God Hears My Prayers as Tornadoes Rip Through Towns, June 30, 2017.

For almost 30 years I suffered chronic pain from a job injury at Detroitís auto plants. And itís been about 35 years since my job injury at a aircraft plant in California. Every day I prayed to God for earthquakes, tornadoes, hurricanes, disease and death, for those who made a conscious decision, that they would rather suffer, than paid me the $450 billion for my job injury. There is no free ride for workers compensation, not in this world nor in the world to come. God said an eye for an eye, a tooth for tooth, $450 billion for $450 billion worth of suffering.

Itís illegal for me to use my constitutional right to bear arms to put a bullet through the head of the people that made a conscious decision, that theyíd rather have a bullet through their head, then believe I suffered $450 billion worth of pain for my job injury. Therefore Iím trusting in God for earthquakes, hurricanes, tornadoes, disease and death for the unbelievers. Sooner or later they are going to call 906 Ė 248 Ė 4634 and leave a message, that theyíre going to pay me the $450 billion for my job injury.

When I was first injured on the job they offered me a lousy $230 million hush money gag order for my $450 billion worth of pain and I told them to stick it up their ass. I wrote to all the presidents telling them of my pain and suffering. President Bush and the president of Russia started giving all their friends $750 billion bank bailouts, because they didnít believe in God and they thought if I deserved 450 billion for 30 years of chronic pain suffering, they deserve 750 billion for doing nothing at all.

But Noah was injured on the job and everybody believed he was faking an injury to get out of work and then he prayed to God for a great flood that destroyed everybody except a small group of people who believed him. Iím not going to trust in the lawyers who screwed me over. They know what I suffered from my job injury, but they donít want me to be paid. Now Iím trusting in God who is capable of killing every capitalist American, that made a conscious decision theyíd rather suffer the $450 billion worth of pain, then pay it. Tornadoes have been ripping through towns, tearing to pieces the houses of Christians who claim God is supposed to heal my job injury so that workers compensation doesnít have to pay.

Workers compensation is nothing but a mafia racket to keep business in business when they should have been sued out of business and even been tried for murder, when someone was killed by one of their automobiles.

The book of Enoch says men are not even supposed to have the knowledge to forge metal, let alone manufacture automobiles. The book of Enoch predicts the destruction of the industrial nations. By hail, fire, brimstone, tornadoes, earthquakes, hurricanes, plagues, disease and every biblical curse that God has to throw at mankind for their sins. The insurance companies didnít want to pay me for my job injury or the toxic mold house that the government sold me. But now theyíre paying billions in tornado damage. Itís funny. Praise the Lord.

Count up the billions in damages the insurance companies are paying for. I kinda like it when they donít believe in God and donít believe Iím the one praying for these tornadoes. He gives me some kind of relief to see the people pay for what theyíve done to me. As God brings more tornadoes, hurricanes death and destruction upon the unbelievers who only want to drive their automobiles and they donít care about the people being injured by them, you will see more tornado death and destruction. Donít worry most of those people who died are people who donít think the capitalist injured worker, should be paid for his injuries. If you donít want to pay the capitalist worker the $450 billion for their job injury, then donít start a business.

Sometimes I run into people who lost a leg or an eye in an automobile injury and they settled for a small amount of money to keep the automobile companies in business and they use the money to start their own business, making the world more corrupt. Causing other people suffering. But those people that do that, are going to spend eternity in the lake of fire. Youíre supposed to sue business out of business, not take a bribe to let them cause injury to others. Sin is in the middle of the word business. So itís not only that money is the root of all evil, business is the root of all evil. Thereís no one more evil than a guy who lost a leg or a girl who lost an eye, and they didnít sue business out of business. Because they are the ones who caused someone else to lose an eye or leg. Of course Christianity or religion, that teaches God is supposed to heal these injured people so business can profit, have got to be the worst sinners and the stupidest people on earth.


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