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Zimmerman’s Online Legal Fund, May 4, 2012.

Ashlyn Schaffer, a 17-year-old Romeo Student was paralyzed in a car crash. I was going to start an online donation for her to sue the automobile companies out of business to guarantee no one would be injured in a car crash again. The FBI contacted me and said it was illegal for me to ask for donations and I had to take it down. Thousands of people are injured on the job and it’s illegal for them to ask for donations for legal fees to sue industry.

How can Zimmerman ask for donations legally? I was injured on the job and tortured by workers compensation system. How can I start a fund to help me sue them for $1 trillion to guarantee no one is ever tortured by workers comp again? The housing industry HUD had sold me a toxic mold house, which is unconstitutional, but they will not let me open a website to collect donations for my legal fees to sue HUD and guarantee they’ll never sell another American a toxic house. The city of Warren Michigan charged me $150 to inspect that HUD house for my health and safety. That toxic HUD home almost killed me and they will not let me start a website to collect donations for the purpose of suing Warren Michigan to guarantee, they never claim a toxic HUD house, is safe to live in.

How come the Trayvon martin family is not starting a online fund to sue George Zimmerman, the gun makers, the NRA, Florida police, the neighborhood watch people? If this isn't Racism, how come Kwame Kilpatrick can't start an online fund to help pay the money he owes Detroit or his legal fees? Is it only legal for murderers to ask for donations? How about the 6 million people in prison, can they start an online collection fun for their defense? I think Zimmerman lost the case, because this shows corruption so deep, that politicians and lawmakers are in on the conspiracy.

When I asked this question on Zimmerman’s Facebook site, someone replied, “because you’re too stupid to know how to do it”.

I don’t think it’s ignorance or stupidity. This is corruption and organized crime. There are plenty of lawyers, who would not mind having online websites asking for donations for the people who they are representing. This could be very profitable for the law industry, with over 6 million people in prison. There are many lawyers donating their time for free, to represent clients they know are innocent and they would love to create a website and ask for donations for their defense. Somehow it’s only legal for George Zimmerman to ask for donations. This shows not only is our justice system corrupt, but the entire United States government, is run by the Mafia.

There is only one hope for our survival. Nuclear weapons were created to defend truth. There is more evidence for corruption in the United States, then there was evidence that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction. This is justification for using nuclear weapons against the United States to defend truth. Russia, China and the other nations are starting to see their survival depends on the destruction of the United States. Not because the people are bad, but because the entire government is run by the Mafia along with the gun lobby, the NRA and the military-industrial complex. The Mafia might win the Zimmerman case, but they will lose the nuclear war. For even states within the United States, realize nuclear weapons were created to defend truth and there seems to be no truth, no justice in the United States. Russia is now contemplating a preemptive nuclear strike, against the United States. They don’t want this justice system to be their justice system. China is thinking the same thing. Many Americans must be thinking the same thing. Life is just not worth living in a country run by the Mafia, where all policemen are corrupt, beat and kill their fellow citizens and use the blue code of silence, to protect their fellow psycho cops and their Mafia bosses.

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