HBO Propaganda Movies My Story December 31, 2013.

This all the movies you see on TV are propaganda movies developed by psychiatrists to change your way of thinking, to benefit the rich. I received a right shoulder injury by working at a company that made parts for aircraft in 1987. I received a left shoulder injury by working at a company that made parts for the automobile industry in 1989. Then I was tortured by the medical industry, with Stella ganglion blocks to the neck, because they did not want to pay me workers compensation.

While I was disabled I lived with my dad from 1989 until 1993 when I finally got state disability and back pay. It’s been a fight ever since then to keep the small state disability check that took a five-year court battle to win. Finally, I won when I wrote a letter to President Clinton asking him why I had to shoot workers compensation judges to get a small disability check. Wouldn’t it be cheaper to give me disability, than pay to keep me in prison for killing workers compensation judges? Wouldn’t the court trial cost taxpayers millions of dollars?

When I received a right shoulder injury, I should have sued the aircraft industry for every penny they own. And anyone who even thought, that they should stay in business, after one man was injured, should have been locked up at in a mental hospital. When I received a left shoulder injury, again I should have sued the automobile industry for every penny they owned and the people who thought they should make a profit, after they caused suffering, should have been shot by the people who had a constitutional right to bear arms, to defend this country, from foreign and domestic enemies.

The medical and pharmaceutical companies had caused me $1 trillion worth of suffering from the Stella ganglion block to the neck. I had heart problems and chest pains ever since the block, I received in 1993. Someone had told me, that if they don’t believe you’re disabled, they make sure you’re disabled by giving you this block, that makes you disabled. You can’t do anything when you have heart problems. Even shoveling the snow off my car made me feel like I was having a heart attack. The medical system and the pharmaceutical companies need to be sued for every penny they own for causing my suffering, instead of healing me, like they were supposed to do. It’s really not about the money. It’s about making sure no one else suffers again.

And yet it is about the money because I suffer every time I see another person injured on the job at the car industry, at the aircraft industry or who is tortured by the medical system, because they don’t want to pay these people, the money they own for causing their injuries. They want to drive limousines while the people who made them rich suffer in pain.

I’ve been online preaching my story and the other evils in the world since 1995 and no one is listening. Those who are listening, usually end up being killed by the rich, who want to keep their money. So I had to block people who commented on my videos, because anyone who supports me, is considered an threat, a enemy of the state, a enemy to the evil government and the rich.

There is good government if good people run it. But there hasn’t been a good person in government since Washington. Campaign financing made sure, that the only people they got in a position of power, were those who the rich supported. The system should change. Only disabled, homeless vets or injured peopl,e should be allowed to vote. No one else should be allowed to even say a word. They don’t know what the injured had suffered. And if they did know what the injured had suffered and they didn’t use their constitutional right to bear arms to defend this country from these domestic enemies, than they should have been locked up in a mental hospital.

Please don’t tell me I didn’t suffer for $450 billion worth the pain from my job injury. You have no f_ckin clue. You don’t know what I suffered, I do. Don’t tell me that I suffered less than $1 trillion worth of pain from that Stella ganglion block of the neck either. I know what I suffered. I’m not stupid. The Mafia offered me $250 million to just keep my mouth shut. I turned down the offer. I’m not going to accept a bribe. The car industry must be sued for every penny they own to guarantee no one is injured again. It’s about making them get the clue, that if a man is injured by building an automobile, that it’s probably not God’s will to build them. If cars are not growing on trees, then it’s probably not God’s will for us to have them.

The aircraft industry needs to be sued for every penny they own, so no one is injured again. The pharmaceutical and medical hospitals need to be sued for every penny they own and they should be thrown in prison, for even thinking they can make a profit, while they caused suffering. The only thing keeping me sane is God telling me these people are going to spend eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire. God will avenge me seven fold for what I suffered. They had the opportunity to write get out their checkbooks and write me out a check for my suffering but they chose not to.

To inflict even more pain and suffering on me They are using HBO and movies. While living with my dad, my sister had invited us to her house to watch a movie. My dad was amazed she wanted us to watch “Edward Scissor hands”. What kind of crazy movie is Edward Scissor hands? It’s a kind of propaganda movie, that says if you lose both your arms at the automobile factory from a piece of machinery, you can become Edward Scissor hands, so why would you want the automobile company, to pay for your suffering? That’s the message of the movie Edward Scissor hands that was developed by psychiatrists to make people believe that they are going to benefit if they both lose both of their arms in machinery at the automobile plant. You can’t save people who have that kind of insanity. I don’t even think they’re going to learn from spend an eternity being burned and tortured in the lake of fire. They’ll be in that lake of fire trying to figure out some way to make a profit, while they are causing others to suffer.

The cable company, gave me this amazing offer of a $50 gift certificate, free cable & HBO and 25 MB a second downloads of Internet access for $39 a month. This is unbelievably cheap no one else is getting it for this price. But now that I know what they’re doing to me, I should cancel my cable TV and my Internet, because the only reason why they give it to me for free, just so they can spy on me and try to manipulate my thinking with HBO movies. But they do not realize I’m going to expose their propaganda movies for what they are.

They had the movie “leap of faith” to try to deceive Americans so if they’re injured in automobile accident, that God would heal their injuries so Henry Ford stockholders could laugh their way to the bank with billions in profit. If they only had enough faith. The movie should have been, if he only had enough intelligence, you could have sued that automobile company for every penny they own and he would be happy, knowing that no one would ever, ever be injured in an automobile accident again. Furthermore, the movie should have been, if you could not sue them, because the lawyers were so corrupt, that the Constitution of the United States, gives you a right to bear arms, to defend this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. And guess what , the automobile industries, domestic enemy number one to American citizens. They’re killing 40,000 Americans a year and blaming it on the driver, when they knew, if they made a car go faster than 10 miles an hour, people would be injured and killed by them. But they made them anyway because they thought their lawyers and the Mafia run insurance companies would protect them. And by not winning that lawsuit of suing the automobile companies for every penny they own, you can legally kill the judges, the lawyers, the Senators, Governors, even the president, if that dictator, thought the automobile companies should still be able to stay in business, while they caused the suffering of another American. It would be perfectly legal, is guaranteed under the Constitution. If they didn’t like it, they should have moved out of the United States.

Another propaganda movie they had on HBO was about this couple, Jennifer Aniston and some other guy, who lost their job and their apartment and had to move in with his brother who got rich selling toilets. The brother was a real hothead and they ended up moving to a hippie community. A hippie commune. The psychiatrists use this movie to make people believe that you either have to be a slave at a job or live in a community where everyone does LSD and is completely crazy. Like there was no other time the community to live in and the world. Like there was no one with any intelligence or any common sense, that can make a better world to live in.

The movie should have showed the difference between Satan’s Kingdom and God’s kingdom, instead of Satan’s Kingdom industrial slaves versus Satan’s kingdom insane drug addict commune. God’s Kingdom, would have been like Bikini Atoll, before America dropped a nuclear bomb on it. It was basically an island full of native people, walking around naked, eating fruit off of trees and living in paradise. No cars, no boats, no electricity, no luxuries , no living in houses, made out of the corpses of dead trees, by the lumber industry. Just like Gilligan’s Island. Not quite like a propaganda survivor’s Island.

But everyone has a fantasy of living like Robinson Crusoe. Because that is God’s Kingdom. No paying taxes , no paying rents, no being forced by law to purchase clothing or eat garbage sold at grocery stores and drink polluted water from industry. The only way to be sure you can get a fresh apple is to pick it right off the tree, not buy it at a grocery store. That’s your job, to walk around naked, until you find some fruit or nuts growing on a tree. When you eat that apple, you spit out the seeds and it grows another tree, producing fruit. How wonderful is God’s kingdom.


The movie with Jennifer Aniston, has her making fun of penguins with testicular cancer. The military-industrial complex is killing millions of birds, but the propaganda movie makes it okay, because it’s funny if penguins have testicular cancer. None of the birds are dying from testicular cancer died from other cancers, but if they can twist the truth, they can make it funny and make it okay to kill millions of birds. I think Jennifer Aniston knows her and her children are going to spend eternity being burned and tortured in hell or least put on FEMA trains to death camps for making propaganda movies to deceive Americans. Just like Hitler’s SS were tried for war crimes by making propaganda movies, the movie stars will also be charged with war crimes for making propaganda movies, once this corrupt government is overthrown. One guy on YouTube is sick because industry is killing the bald eagle. These eagles are dying and Jennifer Aniston can’t wait to make another movie on how it’s okay if they die because they’re dying from testicular cancer and that’s funny. She is going to find out that 20 million she made from that movie cannot buy her out of the war crimes trial or the lake of fire.

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