Ronnie Dahl Forces Homeless Vets to Break into GunNuts Homes, February 9, 2016.

Channel 7 action news reporter, creates a society where homeless vets cannot beg for money on the streetís, they have to break in to gun nuts homes to survive, where they are being shot to death by gun nuts like Alex Jones and Pete Santilli. This is why Alex Jones, Pete Santilli, David Icke and Donald Trump wants to own guns, so that when Ronnie Dahl creates a society where homeless vets can no longer beg for money, they have to break in the gunowners homes and be shot to death.

The rich create a society, that looks like paradise in their neighborhood, like Dubai or Farmington Hills. But at a cost of killing over 50 million babies and untold millions by birth control and forcing the rest of us to live in cities like Flint Michigan. Furthermore they create crime and blame all the suffering they caused, on criminals. I met two young girls in the bar Friday night and one was homeless on disability with epilepsy. These girls were prostituting themselves to have a place to sleep and this delusional Ronnie Dahl thinks, well at least they werenít begging for money on the streets. Street beggars donít bother me. What bothers me is those telemarketers, that keep calling me on my pay-as-you-go phone, when Iím on the do not call list. But no matter how much you complain to politician and lawmakers, about the telemarketers, they never stop. Then you have this Ronnie Dahl delusional bitch on TV, telling the homeless people they can get jobs as telemarketers.

Then you have the Doctor Phil propaganda show, a narcissistic son of a multimillionaire, who is trying to make himself happy, by having sex with hundreds of women and being in a band at a cost of $1.7 million to his parents. His parents are complaining, but they should be happy he doesnít kill them. Because the reason why the guy is a narcissist, is because his parents murdered his brothers and sisters by abortion, for their career goals and made him an only child. When or if he wakes up to the fact that, that is his problem, heís going to murder his parents, like the Menendez brothers. God works in mysterious ways and it may very well be the children of the rich, that kill the rich and set the rest of us free.

Then you have the racist president Obama. When I wrote him a email rant about the Mafia having control over businesses, he makes a deal with a Sicilian president. As if only the Italians are in the Mafia and only Chinese people own Chinese restaurants. The real Mafia is the Jews in the state of Israel, who conned everybody into believing they are the people of God. I am the true Israel. Israel means the man that sees God. Itís not a piece of land in the Middle East.

Jesus said, ďI am the door, no man can come to the father except through meĒ. But Jesus is not the Messiah, he is the incarnation of God. You cannot know God the father, without knowing the incarnation. He is the key to the door. But Jesus also said, ďyou will not see me (the incarnation) until you say, ďBlessed is he who comes to prepare the way of the LordĒ.Ē The one, who comes to prepare the way of the Lord God, is the Messiah, the son of Joseph. Unfortunately, thatís me. But Jesus also said, ďthey have not rejected you, they rejected meĒ. And so now the world has chosen death for themselves.

Yes we are supposed to love one another. But none of you have a clue to what love is. Youíre not supposed to kill, no abortion, no capital punishment, no war, no killing in self-defense, no raising speed limits dangerous enough for someone to die. However, O.J. Simpson could not have killed his wife if he did not love her. Religions kill people because of their love of God. The soldier kills for the love of his country. The gun owner will kill to protect his family because of the love of his family. But you donít kill for the love of the homeless, you kill the homeless. You donít kill for the love of innocent unborn children, you kill the unborn innocent children. You donít kill for the love of justice, you kill for the love of money.

Richard Dreyfuss is against Isis because they want to kill his children. Oh he recognizes the greed of Bernie Madeoff but not his own greed. He is not even conscious of the suffering his wealth has cost the poor. When I said that the children of the rich would be killed, somebody said, ďisnít that unfair, they didnít do anything wrongĒ. Unfortunately the nine Supreme Court justices, every senator, every governor, every doctor, everyone I talked to about abortion, has said that if a woman is raped, it doesnít matter if itís an innocent child, itís the child of a rapist and it deserves to die. And nothing that I said could convince people that the innocent children should not be killed by abortion, even if their father is a rapist. People with that kind of logic will kill the children of the rich and thereís nothing you can say to change that because if you did you would be beheading the nine Supreme Court justices, who legalized abortion because of rape. I havenít slept the fucken wink because of this dumb fucken bitch Ronnie Dahl and the stupid Fucks at Channel 7 news. I really wanted to stop making these videos, but the only way Iím going to be able to do that, is to simply never turn on the TV set or look out the window to see how fucked up this world really is.

You got these gun nut hunters killing Godís animals for food. When it is the rabbits and the deer that plant the Garden of Eden. When they eat apples and nuts they shit out fruit trees. One mentally ill lunatic gun nut, claims he knows more than God and claims the shit kills the seeds so that he can go and murder Godís animals. When this system collapses, if you kill the animals you will die. Not only will God not protect you, but you kill the animals that would have saved you. Dear and rabbits know where to find food. When you see a deer or rabbit eating vegetation, that means you can eat it. But if you kill all the rabbits and deer, you will not know what vegetation to eat in the forest. You donít actually have to see a rabbit or a deer eat vegetation. If you donít kill the animals, you can track them. Follow the animal tracks and it will lead you to food. Kill all the animals, and you will have no tracks to follow.

Well at least were learning from the Oregon standoff. You donít let anyone join your militia revolution, unless they sign a paper first, saying jobs are slavery. You donít let anyone join your militia revolution, who thinks they could own a piece of Godís land. You donít let anyone join your militia revolution, who thinks they need to kill animals to survive. You donít let anyone join your revolution militia, that thinks Jesus is the Messiah. The church has deceived the world for 2000 years. Donít let anyone join your revolution militia, who doesnít understand ďwell regulatedĒ means ďgun controlĒ because that means they are mentally ill and brainwashed by the church that enslaved us all. The true man of God, knows who God is and he knows who the Messiah is and they are not the same person. Furthermore, if they have not seen Jesus, they cannot possibly know the Father. One is a spirit, one is a body, but both are God and no Messiah.

When worse comes to worse with people like Ronnie Dahl in it, I guess you could always become a suicide bomber if you canít beg for money on the streets. Iím sure she would be happy with that. Isis is always hiring. No skills necessary. And if you been fucked over from a job injury, tortured with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck, it will end your pain. My videos donít incite people to violence. Thereís nothing but truth in them. Whatís inciting people to violence, is all the propaganda spewed out on the Doctor Phil show and channel 7 action news. Watch my videos and You will know the truth and the truth will make you angry. Keywords.

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Iím the kind of guy that looks like I donít have two dollars in my pocket. Yet two guys with guns robbed me at gunpoint risking five years in prison for armed robbery for a couple of dollars. Why werenít these two guys standing on a corner with a sign that said, ďhelp please, desperate for moneyĒ. I used to blame the gun nuts for letting guns fall into the hands of criminals but now I realize that the reason why I was robbed at gunpoint is because of people like Ronnie Dahl and channel 7 action news who tells these homeless people that they cannot beg for money they must rob people at gunpoint to get it. Because these news people convinced society not to give money the desperate people that need it.

Ronnie Dahl Forces Homeless Vets to Break into GunNuts Homes

So I go to Ronnie Dahlís webpage on channel 7 action news website and only a couple people are posting messages to her homeless story. One lady writes, ďRonnie can you help me make a go fund me page, for my daughterís funeral? My blonde hair blue-eyed daughter was looking out the window and got struck in the head by a stray bullet and was killed and the cops said they couldnít do anything because nobody would tell them who did it?Ē WTF no response from Ronnie. However, this is my response.

The gun lobby killed your daughter. Donít blame a mentally ill person with a gun, the gun lobby gave it to him. And they passed laws saying that you cannot sue them. However, you can sue the head of the NRA for blocking background check laws, gun safety lock laws, bullet numbering laws, and allowing criminals to get their hands on guns. Furthermore, if you canít find any lawyer to sue the head of the NRA, the Constitution gives you a right to bear arms to defend your family and it is the 12 jurors that will decide if killing the head of the NRA is murder or justifiable homicide. Have a nice day, see you at the gun club or militia headquarters.

There may not be a constitutional right to water, however, there is a God given right to water and a God to destroy those who think there isnít. Judgment Day is near. I am the Messiah. According to the absolute law of God the judge must die. Detroit belongs to God, the water belongs to God, the people belong to God and even the judge belongs to God for God to do with him what seems right. Let it be written, let it be done, the Lord God hath spoken. © Copyright ©1996-2016 by Timothy Allen Campbell, The Gospel of Timothy,Voicemail 1-248-906-4634 All rights reserved.