Fukushima Chernobyl Nuclear Accidents, March 14, 2011.

I was thinking of calling the Chernobyl power plant out of existence after the accident. But I figured if I did, they would build more nuclear power plants. It’s not a coincidence, that just when president Obama decided to build more nuclear power plants, that God let and other nuclear accident happen at Fukushima. What’s the solution? Repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. It’s not about finding another energy source. It’s about returning to the Garden of Eden. It’s not even about becoming Amish. Although if everyone became Amish that would be a solution. The Amish seen the evils of technology and they froze in time. What they should have done, is went back in time to the Garden of Eden. Cutting down trees to warm your home or planting farms is not the right way to live either. Genesis says, “we can eat the leaves from any of the trees in the garden”. If they cut down trees to build houses and build fires, they will starve to death. God is the God of the Hebrews. Which many people believe Hebrew means homeless people. The birds have their nest and the Fox has his den, but the son of man has no place to lay his head. Big business has conditioned us and got us addicted to this way of living. They want to sell us gas and electricity. We become addicted to it and we can’t live without it. Each time business invents a new device, we become addicted to it. We can no longer live without air-conditioning. We can no longer live without refrigeration. I cannot live without my microwave oven. Millions cannot live without their cell phones. 100 years ago they did not even have electricity, automobiles, TVs, phones, refrigeration or even natural gas. And all these things are destroying us. As soon as we decide to return the Garden of Eden, then God will start calling these things out of existence. How many people have to die? How many people have to suffer before we learn? We don’t seem to listen to God’s word. The dialogue between God and man has stopped. God speaks now with signs. All the religions are corrupt and influence by special-interest groups. They all run by the devil. Someone asked me which church or religion was the least evil. Because his wife wanted to go to church and he wanted to go to the least evil one. I was thinking about making a video, telling people they should go to Christ Church. As I thought it was the least evil of them all. Before I had a chance to make the video a earthquake hit Christ Church. This is a sign from God, that all religions and churches are evil. The devil will not even allow one of God’s churches to be on earth. So if Christ Church is the least evil out of them all and God brings an earthquake to crush them to death, what you think God thinks of the rest of them? This earthquake and Fukushima nuclear accident is a sign from God not to build any nuclear power plants. If we cannot learn from both Fukushima and Chernobyl, there will have to be another major nuclear accident.


Fukushima Chernobyl nuclear accident

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