Guns for Black People, November 18, 2016.

A few years back I created a YouTube channel titled, ďGuns for Black PeopleĒ. I knew that the majority of the gun lobby was white racist NRA members and mentally ill Christians and the only way I could fight against them, is to create a gun club for black people. I knew that if I created a gun club for black people, then white people would start to be against guns. They are only for guns when white people have them, when all black people are armed, they will want to ban guns. Within three days on YouTube I had over ten thousand followers on my YouTube channel titled ďguns for black peopleĒ. YouTube immediately shut that channel down and I lost all my followers. We live in a white racist country where only white people are allowed to have guns and a few black people, who are bought off racist, like Rick Ector. Iím going to try again to create a gun club for black people, that canít afford guns. We will also buy guns for poor white people who live in trailer parks. I will leave all my money in my will to this gun club, because I donít think Iím going to live much longer. The stress of fighting against the white racist in this country is killing me. I think Gwen Eiffel died from the stress put on her by the white supremacist running this country. There is a difference between white supremacist and separatist. A separatist believes white should live over here and blacks over there.

A supremacist believes white people should kill all other people. The supremacist preach from a Zionist doctrine, even though they claim they are against Zionist. They use Zionist ideology that they are better than all the other races. The Ku Klux Klan believes that white people are going to take over the earth and the Jews believe they are going to take over the earth. The fact of the matter is, that only the people who see God, are going to take over the earth, whether they are black, white, yellow or green. The racist NRA terrorist, will try to take this video down, because they will claim that I am racist, for trying to provide guns for poor black people. But I am going to try to purchase guns for all welfare recipients who live in trailer parks and who cannot afford them. The Constitution gives everyone a right to bear arms, even those who live in government-subsidized housing. Even though my religion is against guns, I donít see any reason why poor people shouldnít have them. The Constitution gives all people a right to bear arms even the poor people on welfare who canít afford them. The poor people should not only get welfare checks, but a right to bear arms and a free semi automatic weapon. If you donít believe so, then you donít believe in the Constitution. The black people should have the same weapons whites have and if they donít, then you are the racist. The poor, the disabled, people injured on the job and on disability checks should have rights to bear arms and when they canít afford a gun, then gun manufacturers should donate weapons to them as a tax write off. If youíre poor and canít afford a gun write to the address on my website Keywords.

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