Goverment, Mafia Using Food Tampering to Control the People?, January 17, 2013.

Le Serpent Rouge, or the red serpent. It’s the day the head will be chopped off the serpent and its secrets exposed. Holy blood, holy Grail. He who drinks well, will see God.

When I went to a strip club I overheard the strippers saying they put soap in customers drinks who don’t tip well or they don’t like. If you Google “contaminated food” or “what would you do if a restaurant worker put something in your food” you would find a lot of people who had experienced either witnessing restaurant workers contaminating food or victims of restaurant worker contamination. The restaurants only pay their workers $2.25 an hour and the only way they can make their money, is if they extort money from customers. I would leave a two dollar tip at the ram’s horn on a six dollar bill, because I felt sorry for the workers who only made $2.25 an hour. I heard Sam say that a table gave her a $60 tip. Not because she was good service or pretty but these people feel like it’s charity to give to these waitresses, as the restaurants are like slave labor camps, under paying their workers. A lot of police officers have their food tampered with at restaurants by waitresses and servers that think they shouldn’t have to pay speeding tickets, because they were serving the police.

A cook at a restaurant told me that they actually put chemicals in certain foods to kill people. He worked at one of those mafia run restaurants, that businesses bring their clientele into, and anyone who doesn’t want to play well, with corrupt business, gets poisoned. This is how business works and is the reason why the United States is so corrupt. Furthermore, if anyone even tries to report food tampering, they are labeled a paranoid schizophrenic, by the same corrupt system. It doesn’t matter if you’re a police officer, or the president of the United States, if you complain about food tampering, they can label you a paranoid schizophrenic. It is the ultimate human behavior control, to tamper with people’s food, water and drinks. You should never eat or drink during a business deal, unless you bring your own food and drinks.

The Ram’s Horn has to be put out of business. I would have been satisfied if they provided a surveillance video between 1 and 3 AM on January 8 to find out which workers contaminated my food and which ones knew about it. Those videos also record audio. So I’m sure the audio can overhear them laughing and making jokes about putting stuff in my food, because I complained to the board of health about the sick worker who was coughing in people’s food.

A militia member was in the restaurant that January 8th, he worked for the UPS postal service. He might’ve been CIA. He offered me a ride home, when I did not know him, but he seemed to know me. He said he works two shifts with the Postal Service and made an exorbitant amount of money. But the militia sent him in there as my bodyguard, or they sent him in there to make sure the restaurant contaminated my food. Because he followed me from the bar.

The militia wants to go in there and kill these workers. They believe it’s justifiable homicide. Nobody likes someone contaminating their food and when the Ram’s Horn corporate office, the local police, the health department and the FBI does nothing about it, it’s even worse. But now we know, food tampering is not just a way to extort tips from people, it’s not just a way the mafia to control businessmen, it’s not just a way for restaurant workers to get back at policemen who give them tickets, it’s the way the government has ultimate control over its citizens. The government and the FBI better wake up quick.

The Ram’s Horn Corporate Office are not even responding to my e-mails. They think this is a joke, to contaminate people’s food and then ban them from the restaurant, as if their employees don’t contaminate their customers food. Security camera systems are really cheap and there’s no excuse for not having them in the kitchens of restaurants and there’s no excuse for a restaurant not prosecuting workers, who contaminate customers food. Because if you don’t prosecute those workers, when they contaminate your customers food, you’re going out of business.

Restaurants that don’t look in to their workers contaminating people’s food are terrorist and need to be put out of business. There’s no amount of money in the world to sue them for. They are committing crimes against humanity by letting workers contaminate food. I don’t know what they put in my breakfast, but it made me very sick and there’s going to be a war. Because if you can’t even go to a restaurant and have a meal or go to a bar to have a drink, without worrying about somebody contaminating your food, because you’re an enemy of the state or an enemy of business, then this country is not worth living in. A country that doesn’t let people contaminate its citizens food, is a country worth fighting and dying for.

Use you right to bear arms for their intended purpose or give your guns to the government, so they and the mafia can contaminate your food and have ultimate control over you, by labeling you a paranoid schizophrenic, if you complain that someone tampered with your food or drinks.

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