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Freud was called the father of psychology because he basically wrote the book on psychoanalysis. Freud was the first doctor who actually listen to his patient. Where other doctors were just looking to make money off of sex change operations, Freud listened to his patients. Although a lot of people made fun of his, ďpenis envyĒ diagnosis, he wasnít just making this up. Most of his patients, who were women, had problems that seem to come from them, not being men. Women were not paid the same. Women did not have equal rights. They couldnít smoke they couldnít vote etc. Women wanted to do things men were doing, like go to war or play baseball. Women were tired of being wallflowers, waiting for someone to ask them to dance. Women felt helpless and powerless. Women were stuck in gender roles, taught by religion and society. Women thought the grass was greener on the other side of the fence. If they were only men, they wouldnít have these problems. And thatís why Freud coined the term, ďPenis EnvyĒ. Freud could have just as easily coined the term, ďtransgenderedĒ.

But the solution to this problem was not giving women sex change operations. The solution, is to give them equal rights. The solution is to stop teaching gender roles. The American Indians didnít have gender roles. They didnít have religion or public education, before white man got here. It was really hard to tell the difference between men and women Indians. The women walked around shirtless just like the men. The women had underarm hair and even facial hair, none of them shaved. The women didnít wear makeup, dresses, lipstick, perfume or high heels. The women didnít have gender roles. Sometimes the Indian men stayed home to cook and the women went out and hunted. If you like to stay home and cook, then you have to find a woman who likes to go out and hunt.

People tend to believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence. At a self-help support group I met a man who one day came in dressed as a woman. When you started to talk to this, ďtransgenderedĒ person they started ranting on about how easy women had it. They just sit at the bar and people buy them drinks. They never have to worry about dying of hunger because someone is always willing to buy their dinner. They donít have to work, they can just take their clothes off and men will throw money at them, at a strip club. After listening to this guy for five minutes, it sounded like we would all be better off changing to women. But although this seems true, not all women can get men to buy them drinks at bars or dinner. Only the good-looking women have it easy. Although Iíve been to plenty of strip clubs and seen plenty of ugly women make a lot of money, some women are too fat to get a job at a strip club. Furthermore, if your man who dresses like a woman and people know it, their not going to buy you drinks or treat you to dinner or give you a job at a strip club. And if you trick them into believing your woman, they might end up killing you.

The transgendered woman also seems to think the grass is greener on the other side. If they are man they can do sports, get equal pay, equal rights, join the Army, take control of who theyíre going to ask on a date or dance with. But dressing as the opposite sex, is only temporarily giving you those benefits. Once the other people find out your real sex, theyíre not going to be buying you dinner or drinks, you going to be kicked out of sports etc. I seen the story of a so-called transgendered woman on TV. She was a tomboy who likes sports and wearing jeans. After she heard these transgendered people talk at her school, they made her believe she was a man. So this woman, who was only in her twenties had her breasts removed and started taken male hormones to be converted to a man. This is horrifying, that any doctor that wasnít completely psychotic, had done this to this woman. She certainly has a trillion dollar malpractice lawsuit, against whatever doctors that did this to her. This Chinese woman, was on a swim team. Her main problem was she was Chinese in the United States, so she didnít blend in with other women, not that she was a man. So not that many men asked her for dates or treated her like a woman. She had breast and a vagina and thought she was a man, after talking to these mentally ill trans-genders at her school. The solution, would have been to give her female hormones, show her TV commercials about dresses, makeup and high heels, to make her more feminine. After being brainwashed by the TV commercials she might feel like she wants to go out buy a dress, some new shoes and get her hair done. This woman would have came into reality that she was a woman, if they waited until she became pregnant. But once they started her on the road to becoming a man, with a sex change operation and hormone shots, she will probably commit suicide if she becomes pregnant.

People are conditioned like Pavlovís dog, into their gender roles as children. Elaine on Seinfeld had a lot of male friends. Because of that, itís hard for her to have female friends, because they look at her as being a whore. But because she has so many male friends, itís hard for her to get a steady boyfriend. Because men will have sex with the whores, but not want to go steady with them. They want women who are more like virgins. This is the main reason why women should remain virgins until marriage. Some men will not even marry a woman, who has sex before marriage. Because if she breaks the rule of sex before marriage, sheís probably going to have sex with other men, while married. Furthermore what kind of woman would risk getting pregnant when sheís not married? She must be a woman who believes in abortion.

My parents were separated when I was four years old. So I didnít have a Male figure to teach me baseball, sports etc. That doesnít mean that Iím a transgendered person. It just means that itís harder for me to relate to men and women. Men, because I donít believe in sports and women because I donít play the male gender role. I too tend to sit around at a bar like a wallflower, waiting for someone to ask me to dance, because I was raised by my mother and seven sisters. Today there is a a lot of people who come from single-parent families and gender roles are getting mixed up. The Bible talks about the future where men and women will no longer have these gender roles. Men will not be men and women will not be women. But that doesnít mean that theyíre going to have sex change operations. These sex change operations are coming about because of the profits of the medical profession. They are not helping people at all. This poor Chinese woman swimmer, who had a sex change operation in her twenties, is going to find out it was a bigger mistake, then getting a permanent tattoo. Hopefully a law will be passed where she can sue the medical perfection for millions of dollars, because of their malpractice. Why did they try to give this woman a sex change operation to make her a male, instead of simply given to her female hormones to make her more feminine, if she thought she wasnít feminine enough? It was all about the money in the sex change operation thereís no money in given her female hormones.

When these transgendered people have to start wearing medical alert bracelets to identify their medical condition, they will no longer have the medical condition of thinking they are the opposite sex. They need to be exposed to the truth. The only reason why people were buying the transgendered man drinks at the bar, is because it was a dark bar and they thought he was a woman, if they knew he was a man, they wouldnít be buying him drinks and complementing him on his dress. This is like the song Lola by the kinks. Men dressed like women to get free drinks and attention at the bar, but when the people find out, they might get beat up or killed. They need to be forced to face reality, like the woman on Doctor Phil, who believed she had a set of twins.

The woman on Doctor Phil wasnít as mentally ill as we believe. She copied pictures of someone elseís twins on Facebook and claimed them as her own. This is because she was getting attention and complements. People were commenting on the cute looking twins and thumbing up the pictures. People were rewarding her for her mentally ill behavior. If the people knew those werenít her twins, they would not be thumbing up the pictures or complementing her and how cute the twins were. She put pictures of someone elseís twins up on her wall at home and was telling people those were her twins. But this is the same behavior by some people on YouTube and on singles pages. They will copy a models picture to get the attention beautiful models get and there is some temporary benefits to this. There is a reward for this. They get more thumbs up and video views. They get the initial attention and after they get to know the person, sometimes it doesnít matter if the picture isnít them. Because with the ugly picture, people will not even talk to you. And so a man at the bar, might not get anyone to talk to him unless heís wearing a dress, wig and make up people might start talking to him, so there is a reward for his behavior. Itís why donít get so many views on my videos. If I put a picture of a beautiful model, as a thumbnail for every video, I know I would get more views. But I donít want to give into society norms, because itís starting to become normal to use someone elseís pictures or dress as the opposite sex.

LGBT people have been conditioned, like Pavlovís dog was conditioned to salivate at the ring of a bell by Pavlov ringing a bell every time he fed his dog food. The way to fix this, is to recondition the dog, by ringing a bell and not serving it food. But this can never be cured. The dog can be reconditioned just like the LGBT, but will have to be reconditioned again years later, as it forgets the reconditioning and remembers the bell. I became an alcoholic and I quit drinking for fifteen years. Although it seemed I was cured, as soon as I started drinking socially, fifteen years later, it didnít take long to fall back into old habits. You can tell an alcoholic because they donít leave the bar until the bar closes. Some people might make rules, that they leave the bar before closing, so they donít look like an alcoholic. But generally alcoholics donít leave the bar they have to be kicked out at closing time. LGBT people can be reconditioned into straight people, but it takes a lot of reconditioning and just like an alcoholic, will always be an alcoholic they will always have the problem of getting sexually aroused or salivating under certain conditions, that they have been conditioned to get sexually aroused at. So they will have to be reconditioned. If you have a date with a woman you love, who uses her high heels shoes to sexually arouse you, you might develop a high heel fetish, where you get sexually aroused by looking at high heel shoes. This is how people get conditioned into a fetish and the way to get unconditioned, is simply looking at a lot of high heels shoes without having sex. All LGBT people simply have sexual fetishes. Unfortunately the longer they have been LGBT, the longer it will take to be unconditioned from the sexual fetishes. Just like the longer the alcoholic drinks, the longer it takes to unlearn alcoholic behavior. So itís going to take more than just watching a few YouTube videos to change LGBTís. There is a lot more to the conditioning because of body chemistry. Your body chemistry actually changes with the touch of human beings. When two people hold hands for five minutes, their heartbeats will actually synchronize. When a man and woman holds hands, her body chemistry will change to accept the male sperm. If not, the womanís immune system will fight off the sperm. This is why some people believe women cannot get pregnant from a rape. They do get pregnant from a rape, if they are held or touched for long enough time for the body chemistry to change.

If someone is going to receive a kidney transplant, the transplant might be more successful if the people giving and receiving the transplanted kidney hold hands several weeks before the transplant until body chemistry and heartbeats synchronize. You have to be careful with this because the brain releases chemicals that could make the people believe they are in love with each other. This is how people fall in love, by touch. If you donít want to fall in love with someone, donít let them touch you. The body chemistry changes with touch and even just by being around someone. You hang with the winners, you will be a winner. You hang with the losers you will be a loser. A girl hanging around with boys in childhood will become a tomboy or transgendered type of personality. A boy raised by women will be more feminine. This gets a lot deeper than I can put in one video as many of these people have years and years of conditioning. The best way to look at it is that sex organs are for reproduction. If you want to have children someday, then remain the sex of your birth. Do it for the children sake.

These transgendered people seem to be more concerned about themselves, than they are about others. They donít care if women and children may be raped or abused in restrooms, they only care about themselves. They are no different from the woman on Doctor Phil who did not care that she used the pictures of someone elseís twins, she only cared about her own self gratification. I donít care much for Doctor Phil and this is probably the only time I agree with him. But this is the practice of medicine and it is the best we have today, until we change people like Doctor Phil and the practice of medicine or simply outlaw it. The medical industry is preforming the sex change operations, because there is a lot of money in it. But once the industry starts getting sued for malpractice, it will not be so profitable for sex change operations. I think Bruce Caitlin Jenner is just a shill for the medical sex change industry. Anything for a buck.

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