Gun Makers Dealers Owners Liable for Every Person Raped, Robbed & Shot, July 17, 2017.

This is a press release, so you can reprint it in all your newspapers and magazines. In fact if you are the NRA or any other sports magazine or gun club, you should print this article, so that youíre not liable, when someone is raped, robbed or shot with a gun. Because if you donít educate people, and someone is raped, robbed or shot with a gun, you may be liable. Iíll have to send a copy to the Huffington Post, their probably the only newspaper that will print it.

Gun makers, dealers and owners are liable for every person raped, robbed and shot with a gun. The reason for this, is you cannot blame the mentally ill, for the actions or the ill actions, of those who are not mentally ill. The Question is not why did a mentally ill person rape, Rob or murder with a gun, we all know the reason, the question is, ďhow did the mentally ill person get the gun?Ē A mentally ill man shoots at a cop and the cops shoot back killing the gunmen and two innocent bystanders, ended up getting killed, as collateral damage. Whoís responsible for the innocent bystanderís death? You canít blame the mentally ill man. You canít blame the cop who shot back in self-defense.

The liability falls on the hands, of those who let the mentally ill man, get a gun. The gun dealer did not have to sell the man a gun. The gun dealer could have done a better background checks. The gun manufacturers could have done a better job, to make sure the mentally ill did not get a gun. They not only made conscious decisions, not to do better background checks, they lobbied Congress, not to do them. If the mentally ill man had stolen the gun, then the liability falls on the law-abiding citizen, who made a conscious decision, not to secure his weapon. He could have His weapons in a gun safe, but he made a conscious decision, that he would rather be sued instead. He didnít care if some mentally ill person, stole his weapon and used it to rape, Rob or murder with it. He is actually a worse criminal, than the mentally ill person, who stole the gun and used it to rape, rob and murder with. Because that person, can use the criminally insane defense. Whereas the law-abiding citizen, cannot use the criminally insane defense, when he refuses to keep his weapon secure, allowing a mentally ill person, to take it and use it to rape, rob and kill with. Furthermore, itís not about keeping lethal weapons in a glass gun case, where any mentally handicapped person, can break the glass and steal the weapon. If someone can steal the lethal weapon, then it is not secure and the law-abiding citizen is liable, if it is stolen.

There are many things gun owners can do, to prevent their weapons from being stolen. If there are not security cameras on the lethal weapons, they are not secure. The lethal weapon should be kept in a heavy steel gun case, that is so hard to open, that the gun is damaged to the point of uselessness, if the gun safe is pried or blown open. As a hobby, I repair broken electronics. Some of these electronics are so hard to open, that you actually destroy them, trying to open them to repair them. I think they might be purposely designed that way, so you have to buy new electronics. But I see this as a way gun locks should be designed. If you can cut off the gun lock and the gun is still usable, then it wasnít a very good gun lock. The gun should be completely destroyed, if you try to remove the gun lock without a key. Dye packís can be placed inside gun cases, so that if their opened without a key, they color the thief. If the law-abiding gun owner, did not have an alarm system on his lethal weapons, he wasnít a law abiding citizen. He was a criminal, who wanted rapist, robbers and murderers to steal his weapon. When a bank is robbed with a stolen gun, the serial number should be traced back to the owner. So he can be charged as a accessory to the bank robbery. He is just as responsible for the bank robbery, as the getaway driver. Thereís absolutely no excuse for letting a lethal weapon be stolen. If there was, Russia could let ISIS steal nuclear weapons and then claim, ďitís not our fault, we had them in a locked gun case, we canít help it if Al Qaeda are thievesĒ. If there was something a gun owner could have done, to prevent the weapon from being stolen and they did not do it, they are liable. You donít blame the mentally ill, for something a law-abiding gun owner, could have done, but didnít want to, because he wanted someone to use his weapon to rape, rob, and murder with. Gun owners should protect his weapon with his life and if he doesnít, he should lose his life in prison. Owning a lethal weapon is a big responsibility. If you donít want that responsibility, donít purchase a gun.

Questions that should be asked to keep guns out of the hands of the mentally ill. If the gun owner is keeping his money more secure than his guns, he is mentally ill and should not have a gun. If the person thinks bed sheets are just as dangerous as guns. Because people can hang themselves. That person is mentally ill and needs to have his weapons taken away from him. Actually had some idiot, comment on one of my videos that bed sheets are just as dangerous as guns. As if bed sheets should be registered or SWAT, just busted a house down the street because they had 100 bed sheets. As if tensions are high over North Korea, because they just got a new shipment of bed sheets from China. I mean that guy should not only not be allowed to own a gun, they should be locked up in a mental hospital somewhere, trying to figure out how to get the straitjacket off.

If they think the words, ďwell regulatedĒ in the second amendment, means something other than, ďgun controlĒ they are mentally ill and they should not own a gun. If they think any of the words, Hunter, gun collector, or self-defense, are in the second amendment, they should not own a gun, they are mentally ill. The surest sign of a mentally ill gun owner, is one that claims they have a God-given right, to own a gun. Guns kill people and anyone who doesnít believe that, should not own a gun. Because they are mentally ill. Why are they purchasing a lethal weapon? Thereís only one reason and that is to murder someone. You donít need a lethal weapon to stop a criminal. A small caliber weapon, rubber bullets, a stun gun or security cameras, is how you stop criminals. People purchase lethal weapons because they want someone dead and they donít want to face them in court, after they kill them. Anyone who doesnít believe that, is mentally ill.

The gun owners really have nothing to worry about. Because you donít actually sue the gun owner, you sue their insurance company. The insurance companies made a conscious decision to be sued for billions of dollars, when they granted insurance to a gun owner, who didnít have security cameras, alarm systems, metal gun safes with dye packs on his guns. Insurance companies made conscious decisions to be sued, when they insured mentally ill gun owners. The first question insurance companies should ask, before they insure someone is if they are gun owner. If they are gun owner, the insurance company has a responsibility, to make sure it is a responsible gun owner and not just some crazy person, who thinks he has a God-given right to own a gun. The insurance companies could have made sure they were not ensuring some lunatic who would let their weapons be stolen. They couldíve put clauses in their insurance claims, that they would not pay out, to any gun owner who did not have a alarm systems, security cameras, secure steel gun cases with dye packs, ect. Furthermore, people who purchase car or homeowners insurance, should not buy insurance from insurance companies who insure irresponsible gun owners. Check your insurance companies policy on gun owners. Do they make sure gun owners have steel gun safes, security alarms, security cameras, gun locks, guard dogs, and are doing everything possible to guarantee their weapons are not stolen? Then donít purchase insurance, from that insurance company. They are perpetrating crime and when you purchase insurance from them, that makes you the criminal.


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