Fukushima News, Ice Cream Trucks Ban, May 25, 2014.

I’m talking to the neighbor about the guy across the street because he’s a brainwashed religious nut, who’s conscious is seared with a hot iron, to the point that there is no communicating with him and I found out this neighbor is more of a brainwashed Christian, than the guy across the street. I tell him about the eight-year-old girl who was hit by a car after chasing after ice cream truck and I’m telling him this because he’s got two kids that do the exact same thing the girl did. Although they’re trying to blame the driver who hit the girl because the city wants to make money off of ice cream truck permits and they loved the idea that some guy is making a profit getting kids fat and giving them diabetes, not to mention lowering their self-esteem when the rich kids can afford ice cream and act like bullies telling the poor kids they can’t have any ice cream because they don’t have any money. And that’s what these kids do, they eat their ice cream in front of these other kids who can’t afford ice cream. This is not natural. They even did a study where they gave chocolate to rats and the rats shared their chocolate with the other rats. But here we have a society where the fat kids are eating ice cream and telling the poor kids they can’t have any because they ain’t got no money.

Every single city official, police officer and prosecutor knows this eight-year-old girl did not look both ways before crossing the street. But yet they want to blame the driver so they can make profit by selling ice cream truck permits while children are being hit by cars. When I was watching them ice cream trucks the other day none of those kids look both ways before crossing the street to chase the ice cream truck. Everyone knows these kids are not gonna look both ways before they cross the street to chase an ice cream truck. Everyone know who s that drivers are not going to stop for a stop sign mounted on the side of a ice cream truck. Everyone knows that children are being hit by cars because of these ice cream trucks. And the only reason why we have ice cream trucks is because we have these brainwashed Christians whose conscious are seared with a hot iron to the point where they have become child killers.

My neighbor is a child killer. I point out the problem of kids getting hit by ice cream trucks and he says, “you need to stop watching negative news” as if that was the solution to the problem. This is why we’re not hearing about Fukushima radiation on the news, because these Christians believe that if it’s not on the news, then it’s not a problem and if it is on the news that peoples need to stop watching it and the problem will be solved. This guy is fuckin crazy and I’m living next to him. This guys at work all day so he doesn’t see how many times his kids almost get hit by a car, but his philosophy is when the ice cream truck comes around look the other way so you don’t see how close the kids come to getting run over. This is how these corporations get away with killing us by the thousands. They have ways of brainwashing people in church and tell them to think “positive”. So when the tobacco companies are killing 500,000 people year, instead of making tobacco illegal they say, “you need to think positive”, “you need to have more faith in God that those people who died from tobacco are In heaven” “why are you worried about the eight-year-old girl who was hit by a car she’s with Jesus now, that man needs a job selling ice cream.” If you told this neighbor that Fukushima just blew up, this neighbor thinks the answer is that you need to watch more positive news. Two years ago I made a video on how freezing the ground to stop the radioactive water from going into the ocean wasn’t going to work. And there’s so many thousands reasons why not, I didn’t list them all. But mainly the underground river is what is keeping the three reactors cool and as soon as they freeze the ground to stop that water flow through those three reactors, they are going to start heating up spewing out radiation and because the ground is going to be frozen it will take about a week to thall out, to get the river flowing again to keep the cores cool and by that time, they are probably going to get hot enough to explode or catch fire. So I was pretty much waiting around for them to get the ice wall finished so I can watch Fukushima blowup from Sarah Palin’s house in Alaska because I’m sure she can see the mushroom cloud from there. The other day I seen a video released were reactor four was on fire. Although the Christians are not putting this on the news because they believe if it’s not on the news that it’s not a problem or if you don’t watch the news it’s not a problem, I believe it is a problem. This secrecy law in Japan makes it illegal for them to report the bad news. No doubt this is a Christian idea to solve problems. So no one will confirm whether or not reactor number four is on fire. But common sense would tell you if they froze the ground with the ice wall to stop the river from cooling off the reactors, then they probably caught on fire or blew up.

I was wondering how people cope with this truth and I remember a guy in Vietnam who told me how he coped with people being shot and blown up and all the blood, guts and carnage. These guys in Vietnam would make bets on whether or not the Vietnamese would make it running through a minefield. People would make bets on people playing Russian roulette. This is how they coped if the person got blown up they won some money. I would make a bet that the neighbor kid gets hit by a car within the next five years but none of them neighbors on the right side of me will make that bet because they believe he will get hit by car too. We got a find someone who take the other side of the bet who believes he won’t be hit by a car within five years. So who wants to make a bet that there will be three nuclear explosions at Fukushima within the next three years that Sarah Palen can see from her house? Because the ice wall had stopped the river from cooling them off. I was Ashley going to make a video on how they need to build a giant water pump to pump water into the ground from the mountains, in case there is a long dry spell. Because of their long dry spell and that Rivers stops flowing, there’s going to be three nuclear explosions or at least three cores catching on fire.

Car should be banned and alcohol should be banned. But because we can’t ban them we should at least force bars to lower consumption. We should at least lower the speed limits and take the ice cream truck kid Hazzard, off the roads. Have an ice cream truck to make little kids run out into the street is comparable to throwing breadcrumbs in the street and then blaming drivers for running over birds.

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