Globe Trying to Blame Keith Schwinaman for Jonbenetís Murder, July 26, 2017.

Now Globe magazine is Trying to blame Keith Schwinaman and John Mark Karr for JonBenetís murder. In their new issue. And John Mark Karr looks like the patsy they used to kill Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald. In fact I think thatís his picture. I broke the story and showed the evidence that David Russell Williams, one of the prime guys of the NSA, that flew the queen of England around, killed JonBenet Ramsey back in 1996 and all the CIA and NSA background checks, couldnít figure out this guy was a narcissistic psychopathic serial killer, because he had all the same qualities other CIA and NSA official had.

The last person David Russell Williams murdered, was the exact same MO of the murderer that killed JonBenet Ramsey. He climbed in through the basement windows of his victims. He struck his victims over the head with a flashlight. He didnít know the flashlight could crush their skulls. He stole the victimís underwear. He raped or masturbated on his victims. He tortured his victims with an electric stun gun. He fed the children fruit before he molested them. He hid in the peopleís houses for hours. Generally entering the home at about 11 PM and staying until about four or five in the morning. Even staying long enough to do the laundry to destroy evidence. He would wash the bed sheets after he raped them, with the victims wash machine and dryer. He would leave notes at the crime scene. He strangled all of his victims with a rope or garrotte. They claim Russell Williams didnít become a serial killer until late in life, which is very unusual for serial killers. But I know for a fact he became a serial killer very early in life just based on his excuse for raping, torturing and killing women. He moved to Ottawa Canada in 1996 the same year JonBenet was murdered. He said he felt no remorse for the women he raped tortured and killed, because he didnít know them. If he didnít know them, he thought it was okay to torture and kill them. Thatís basically the qualification for anyone working in the military, NSA or the CIA. But that is what made him a serial killer very early in life and he is probably killed hundreds of women. The only ones he admitted to, where the ones where the evidence pointed to him.

Williams didnít have to fly to Colorado to kill JonBenet Ramsey, because he lived in Ottawa Canada. A 3 Ĺ hour drive to the Ramseyís house. He couldíve left in the evening, killed her, hung around the house for several hours and been back by morning. He ran a tight schedule. Usually killing people just a few hours before or after a charity event. He was the type of person who can go out and rape, torture and murder a woman on his lunch break and be back in time for work without any employees, noticing anything happened.

Link to a YouTube video about the new globe propaganda to take the heat off the real killer David Russell Williams who knows all about pizza gate and the worldwide child molestation ring. Hereís a link to someone who made a video about the new globe issue. Https:// .

Notice that this didnít come out until I made my video about David Russell Williams. They are purposely trying to twist everything I say. I heard that Globe magazine is basically owned and run by the CIA to push propaganda and keep people from finding the real truth. When I said David Russell Williams did it they actually commented on my video, ďyouíll have to prove he was in Colorado first by airport records.Ē I donít have to prove that because David Russell Williams home in Ottawa Canada, is only several hours drive to JonBenetís house in Colorado.


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Hereís a link to someone who made a video about the new Globe issue claiming they found JonBenetís true murder a Patsy. Https:// Gospel of Timothy Timothy Allen Campbell GoTimothy I am the original conspiracy false flag theorist.

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