Gm Stabber Versus Uber Shooter, February 25, 2016.

They are getting so good at these false flag hoaxes, that it’s hard to tell which one is real or not. Sometimes you just have to work backwards and see what their agenda is. There agenda seems to be to demonize Uber and shut it down. That’s why they are calling Jason Dalton the Uber shooter. The stabbing at the GM tech center was not labeled the, “GM stabber”, that would be bad for GM’s business. But the label, “Uber shooter” has caused thousands of people to stop using Uber.

The government came out with this statement, that they sent Uber a letter to stop operations and now the government is claiming it’s all Uber’s fault, that they had to get the CIA or this Mafia cartel, to pull off this false flag event and kill innocent people to shut Uber down. Now I don’t really believe it’s the government, it is the people who run the government, that drew up this letter. We will have to see what Mafia thug, has his name on that letter. These people got plenty of letters from me, telling them how jobs are slavery and a crime against humanity. However, they are not shutting down jobs or industry.

Jason Dalton worked for Progressive Insurance, why not call him the, “Progressive shooter” that way people would be afraid to purchase car insurance, with all these lunatics that work for car insurance companies.

Now they are trying to say background checks are needed at Uber. Jason Dalton had no criminal history, no mental health history and he could have worked as a pilot or taxicab driver, with no problem. A background check would have done nothing. If Jason Dalton worked for regular taxicab company, he still would have still been a shooter. But with they shut down the Mafia run New York’s yellow cab taxi service if Jason Dalton did the shooting on their watch? If Jason Dalton worked as a politician, he would’ve still been a shooter. Maybe we should ban politicians.

We got plenty of cops who go around shooting people, but the government is not writing letters on how all police departments should be shut down, like they are saying about Uber. They put Jason Dalton’s picture in with all the other lone gunman shooters. Does anybody know what jobs these other lone gunman had? Is any other businesses demonized by these other shooters? So what they are trying to say is, if Jason Dalton worked for Google, he would not have shot anybody. Talk about the people who have mental illness and it is the people who wrote this letter, saying Jason Dalton would not have shot anybody, if he didn’t work for Uber. We need to boycott GM until they fire the gunman lunatic, who claims to have saved a life by breaking the rules and bringing a lethal weapon to work. Didarul Sarder brought a lethal weapon to work, when it was against the rules. His company said no lethal weapons allowed and Didarul Sarder pretty much said, “fuck you, I have a gun, I make the rules, I’m bringing a gun to work, you just try to stop me”. Then Mafia thug Mayor James Fouts, tries to make this rule breaking gunman criminal, into a hero. Mayor James Fouts needs to be forced to resign. Now children who own guns, think the rule, “no guns allowed in school” doesn’t apply to them. Two students at Roseville high school, brought guns to school in their back packs after Mayor Jim Fouts is giving out reward money, to gun owners who don’t follow the rules of “no guns allowed”. The people who work at General Motors need to call in sick and say they are not returning to work until Didarul Sarder is fired and charged with some kind of crime, for bringing a lethal weapon to work, endangering the lives of his fellow employees.

Does anybody have a job where their boss says, “no lethal weapons allowed at work” and they say, “fuck you, I’m bringing a gun to work anyway?”. There is a school that says, “no guns allowed” and these gun nuts think that rule doesn’t apply to them, because they have a gun.

George Zimmerman worked a neighborhood watch. It was against the rules to carry a gun on neighborhood watch, because somebody could get killed. George Zimmerman pretty much said, “fuck you, I have a gun, I make the rules, you just try to stop me from bringing a gun to work” and he brought his gun to work and killed a child. Then the apartment complex got sued for $2 million, because George Zimmerman had a gun and killed some kid. They didn’t even sue George Zimmerman for disobeying the rules. This proves that this system is run by Mafia thugs. The apartment complex didn’t pay the $2 million, their insurance company did. Because insurance company is run by Mafia thugs, they didn’t try to sue George Zimmerman, they just raise their rates and we paid the $2 million for George Zimmerman’s bringing a gun to work. We all have legitimate lawsuits against George Zimmerman for raising our insurance rates by his breaking the rules and bringing a gun to work at neighborhood watch. And why aren’t we calling George Zimmerman the neighborhood watch shooter. People need to be afraid of neighborhood watchmen, like they are afraid of Uber drivers. You are still more likely to be shot by a neighborhood watchmen like George Zimmerman, then by Uber driver.

Jason Dalton got a phone call and then went berserk according to a passenger. This is a sign of a Manchurian candidate. Someone who is brainwashed or hypnotized and is trained to act on a keyword. He got the phone call, someone said the keyword, and he went crazy. Jason Dalton had no background mental illness or criminal history, only clue he was a lunatic, is he owned guns. Uber should mandate that no gun owner can drive for them. Not that there’s any gun owner, that’s going to obey a rule of, “no guns allowed for Uber drivers” but it is a nice thought that Uber is trying to keep us safe by banning guns. The only clue that Jason Dalton was a lunatic, was he owned several guns. Uber should ask on their profiles, if the driver is a gun lunatic or gun owner. Some people might feel safe if the driver is packing heat, but I don’t want a ride in any car driven by George Zimmerman, Alex Jones or Jason Dalton. I guess I’ll have to write Uber a letter. Uber should also state that no passengers should be packing heat. I would hate to be a Uber driver, to pick up someone like George Zimmerman, Alex Jones or Jason Dalton. You would’ve thought that it would have been against the rules, for any Uber driver or passenger, to be carrying lethal weapons. But sometimes companies like Uber, have to be sued to get them to make a rule, that no driver or passenger can carry a gun, licensed or otherwise. All gun owners have already made a decision to kill without a trial, jury or judge. There’s nothing more on UnAmerican than a gun owner. I’m putting out the message, that all people who use of Uber, to call the company and demand they ban guns from drivers and passengers, whether they have a license to carry or not. It’s just not worth getting killed for a ride. They claim Jason Dalton had no history of mental illness, but the fact he had more than a dozen guns, is absolute proof, he had some kind of mental illness. If Jason Dalton work for any taxi driver or limousine service, he would’ve still went on a shooting spree. The only thing that would have prevented Jason Dalton from killing people, would have been for Uber and taxi and limousine services to ban guns from their drivers and passengers. So it doesn’t matter if this is a false flag or not. Either the government is going to have to admit, that this was a false flag to shut down Uber or they’re going to have to admit, that only banning guns from all taxi and limousine services, is going to stop these shootings in the future. After more than 20 years on the Internet, I had my first bit of success yesterday. One of these gun nuts sent me a picture of Jeb Bush’s gun. I reported the Twitter user, told them that this was a death threat, and they closed his account. Finally somebody is starting to catch on to the intimidation strategies of the gun lobby. Sending someone a picture of a gun or a bullet, is the same as a death threat, according to the Mafia and many gang members. These people know how to intimidate and threaten people without saying anything. A picture of a gun with a name on it or a picture of a bullet with a name on it, is the same as a death threat, in the new international language. The new international language doesn’t use words. It uses the shape of a man or woman, to designate male and female restrooms. It’s sort of a hieroglyphic language. Someone’s name, with a picture of a gun, means to shoot this person.


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