some people who were putting poison or razor blades in apples. We couldn’t understand why they did this. Fire departments would volunteer to use metal detectors on our candy to search for needles or razor blades. We carefully looked through our candy for any pieces that look suspicious like it was tampered with. Any candy that looks suspicious our parents threw out.

Surely when people are intimidated by threats, they become disgruntled about being forced to pass out candy. Although much of the candy was not poisoned, surely some people must have rubbed the candy in their armpits or stuck it in their pants, maybe even used it as a suppository before handing it out to neighborhood bullies, that demanded candy by threats of vandalism. If I would have known people were giving out candy out of fear of retribution, common sense would’ve told me, not to eat that candy.

Just go on an airplane and demand everyone give you candy or you release Ebola and see how fast you get arrested. But Halloween is a holiday accepted by both police and fire departments where parents can legally teach their children how to extort candy from strangers. Has anyone realized this is an act of terrorism? Knock on anyone’s door any other day of the year and demand candy and see how fast they call the police.

This holiday needs to be banned for the safety of children. When I was a child I went out trick-or-treating and I seen nothing wrong with it. But now that I am old enough to understand what Halloween was all about, my parents should have been arrested for child abuse for sending us out trick-or- treating. If I would have known people were giving out candy out of fear of retribution, common sense would’ve told me, not to eat that candy.

Yes Halloween doesn’t seem evil because it’s no different than the government forcing you to pay for Obamacare by “trick or treat” pay for Obamacare or a get fined trick. It’s no different than public education “trick-or-treat” send your children to public school or get thrown in prison trick. No different than the military “trick-or-treat” give us your oil, or get bombed trick. No wonder no one sees anything wrong with “trick or treat” give us candy or we fire bomb your house trick. Bottom line, Halloween is an act of terrorism, extortion. Wake up people.

Every year I see how more evil this holiday is. It’s harvest season the grocery stores should be selling bushels of apples, squash fresh fruits and vegetables. But the grocery store aisles are filled with rows of candy, costumes Halloween decorations. No fresh fruits and vegetables this is a holiday for dentist and doctor’s who treat those with sugar diabetes. Yes they are the ones getting the treats.

Yes we are becoming more civilized and the likelihood of vandalism if you don’t give out candy is lower now so that people who don’t feel like giving out candy don’t. So this year I decided not to pass out candy, but I was going to turn on my lights to make sure I wasn’t vandalized. Then I realized turning on your lights means that you’re going to pass out candy. People were told to keep your lights off if you’re not going to pass out candy, but that is only going to open you up for vandalism. For the bullies like to vandalize houses where there is no lighting. Luckily it was cold and rainy so Halloween was pretty much canceled. And thank God for those night vision security cameras. I’m pretty sure the night vision security cameras are gonna make Halloween obsolete. Unless of course it is the police and the fire departments that are vandalizing houses that don’t pass out candy, because they’re working for the multibillion-dollar candy industry. You can’t force people to pass out candy or they’re going to spit in it.

Halloween has made the government corrupt. So it’s legal to make threats to get candy but an Alex Jones video showed its illegal to play a guitar for money on the streets. Parents are teaching children to beg for candy. But homeless people can’t beg for money, not even sell their singing and guitar playing talents. This is why we have no music today it’s all rap crap. Bob Dylan, Janis Joplin and others started out by singing on the streets until they got good. This is what Haight ashbury music was all about. When Haight ashbury died the music died.

Comments: Okay somebody is commenting on my videos and I’m not able to reply back for some reason. Can anyone tell me how to reply to DemoMonster7, they commented on this video and there is no reply link for me to reply back to them but here is my message to: DemoMonster7 - November 2, 2014. After I put some thought into it I realized it probably was multibillion-dollar candy industry that’s given us the idea that kids would take the cash and run. I have security cameras now and I’m not afraid of someone trying to take money out of my hand. Standing there with a big bowl of cash would probably not be a good idea, but I’m actually thinking about giving out quarters one year because someone gave them out in 1960 and I still remember that.

I will announce that I’ve given out quarters, but they have to listen to a short sermon first on how “trick-or-treat” is a terrorist threat, “begging” is illegal and people who give out candy are serving the multibillion-dollar Mafia candy cartels and that they should say, “candy gives me cavities can I have a nickel or dime instead” instead of saying “trick-or-treat”. This way will put the multibillion-dollar Mafia run candy industry out of business on Halloween. I will also tell them that disgruntled people who are forced to pass out candy by threats of “trick or treat” are probably spitting in the candy with Ebola or using it as a suppository first, before giving it out, so kids should throw out all their candy, not just the candy that looks suspicious. Police and fire departments knew a long time ago that people tend to do wicked things to candy when they are forced to give it out and they never warned the kids about it all they did is offer to use the metal detectors on it to check for razor blades and needles but they never tested for fecal matter, vaginal drippings or sputum. Yes some little old lady on a fixed income forced to give out candy might have stuck it in her vagina first, before giving it out to hoodlums that demand candy. Your parents, the cops and the multibillion-dollar candy industry might lie to you, but I won’t. Halloween is an $8 billion a year business and begging for money is illegal, this means that cops and politicians are getting paid at least $10,000 bribe each from the candy industry, if not, they are stupid. If you are a cop or a politician, simply call Hershey’s candy company and say, “trick or treat” give me $10,000 cash or Halloween is going to be banned. Easy money.

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