We May Have Been Fooled Again, San Bernardino, December 15, 2015.

Binetta Adul, of one of the victims daughters, Jolene in this video https://youtu.be/uHLg8LfIkm4 seems cool calm and collect that her mother was killed. The witness to the shooting, that seen the three tall, white, muscular men dressed in army fatigues Sally Abdelmageed has a picture on her Facebook page. The picture on Sally Abdelmageed Facebook page, has a picture of the daughter of Binetta Adul, the victim and all these people are Muslims. So it is a Muslim, that is calling police and calling the news media and claiming its three white men. Just like Zionism is blaming the Moslems for 9/11, the Moslems are blaming the three white men. So it could be possible that the Muslim man and woman did the shooting and other Moslems called 911 and the news, to report, “white men did it”. The guy in this video says the daughter looks really shattered, that her mother was killed. He sarcastically says it. But the fact is, if the mother was a radicalized jihadist, the daughter might be to. She’s a Muslim. That’s what I was thinking when I was watching this video. The daughters thinking, next week I’m strapping on a suicide vest, so it doesn’t bother me at all that my mother was killed. That might be what she’s thinking. She’s in heaven getting laid by 72 male virgins, who took Viagra and after four hours, their erections still don’t go down.

So how does Jolene the daughter of Binetta, know Sally Abdelmageed, the witness that seen the three white men, that she is in this picture on Sally Abdelmageed Facebook page? You know Maybe I’m not that good with faces and all Muslim people look like. But look at these two pictures and tell me if this is not the same girl. Even if they ain’t the same girl, the fact is the witness that seen three white men, is a Muslim, not a credible witness. These witnesses are Muslims and they might be in on it. The thing of it is this may very well be Moslems that called 911 and the news to say “white men did it”. I guess they are learning from the Ku Klux Klan who always shout out, “black dudes did it” when they go out and do a crime.

So we have Zionists pulling off false flags and blaming Muslims and now we may have Muslims shooting people and blaming white people. In reality I think what we have is atheist, who are dividing and conquering by turning both Muslims and Christians against each other. Now we don’t know if it’s Zionists that did it or Muslims, who are so well organized that they have people calling news agencies to say they seen white people dit it.

When I can’t get past is the Bullshit coming out of the police department. They said they knew who did it because they found bombs in the SUV. When people ask how come the terrorist didn’t throw the bombs at the police, the police in one report, said the terrorist did throw the bombs at them, but they were fake bombs. Later we found out it was only plumbing, that could be used to make a bomb. There was no bombs at all only plumbing. Well you can make a Molotov cocktail out of a Coke bottle, so if you have empty bottle, they can claim you have bombs.

If it was just a man and wife that did the shooting then the targets, may have just been a crime of convenience. Because they work there. They just happen to work there and there was a party a opportunity for an attack. A coincidence that it happened on the same day as the United States bomb Syria or the shooting was inspired by the US bombing. Maybe these people heard the US was bombing Syria and that got them angry enough to go on a shooting spree.

If you got guns and training, you’re going to find a good target. You’re not just going to kill a bunch of health and safety inspectors. If the government did it, then it’s not going to be a crime of convenience. The government is going to pick a good target. So we have to ask who wanted to kill a bunch of environmental health and safety inspectors? Maybe some mafia organization that got a big fine for selling salmonella chicken? Maybe Tepco or Japan that wanted to sell radioactive fish or keep radiation levels secret. These environmentalists would have known what the radiation level is on the West Coast because it’s their job to test for it. I was thinking it was a nuclear power industry, but that video got a lot of thumbs down. The nuclear power industry was fined by these environmentalists inspectors, over $100 million for leaking radiation, at the San Onofre nuclear power plant and trying to cover it up. They were fine $28 million for having illegal meetings behind closed doors. These are the people that would be fining center no freight. That’s great motive for killing environmental inspectors. Whoever did it, they wanted to kill all of these environmental specialist, because one of the supposed terrorist was an inspector and when he wasn’t at the party, they hunted him down to make sure they killed all of them. Somebody needs to sue the police department for them to release the dash cam video to make sure this man and wife team really was the terrorist. Zionist would not have hit environmentalist, unless these environmentalists were the ones who supported the carbon tax. If They were the ones supporting the carbon tax, then it was Alex Jones and his followers that did it. There was that big thing about global warming and that agreement that was signed by 100 nations to cut carbon. If these environmentalists had truthful information that was against that agreement that might have been a motive for the government kill them all.

For you people thinking the whole thing is a hoax, I doubt it. People did get killed. They kill over 3000 babies a day by abortion, they’re not worried about killing 20 people. These people are pro-abortion but when I started tweeting that the terrorist support Planned Parenthood killing Americans via abortion, I shut quite a few of them up. I was even thinking about making some black IsIs T-shirts that says, “I helped ISIL abort an American, by donating $500 to Planned Parenthood” and then giving them out to Planned Parenthood pro-choice supporters like Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. I bet they donated more money to Planned Parenthood to kill more Americans than the terrorists have killed.


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Com Wow now we know you were behind the shooting to get more people to buy guns. There was no bombs, only plumbing. Where is the pictures of the bombs? Why didn't they use the bombs? Show us the evidence or shut the hell up. Where’s the cop car video footage of the guys in the SUV shooting first?

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