Fukishima Halloween sleight-of-hand Trick, November 4, 2014.

Both Halloween and Fukishima are cheap magicians sleight of hand tricks. They’re trying to blame North Korea for Japan’s radiation by claiming they did some nuclear testing that just happened to drift over to Fukishima and Tokyo. This is to make lawsuits impossible. The tobacco companies did the same thing, claiming it was automobile pollution that caused lung cancer and not the tobacco.

They are using magicians optical illusions to deceive us. Look over here at the cesium levels going down, don’t look at the strontium and plutonium levels. Look at the kids having fun collecting candy, don’t look at the fact that people are tampering with the candy. My short-term memory is not as good as it used to be but I Remember very clearly as a child.

Bring candy in to the fire department and have the firemen check candy with a metal detector for needles and razor blades. And when there was no needles or razor blades the firemen said the candy was perfectly safe, that year. The next year poison was found in Halloween candy and they said to look through our candy for any candy that looks like it might have been tampered with or opened.

I remember pouring my candy out on the bed and sorting through it. I made three piles. One pile was for the opened and the obviously tampered with candy. Another pile for the debatable candy, I had to think about it for while, weather was good or tampered with candy. The obviously tampered with candy was immediately thrown out. The questionable candy sat in a pile until I ate all the candy I knew to be good, and I was careful to keep the questionable candy, but because I was a child I did eat it eventually. Now that I look back at it as an adult, if I had children and if there was any chance at all that one of those pieces of candy had a needle in it or somebody tampered with it by spitting and it, urinating on it, putting their boogers on it, shoving it up their body cavities or putting it in their pants or armpits, I would have throughout the whole bag of candy. It is child abuse to let your children eat candy from complete strangers that you know, may have been tampered with. In fact after I made the last video I had an epiphany of why the candy was sticky when I opened it.

They told us to look for candy that may have been opened but nobody told us to throw out the candy that might have been sticky. When I put the cough drop back in the wrapper after was in my mouth so I could make a YouTube video, I noticed the candy was sticky, just like the Halloween candy when I was a little kid, but too young to realize it was tampered with. Somebody probably had it in their mouth or pissed on it.

Yes there was news reports of poison Candy and they use to stick needles in the candy bars. But just like fukushima radiation is not on the news, because people would be against nuclear power and they would probably go back to being Amish, if they knew the truth about energy, they don’t put those reports on the news anymore about tampered with Halloween candy for fear of losing the $8 billion candy industry, not to mention the profits made off of Halloween costumes, profits of grocery stores and the bribes cops and politicians are probably getting paid by the candy industry to keep Halloween legal.

I imagine anyone can call up Hershey’s candy company and say trick or treat give me a $10,000 donation or I’m going to start printing the truth about Halloween in my newspapers. The New York Times only ran positive stories on Halloween that were professionally written by obvious candy companies. The articles talked about how Halloween bridged communities and showed children how generous people in society were. I didn’t think they were generous I thought you had to threaten with property damage if they didn’t give you candy. Of course when you’re a kid you don’t see that as evil, until you purchase your own home. I can also imagine you calling the newspapers to tell them that a piece of your child’s candy looks sticky and someone might have spit or urinated on it and that story never making the news because it might cost candy companies money.

Now that I look back at it I imagine little old ladies dressed as witches, “trick or treat” “you want some candy little boy, I got some special candy covered with vagina drippings just for you” “Thanks lady, what’s vagina drippings?” Don’t worry little boy, you’ll figure out the trick when you get older. Ye-he-he-haw as she flies away on her broom. Or the little old man ‘trick-or-treat” “you want some candy little boy, I got some suppository candy for you” “thanks Mr. What suppository candy” “that’s the trick you’ll find out when you get older”. Would make a good episode for South Park. Then one of the South Park kids smelling the candy say in his candy smells like poop and another little kids smelling his candy and saying “this candy smells fishy.”

I don’t want to take fun away from children but Halloween children saying “trick-or-treat” has to be changed into “candy givers us cavities, can we have a nickel or time instead”. We got a peach tree learn the true meaning of Halloween and that is “begging” we have to teach children how to beg for money because that is what Halloween is all about. If your child says, “I have diabetes lady, can I get money instead of candy” that’s the true spirit of Halloween. And if the lady seems happy to give a dime have your child say, “Gee lady I’d be even happier with a quarter” and if that the lady seems happy given a quarter have your child say, “boy lady you could really make my year by giving me some folding money.” Teach your children how to pump up peoples generosity by saying things to them that make them feel good so you can get more money out of them. That’s the true spirit of Halloween.

Can you imagine if somebody passed out 300 pieces of Ebola tainted candy. It would take them at least two weeks to trace the Ebola back to Halloween candy. By that time 300 families would have been contaminated along with the schools those children attended. It’s not like a bag of contaminated candy on the shelves of a grocery store that only contaminates one-family.

The Bible has nothing against begging. Jesus said, “you have not, because you ask not, ask and you shall receive, for who will you ask a loaf of bread and they give you a stone” only Charlie Brown can get a stone. But most people will give to those in need and who ask politely. Kids really don’t like candy anyways, they would rather have the money and the day after Halloween they can purchase the Halloween candy for half the price.

So I’ve been preaching about giving money for Halloween or giving something other than candy and Bill Maher and even some news channels reported that people were going to try to give something other than unhealthy candy to children. They reported that people were going to pass out religious literature, but they never even mentioned that people should pass out money, pennies, nickels, dimes or quarters. Furthermore Bill Maher and the news agency both suggested that those who handed out religious materials should have their houses toilet papered. Next year we suggest children toilet paper the houses of those who are passing out candy instead of money and if someone gives out candy write on their Windows with wax or soap “next year give money, asshole”. I remember getting a quarter in 1960 by one person and at that time a quarter could have got five full-size candy bars. You can’t even get a quarter of a candy bar for quarter nowadays.

Let’s think of some more things kids can say to beg for money when they come to your door on Halloween. Teach them to say “My little brother needs an operation, can I have money instead of candy” or “don’t make the $8 billion year candy industry richer, help the poor and give us money instead” or “Christmas is coming up and I need money to buy gifts for my little sister” not one news paper or TV channel was teaching people to give money instead of candy. Even the New York Times has to approve my comment on their website about Halloween, I was surprised they approve my comments. There shouldn’t be robbers and thieves in the world because if people are desperate for money they should be able to ask someone for money and receive it, because that’s what love is.

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