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Gold Silver Price Crash, March 27, 2011.

Money is more stable than gold, silver, oil or diamonds. The government tries to stabilize the value of money in the same way the oil and diamond cartels try to stabilize the price of oil and diamonds. Itís good for these prices to be stabilized. We donít want to go out and purchase a $30,000 SUV on a day that gas prices a dollar a gallon and then find the price is five dollars a gallon before we paid off our vehicles. You donít want to buy a $10,000 diamond ring for your wife and find the value has dropped to $10, weeks after you have purchased it. Governments use money because it is stable. The price of gold, silver or diamonds could drop significantly if a new gold, silver or diamond mine is discovered tomorrow.

The fact is we can manufacture gold, silver and diamonds. The only reason why we are not stamping out 10,000 pounds of 1 pound bars of gold in factories, is because itís too expensive to manufacture gold. Once the price of gold is high enough or the manufacturing process is advanced enough, Clay will be converted to gold in factories. Just as diamonds are made in factories. Gold has reached a value of $1400 an ounce. A mountain of gold could be discovered cutting the price in half or lower.

It is people like Alex Jones who are artificially driving up the price of gold and silver, with their scare tactics, they are using for their own profits. We could all jump onto this bandwagon of buying gold and telling everyone else to buy gold, driving the price up until we all become rich. At least it will temporarily work, until the price of gold starts to drop. As it drops people will start to sell their gold and the more people that sell their gold, the further it will drop, causing more people to want to sell their gold, before it becomes worthless.

The value of the dollar is based on what Americans and America is worth. That worth could go up or down. When America invented the automobile, the radio, the TV, the computer, nuclear power bombs, the value of the dollar went up. Americans could tell all these other countries, if they want to make a radio, a TV, a car, a computer, they have to pay America a royalty for every one made. American can invent a new technology, that could be so advanced, it could make the dollar worth more than $10. The government could have a technology, that could produce free energy and that would make the dollar more stable and valuable than any other currency. Gold, silver, diamonds and oil cannot do this. In fact the new technology could make all these said valuables, absolutely worthless.

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