Gun Lobby Was Behind Paris Terrorist Attacks, November 15, 2015.


This is my second email to President Obama after watching a YouTube video.

Not only did the gun owners claim the only way to take away their guns, is out of their cold dead hands, they have shown they will go on shooting sprees to make guns legal again, when they become banned. Every school shooting can show the gun lobby benefiting from it.

Guns were banned in Paris according to this guy on YouTube Stefan Molyneux, and that’s why the gun lobby was behind this terrorist attack, to get guns made legal again. This guy seems to be spokesman for the gun lobby, is calling for guns to be made legal again and they’re almost admitting they will go on more shooting sprees until guns are made legal in Paris.

This is why I said all gun owners are premeditated first-degree murderers and should be sent to FEMA camps, before they go on shooting sprees to keep guns from being banned and more shooting sprees, in countries where guns are banned, to get guns made legal again.

Check out this YouTube video and you can tell this guy is almost claiming responsibility for the shooting so they can get guns made legal again in Paris. The gun lobby will stop at nothing even start revolutionary wars to keep guns from getting banned. Now they have shown that they will go on shooting sprees and kill more than 150 people to try to get guns made legal again where they are banned.

A couple people with guns would not have stopped the people with machine guns. There was a guy with a legal registered guns at the college shooting. He did not use his gun to stop the shooter, he was one of the first people to run for his life. That’s why people have guns because they’re afraid.

They’re not going to use their gun to stop a shooter, not even the police do that. The police wait until the shootings over then they go in to write the report. A link below to the guy who is almost admitting to the shooting to get guns made legal again in Paris. Just about every gun owner is crying out for guns to be made legal again and is using this as an argument that gun should never be banned. The MO of the terrorist is the same as the gun owner. They will kill hundreds to keep their guns and if guns are bad they will kill thousands to get them back.


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