Flip-flopping on the Timothean Religion, July 1, 2015.

I feel like I am flip-flopping on the Timothean religion. I gave up on the domain name and I was going to give up starting a new religion, because I believe the real religion is no religion. I mean there is a God, but there’s no religious dogma apart from the 10 Commandments, which are already written in everybody’s minds, even the atheist know the 10 Commandments. I could make a law, no guns allowed, but that’s already one of the 10 Commandments, “do not kill”.

In the New World order there’s no temple. Because Jesus said the temple would be destroyed. So it wasn’t about starting a new religion, it was about getting rid of all the old religions. Because the time is going to come when every person is going to see and know God. There will be no one saying, “Know ye the Lord?” because all people will know him.

But then I seen on the news the United Nations declaring that Islam was going to be the New World order religion, at that point I knew I had to start up the Timothean Religion. The world seems like its not going to settle for no religion, they have to have something. Well the true religion is no religion and then I realize that there has to be a name for it.

It’s like we call God Jesus, because we have to have a name for him. God has no name, but when people ask me what does God look like, we have to put a label on it and say he looks like that painting in the church, of the guy with the long hair, white robe who walks around barefoot, who the Catholics and Christians call Jesus. The first commandment says not to make any images of God, because that deceives the world. When people see the image of God, that the church created, people believe they are Christians. That’s what happened to me when I seen God and he looked like Jesus, I thought God was a Christian. Not realizing the church had broken the first commandment and made it image of God to deceive people. Every person who sees Jesus in a donut heads off to the first Christian church they find.

So after seeing God in 1985, I started studying with Baptists, Jehovah witnesses and Mormons and found all of them to be insane people, who had no clue to who the God I saw was. The people at unity Church even called me St. Timothy, because they believe I was St. Timothy. But when I read the Bible in Isaiah, it said about the great whore Babylon Church, that all their Saints were dead and I didn’t want to be a dead St. Timothy. That’s when I started the Timothean religion. Back in about 1997. I always thought we had free religion and free speech, but the government shut my religion down try to get my book off of Amazon. They Harassed my followers, to the point I had to tell my followers to pretend they weren’t my followers or they would be persecuted and killed. Who knows how many of my followers were killed over 30 years. Plenty of them were persecuted to the point they were afraid to even comment on one of my videos. In fact I told them not to comment and even blocked many, because I knew the government was watching and their lives were in danger.

You can be killed very easily by religion. If you claim the Quran is a false book or even try to burn it, the Muslims will kill you. Or even try to claim Mohammed was a false prophet, they would kill you whether he was a false prophet or not. The Catholics were even worse, they burn people at the stake. If I was born 100 years ago I would be dead at the hands of Catholics. There’s rumors the government tried to kill me several times even though America claims there’s free speech and free religion. There is no free religion or free speech in the United States. Not yet. Joseph Smith started the Mormon religion and they killed him and converted his church to Christianity.

Christianity is not the true religion, neither is Islam, near there is Hinduism, neither is Buddhism neither is Judaism and all these religions, will kill you if you have the truth. But these even worse than that, the government will kill you just because the true religion is a threat to the national security of the tyrants and rich people in power. Yes they will lose all their wealth when the true religion rules the world. Before I went online I used to write letters and send them to churches back in the 80s. David Koresh was teaching my ideas when the government burn them down killed all the women and children for their beliefs. Then I went online and Heaven’s Gate had accepted some of my ideas and they were all murdered in a false flag event, where the government said they all drank poison Kool-Aid and committed suicide.

But the fact is they were murdered and the murder was covered up by having the house burned down and all the evidence destroyed. Some rich person actually bought the Heaven’s Gate mansion the cost over $1 million and they burned it down to destroy all evidence, that it was a mass murder. I believe the government pumped poison gas into that house and then claim those people drank poison Kool-Aid, because that’s their MO, how evil people who are running our government are.

My dad worked at the missile plant. He worked security under plant protection when Von Brown was designing the missile there. He had the highest security clearance in the United States and he told me that the government did not do things like kill people at Heaven’s Gate or the Oklahoma City bombing. But the fact is, the government infiltrates these religions, and these religions infiltrate the government. So there is no separation of church and state.

Jesse Ventura said the CIA is a Christian operation, he called them, “Christians in action”. They think it was their job to kill anybody who’s not a Christian. And although it might not be in any books that the Pentagon or CIA killed Heaven’s Gate members, or blew up the Oklahoma City building, the fact is Christians within the CIA, Christians within the ATF, Christians within the government did 911, they did the Oklahoma bombing, they did kill the Heaven’s Gate members and they even killed all of the Jonestown members in Guyana and made it look like Jim Jones did it and everybody bought the propaganda story. Because all of these are false flag events, so that the church can rule over the world, with their satanic beliefs.

So then I had the idea of having my followers do what the homosexuals did. Homosexuals hid in the closets to avoid persecution and death, until the numbers were so great, that when they came out of the closet, they were everywhere. So Timotheans will hide in the closet until we have 5 billion members. Unless some of them want to come out and be martyred, but this seems to be the game plan.

The world is even getting worse. Christianity was willing to try to wipe out 3 ½ billion Muslims. The Muslims are trying to wipe out the Catholics and Christians. It’s not that Islam is too big to fail, it’s too big to overthrow. I would have to have 5 billion Timotheans to overthrow it. I was letting people take my ideas, because I thought religious truths would help these religions merge, but all people did was take my writings and ideas to make their own religions stronger and lead people astray even further.

Not only are these religions false, run by evil people, they are insane. Then they call me negative because I’m calling their religion insane. The definition of insanity, is to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. This is what these religions do.

The Christians read the New Testament over and over and over again, expecting it to say something different, the next time they read it. This is insanity. The Jews are even worse. They read the Old Testament over and over and over again, expecting it to say something different and when it doesn’t say anything different, they start reading things into it that are not there. They read it so many times, that they believe it must be some kind of Bible code. So they will read every fifth letter, to see if they can make words out of it and make it say something that it doesn’t say. They will read it diagonally. The first letter of the first line, the second letter of the second line, the third letter of the third line, to try to make words that are not in the Old Testament appear. Then they even hid books from us. And renamed the Pseudopigrapha to Pseudepigrapha and all kinds of crazy stuff to make their religion seem like the right religion.

If you want to learn about God. Read the Old Testament. If you want to learn more about God, read the New Testament. If you still need more information about God, don’t read the Bible again, pick up the book of Mormon. And don’t read the book of Mormon twice. If you want to know more about God, read the Pseudopigrapha. Then read the Nag Hammadi library. Then read the Gospel of Timothy. You want to know more about God, stop reading the same book over and over again and start watching my videos and reading my website. I am the Messiah.

You don’t believe I’m the Messiah? People did not believe God was God, so he sent the Messiah. But the people did not believe Messiah was the Messiah. Now what is God to do?

Adam sinned when God appeared to Adam and Eve in the Garden and Adam did not believe God was God. That’s how the world had fallen. The entire Bible, in fact all the religious books, the Quran, the book of Mormon, every religious book you can think of is God trying to convince people he is God. But nobody believed God was God, until I came along. If you can save one man, you can save the world. At least that was the theory.

But now it looks like the world doesn’t even want to accept the Messiah. I can understand God calling the White House saying, “I’m God when can we get together” and the president thinking, “this guy’s a lunatic” but the Messiah says, “I’m going to prepare you to see God” and the president says, “only the antichrist Pope can do that”. There is one God and one mediator between God and men.

And now that the world rejected the Messiah, the world has to be destroyed. Because there is no inbetween between the Messiah and men. If they reject the Messiah, they rejected God. So the entire world has to be destroyed and God will create a new earth and the Messiah will be the new Adam. Because this world did not want to be saved. The Pope thinks he’s going to prepare the world to meet God, but he can’t, because he wants his government to rule the world. He wants 10% of the income from all the inhabitants of the earth.

I made one last attempt to save the world when I decided to restart the Timothean religion and do a radio interview. Bill O’Reilly wanted to do a radio interview with me back in the 1990s and I turned him down because he’s a evil capitalist. A TV station wanted me to do it interview but I turned that interview down because all they cared about was their agenda and not God’s agenda. So I did a radio interview with somebody from the Internet, because I thought they were a nobody, not looking for gain. The night I agreed to the interview in a pre Interview Skype call, think it was Monday or Tuesday night, God was pissed and thunder and lightning struck Fraser Michigan, with a loud blast and I even read a story where the Washington Monument was struck by lightning that night. I got the impression the radio interviewer was some government official from Washington trying to find out who my followers were and how big was my religion, as if they knew I was a threat to the tyrants in power and they wanted to close down my religion for good. That night I had a dream that the radio interviewer had my psychological medical records and simply labeled me as insane. But I figured I could clear things up in the interview. But they only gave me 40 minutes to explain 30 years of what I learned. You can’t even teach computer programming in 40 minutes and I’m supposed to convince the world I’m the Messiah in 40 minutes.

I didn’t call the guy back for the interview Friday because I thought he wanted me to do the interview with Howard Stern. I don’t care how famous that guy is, he so evil, I wouldn’t do in the interview with him unless he agreed on the air that abortion was not only wrong, but it is his fault that millions of women murdered their babies because of his radio show.

But anyway I agreed to the Internet radio interview on Saturday because after I heard Islam was going to be the New World religion, I knew I had to do something, because the Timothean religion would be far better than Islam, who limits God to one book. Okay, I wrote a dozen books but according to Islam, God only wrote one book. And they read that same book over and over again, the definition of insanity, as if it’s going to say something different next time they read it and as if they can learn about God from just reading one book 1,000,000 times over. Every religion thinks God only wrote one book. Isn’t that amazing. L Ron Hubbard wrote more books than God, according to these false religions.

Anyways I was pretty pissed off after this radio interview. I asked the interviewer if they were going to upload the interview to their website and that way I could just send a link to their website for anyone who wanted to look at it. I even felt I was doing them a favor by sending people to their website. But then they said they’re not going to put it on their website unless someone pays for advertisement. And I thought, Jesus can’t come to earth, because all the radio show host will want to know how much money they’re going to make, before they put Jesus on TV. If nobody’s going to pay for the add, he’s not going to be on. Are you serious? Can you imagine Jesus on TV and Opera saying, “Jesus will have an important message, right after this commercial from our sponsors, so stay tuned”

I’m going in do another video on false prophets of Judaism, but I had make this video because after that radio interview, it seems I lost viewers instead of gaining them. But believe me if the world doesn’t believe God is God, and I am the Messiah then the world has to be destroyed. The last thing God said to me was, “if you believe it”. At first I thought, “what does that mean?” Was God sarcastic like Santa Claus saying, “I am Santa Claus” and God replying, “if you believe it”. Or was it like God was sincere and someone asked, “am I in love with Pam?” and God replying, “if you believe it, why are you asking me”.

When the word of the Lord came to me saying, “if you believe it” I actually lost my train of thought and forgot what I was thinking about when he said it. But now I realize God is not sarcastic and I remember what I was thinking about when he said it. When God talks to you it’s in thought and the thought is in a monotone. So it’s not a high pitch or low pitch, to get more meaning to the words, it’s more like written text on the screen, with no emoticons to give more to the interpretation.

If the Pope announces me at the Messiah, the world might be saved, but if the Pope claims to be the Messiah, the world would be destroyed. And it seems like the Pope is going to try to claim to be the Messiah, to spread his religion or Islam around the world.

The real problem with Islam is it claims the Quran is the only book of God and all other books are false. Well I can write a book like that, if I wanted to. But the fact is all these books are inspired by God and available for reproof and correction, which means there are many mistakes in them. To get all the pieces of the puzzle about God, you have to read all these books not just one of them over and over over and over again until you start reading things are not there, because that is the definition of insanity. If you read a stop sign 1000 times and you’re not going anywhere and you think, “maybe the stop sign really means go” you may step on the gas, think you’re going somewhere, but you’re going to die, if you keep believing stop signs mean go.

Islam is false, because God’s goal was to make people immortal. People are already going to die in their sins. If they reject the Savior they can’t be saved. And the dead Jesus on the cross is not the Savior. The dead Jesus is the fake Jesus, because if he was real, Christians would be immortal. Islam is not the true religion, because all the Muslims die in their sins, don’t they. So the world will be destroyed if Islam is the New World religion. The only hope of its salvation is the Timothean religion. And then, went all convert to Timothism than this religion will end. We Need a fake religion to overthrow the fake religions and introduce people to God himself.

I will be making a really good video on the false prophets of Judaism to explain Gaza next. Do not be afraid to join the Timothean religion and and die as martyr at this point, because you’re all ready going to die in your sins anyway and this world is ready to be destroyed. God’s plan A failed of appearing in person to say the world and it looks like God’s plan B to send the Messiah, failed to save it.

Interesting point, the Jehovah witnesses believe the Messiah was going to come to earth in 1914, they were close, Joseph the father of Messiah was born in December 1914. As hard as these people studied the Bible, none of these people came even close to the truth. Sad.

It’s not about me preparing one person to see God and God appearing to that one person. God appeared to many people 2000 years ago, but unless the whole world accepted him as God, he could not save the world, his followers were killed. The entire world has to accept me as the Messiah, before God can appear. God is not just going to appear to a couple of my followers that I prepared, so the government or the religions can kill them. Your to do I hate to call people stupid, but if they are not convinced they are stupid, they will not be able to open their minds to the truth.

Jesus said, “I send my messenger to prepare my way and the Lord in whom you seek, will appear suddenly in his Temple” Meaning appear in bodily form, not appearing in church. Jesus said, “you will not see me until the world says, “Blessed is he who prepares the way of the Lord”.


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