Murderers For Jesus & NRA, December 22, 2012.

One the first things I noticed about the church, was that every time a young beautiful child was murdered, church attendance the next Sunday was packed full of people and not only was it packed, but the people who attended, put more money in the collection plate, than they normally did. Child sacrifice has been going on for thousands of years. The murder of a beautiful child does something to people, to stir up their emotions. I noticed this with the Jon Benet murder, the Deana Seifert girl and the recent Caylee Anthony murder. Church attendance was full and they took in more money.

The Catholic Church raked in millions with these murders, as every church was full of people filling the collection plates for several weeks after them. This would make the pope the prime suspect in all of these murders. But before you blame the Pope, look at the fact that every person who attends church, knows that if a child is murdered, church attendance will be full of next week.

It’s almost predictable, that when church attendance is down and they can barely pay their rent or utility bills, that some child is coincidently going to be murdered. Many will say God works in mysterious ways. But it’s not God doing the killing. It’s the people who want to see these religions succeed. And I’m sure it happens in every religion, including Judaism and Islam. You are causing these murders, when you go to church and give your money after one of these murders happens.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out that when times are tough and jobs are few that more women are going to turn to illegal prostitution and men are going to turn to illegal drug dealing. And that crime is going to be increased.

My dentist drills the enamel off my teeth causing more cavities, so he can make more money and people think that I’m a paranoid schizophrenic, because they believe a dentist would not do something like that. You may be wondering why I still go to that dentist. I go to him because I figured out his scam and it took me three cavities to do it. If I go to another dentist I might get root canals that I don’t need and might get several before I figure out his scam. My dentist keeps Perfect track of how long it took when he scraped the enamel off my teeth and the time it took for me to return to the dentist with the cavity from that tooth.

It’s not going to take too long for the businessman that are selling these bulletproof back packs, to realize every time there is a school shooting, they are going to make millions of dollars selling bulletproof backpacks. The people purchasing the backpacks, are actually the people who are causing these shootings. The people attending church, after a child murder and giving large amounts of money, are the ones causing child murders.

It doesn’t even have to be the manufacturer of the bullet proof backpacks. We live in a society where anyone can double their money, by investing stock in a bullet proof backpack company, send one of their mafia mules or motorcycle gang members, out to kill some schoolchildren and double or triple their money.

I’m not saying that head of the NRA or gun manufacturers did the Newtown school shootings, though they are the one profiting most from it. The fact is every person who supports the NRA knows, that more guns and NRA memberships will be sold, if he goes on a shooting spree kills some children. Every person who invest in the stock market knows they can double or triple or their money by shooting a bunch of schoolchildren. They know that because after every shooting, they see the membership growing and guns flying off the store shelves.

Not just NRA members, but anyone who invest in the stock market, could make millions by investing in a gun manufacturer and then killing some people to drive up gun sales. I believe this was the motive for the son of Sam killer. The mafia sending out a guy to kill young couples, to drive the value of the cartels stocks in gun manufacturing companies. This is what happens in a capitalistic society. Things are never going to change until capitalism dies. I’m not saying being a socialist or communist is better, I’m just saying capitalism causes murder.

If you don’t want to see children murdered, don’t buy bulletproof backpacks after children are killed, don’t attend church after children are killed, don’t buy guns or NRA memberships after children are killed, I would not even buy caskets or funerals for the children that are killed, least the funeral director, is the guy doing the killing. I would just bury the children in the back yard.

When I tweeted that there was more evidence the NRA did the school shootings to sell more guns and memberships I actually got a credible death threats from NRA members. They said they were going to kill me and my 20 children if I had that many, for accusing them of being murderers. I replied, that that tweet, is proof you would kill 1000 children, to keep your guns.


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