Gun Owners More Evil than Slave Owners, August 30, 2016.

The slave owners believed they can profit off of the suffering of men. However, gun owners believe they can kill men without a trial, jury or judge. Just like nobodyís seen anything wrong with owning slaves two hundred years ago, the gun owners see nothing wrong with killing people. The slave owners used criminally insane rationalization to justify enslaving men for profit. The gun owners use the same criminally insane rationalization to own guns and kill people. But gun owners are far worse than slave masters. At least the slaves got to live.

Most slave owners did not purchase slaves, they were sold slaves by salesmen. Just like the people who tell you, you need an iPhone, slave dealers and sellers would lie and tell people the slaves wanted to be slaves. That the slaves were eager to work and would have died of starvation in Africa if they werenít slaves. Even today twenty-five thousand African children die of hunger every day. If they were slaves, at least they would have food to eat. This is the kind of rationalization that was used to sell people slaves. Once people purchase slaves and found out the slave salesman lied to them, many people made deals with the slaves and told them if they only work for ten years, they will earn their freedom. Because slaves were expensive. Especially the slave who knew how to speak English and knew how to farmland and pick cotton. A decent slave was a about eight hundred dollars. That was more money than a farm. You could have purchased a farm for about seven hundred dollars. There were slaves that sold for two hundred dollars, but they didnít know how to speak English, they didnít know how to farm land and you probably had to beat them to get them to work. So if your ancestors sold for two hundred dollars, that was a good thing, that meant they didnít want to be a slave. If they sold for eight hundred dollars, they probably knew how to speak English and knew something about farming or had some kind of skills. Slaves were sold just like automobiles, boats, iPhones and guns. Everybody believed they needed a slave like they needed an automobile, an iPhone and a gun. Not every slave was beaten by white people. If you purchased an iPhone for six hundred dollars and it didnít work, you would probably smash it. And thatís why slaves were beat. People paid hundreds of dollars for them and some of them didnít work.

Not all white people owned slaves. This is not a racist thing. This is a rich man thing. The middle class could not even afford an eight hundred dollars slave two hundred years ago. An eight hundred dollars slave in todayís prices of gold would be about eighty thousand dollars. Only the people who can afford yachts, could afford slaves. Those same rich people today still own slaves but they are called Butlerís and maids. So letís stop blaming white people for slavery and start blaming the rich people. Furthermore, blacks who won their freedom or purchased their freedom by working hard, actually purchase slaves. Black people owned slaves. What seems to be even more evil is some black people purchased their wives. The church was against slavery and the abolition movement actually purchase slaves to set them free. But these free slaves got into the slave dealing business and started selling slaves. Black people sold slaves and that is something youíll never hear about in one of Martin Luther Kingís church sermons. Slavery was a terrible thing, but I think we can all agree that itís not as bad as cops and George Zimmerman gun owners, killing black people.

The gun owners, are premeditated first-degree murderers. They have a desire to kill and they will use criminally insane rationalization to justify it. Gun owners do not look at the facts. Their not capable of looking at facts. They continue to spout lies that if guns were banned, the criminals would have them. But the fact is guns were banned in Japan and the criminals donít have them. Guns are banned in Korea and the criminals donít have them. Criminals get their guns from law-abiding gun owners. Over half a million guns are reported stolen every year in the United States by so-called law-abiding gun owners.

If you are robbed, raped or had a family member killed by a gun, the criminal got his gun from a law abiding gun owner. That makes the law-abiding gun owners, responsible for all gun crimes. If the law-abiding gun owner did not have a weapon, the criminals could never get them. If a criminal steals a gun and uses it to kill someone, the gun owner who had his gun stolen, is just as responsible for the murder, as the guy who pulled the trigger. There is absolutely no excuse for a gun being stolen. It is considered an act of treason, to let the enemy steal your gun. If Russia had said, ďthereís nothing we can do, IsIs stole a half-million of our nuclear weaponsĒ nobody would buy it. If ISIS steals Russiaís nuclear weapons, Russia is just as responsible as Isis, if ISIS uses those stolen nuclear weapons. And any gun owner who does not believe this, needs to be hauled off to a FEMA camp, to be imprisoned for life. If you are robbed, raped or had a family member killed by a gun, you have a legitimate lawsuit against every so-called law abiding gun owner. For if it was not for the law-abiding gun owners, criminals would have never been able to get a gun to Rob, rape or kill your relatives. It doesnít even have to be the same gun that killed your relatives. When gun owners make guns legal, causing someone to be killed by a gun, that is second-degree murder. If not for that gun owner making guns legal, the criminal would have never stolen a gun and used it to kill someone. That is the law.

It doesnít matter if the Constitution gives the well-regulated militia a right to bear arms. That has nothing to do with the act of treason of a gun owner letting the enemy get his gun. Well-regulated not only means gun control, but it also means that the person be charged with a crime if his gun is stolen and used in a crime. If you were in the well-regulated militia and your gun was stolen, you would have been tried for treason and shot dead before a firing squad. These gun owners are letting their guns be stolen. Over half a million guns being stolen every year is not an accident. The NRA was Insuring gun owners guns. So that when a and are a member had his $500 gun stolen, the NRA would write him a check and he would receive another check for five hundred dollars from his automobile insurance company and even another check for five hundred dollars from his homeowners insurance policy. So the gun owner would sell his gun as stolen for two hundred dollars, collect five hundred dollars from the NRA, collect another five hundred dollars from his automobile insurance, and another five hundred dollars from his homeowners insurance. Netting him a profit of $1,700 for every gun he had stolen, less cost of the gun. The gun owner rationalizes that this is legal, but it is fraud and insurance companies and the NRA need to cross check insurance policies to see if someone else paid out on that stolen gun.

The gun lobby had passed laws so that they could not be sued. There is no law saying you canít sue gun owners, if you are robbed, raped or family members killed by a gun, because they made guns legal. By the gun owners action, you are robbed raped and had your family members killed by guns. The facts are already on paper. Guns are illegal in Japan and less than two people a year are killed by guns. Those two people are generally Americans who smuggled guns into Japan. And so when guns are made illegal in America, there wonít be two people a year killed with guns in Japan. Gun owners are so criminally insane that they will use rationalization, that if guns were banned people would kill with knives, tire irons, or baseball bats. That is because gun owners are premeditated murderers and thatís how premeditated murderers think. There is no guy with a baseball bat, practicing beating the heart out of a silhouette of a human being. But every gun owner practices shooting at silhouettes of humans and the psychopaths actually smile when they hit the silhouette in the heart. This not only shows how evil gun owners are, but it proves that there is no cure for their insanity. You cannot change a premeditated first-degree murder into a non-murderer. If you could, we can let all the people out of prison, who are on death row, for murdering people.

So if you or a relative was raped, robbed or killed by a gun, you need to file a lawsuit against a gun owner. Only the well-regulated militia had a right to bear arms. Well-regulated means gun control, to the point where no gun can be stolen. Thereís absolutely no reason for a gun to be stolen. Even if a gun owner had his gun stolen, he must be charged with the crime committed with that gun, just like if Isis stole Russian nuclear missiles and drop them on America. But lawsuits in court donít have to be as hard to win as charging the gun owner with a crime. If itís more likely than not, that one of these half million guns that are stolen every year, was used to Rob, rape or kill your relatives, you have a easy win lawsuit against any gun owner. By their actions they put guns in the hands of criminals. That gun owner doesnít even have to have one of his gun stolen to be liable in a lawsuit. As soon as he supported the gun lobby, he was liable for any crime committed by a stolen gun. The Constitution of the United States gives you a right to sue the gun owner for his actions. If he was careless with his guns, he is liable. If he was careless with gun laws, claiming everyone has a right to own a gun or claiming well-regulated means something other than gun control, or claiming that hunters, gun collectors have a right to bear arms, he is negligent and liable. If he was against bullet numbering, mandatory five locks on a gun, he is liable. If a gun is stolen because the gun owner did not have his gun in a lockbox, he is liable. If a gun is stolen because the gun owner did not have a security alarm on his gun, he is liable. If a gun is stolen because the gun owner did not have security cameras on his gun, he is liable. If a gun is stolen because the gun owner did not have a guard dog on his gun, he is liable. If a gun is stolen, the gun owner is just as liable, as if Isis stole Russiaís nuclear bombs and drop them on America. If you take the gun owner to court and he claimed he is not liable because he had his gun in a locked box, in a locked car, in a locked garage, in a fenced in yard, he is still liable because the criminal somehow got his gun. Because that gun owner could have stopped someone from stealing his gun by security cameras, alarms and guard dogs. But that gun owner chose to be sued instead. The only way the gun owner is not liable is if he is shot dead and someone takes his gun. If the gun owner is not shot dead and someone took his gun, that just proves guns donít save lives and donít stop thieves. So guns are useless. When gun owners claim knives, bats, tire arms are just as deadly, then they donít need a gun, tell them to get themselves a baseball bat.

We need to find out who these gun owners are so that we can sue them. We need the records of all the gun owners who reported a gun stolen. If the gun owners claim they are in the militia and they had a gun stolen, they can be charged with treason, for letting weapons fall into the enemyís hands. You want to claim you are in the well-regulated militia, then you need to abide by those well-regulated militia laws. Thereís no law in the militia that says you have a right to let your gun be stolen and not be charged with treason. It would be really interesting if Russia claimed Isis stole a half million of their nuclear weapons, like the gun lobby let gun owners get away with a half million of their weapons being stolen by criminals every year. If there is no law against letting your guns be stolen by criminals, I guess there is no law against Russia letting their nuclear weapons be stolen by Isis. Those nuclear weapons were in a locked glass case, itís not our fault Isis stole them, we got the NRA lifetime membership whose lawyers will protect us. Keywords.

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Thereís no law in the militia that says you have a right to let your gun be stolen and not be charged with treason.

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