Guns & Medical Marijuana Do Not Mix, February 13, 2016.

Email to President Obama. February 13, 2016 Iím all for medical marijuana to calm the nerves of the mentally ill and ease the pain of those dying of cancer. However, if they are smoking medical marijuana, they are admitting that they are mentally disturbed and should not have guns. Anyone who uses medical marijuana should have a medical license and there should be a cross check between those who have medical marijuana licenses and those who own guns. People who have medical marijuana licenses, should not be able to purchase bullets. It should be very easy to set up a online database of those who have medical marijuana licenses so that stores and gun sellers that sell guns and bullets can check to see if the person buying bullets is high on medical medical marijuana. Common sense gun laws. Furthermore, nobody should be able to get a medical marijuana license, if they own guns. If you want to smoke medical marijuana, thatís fine, but you donít get to have a gun while youíre smoking medical marijuana. Either give up your gun or give up your medical marijuana because you canít have both in a just world. If you own a gun you cannot get a little medical marijuana license. If you have a medical marijuana license, you cannot purchase guns or bullets. I think everyone will agree. Even if you canít get the gun lobby to agree, to take way guns from marijuana users, you can get the medical profession to agree, not to give medical marijuana licenses, to gun owners.


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