Flint Michigan Water Conspiracy, January 20, 2016.

Let’s stick to the facts. The rusty water has nothing to do with the Flint River or getting water from Detroit. The lead in the water has nothing to do with the Flint River or getting water from Detroit. The toxic water is from the aging infrastructure. The only reason why were hearing about it, is because they are now testing the water because they changed the water delivery system. It was toxic before but nobody tested it. This is why documents were stolen out of City Hall. This is a mafia run water delivery system and the Detroit Mafia is mad, because Flint refuses to purchase their water. It’s not about Flint Michigan trying to save money by selling people toxic water. In fact it is the exact opposite.

Flint water should be less toxic than getting their water from Detroit. The water flows past Flint into Detroit but before it gets to Detroit’s city water filtration system, Detroit’s sewer system empties out into Lake superior. So Detroit city water has to filter out its own sewer water before it sends it to your home. Flint does not have to do this, because they are upstream, before this city dumps it’s sewer into the lake. The whole conspiracy is the Mafia in Detroit doesn’t want to be cut off of the millions of dollars they are making from selling everybody their water. Flint’s new water system threatens Detroit’s water system. Because when it becomes up and running people will be buying their water from Flint rather than the aging Detroit water plant. This is how it should be. The drinking water should come from the river upstream of the sewage water dump.

I lived in a house just outside Detroit that had iron water pipes and a lead pipe feed from the city. I asked the city of Warren inspectors to replace my lead line and they said they don’t need to replace those lines, because the city of Detroit puts in a anti-corrosive agent into the water, that makes it safe to drink from lead pipes. Nobody said that the anti-corrosive agent wasn’t toxic, it may in fact be more toxic, than the lead or the rust. Once a year or so they would test the city of Warren’s water and send us the test results. But they never came into my house to test my drinking water, that came from the lead water inlet or my old iron water pipes. If I didn’t turn on the water for a couple of weeks and then turn it on, rust would come out. You would have to leave the water running for 30 seconds to clean out the pipes if you didn’t use that faucet for a couple of weeks.

That lady showing that glass of water on the news was from a faucet that hasn’t been run in weeks, if anyone wanted to go to her house they would see that after 30 seconds of running the water, the water would be clear. This is all propaganda to get Flint to purchase Detroit Mafia controlled water. The anti-corrosive agent is probably more toxic than the lead, but the fact of the matter is, it doesn’t preserve water pipes forever. Sooner or later they are going to rust, the lead is going to leach out. They were only designed to last 50 years and then they need to be replaced. Some of the water lines in Detroit are over 100 years old and they are probably more toxic than Flint’s water, but nobody is testing it. Nobody is trying to sell Detroit water to Detroiters, they have no other choice but to purchase it. The water Mafia of Detroit just wants to make sure Detroiter’s don’t purchase clean Flint water. I will guarantee that if somebody goes and test 100 homes in Detroit, they will find water more toxic than in Flint.

So I live in some town houses and they put out a newsletter every month. The water bill from Detroit, for the month of August was over $50,000 for our 500 units. Water should be free. We are only 5 miles from Lake St. Clair. I grew up in a home where we had free well water. We had iron pipes. We didn’t call it rusty water, we called it mineral water. On frontline tonight they had a special about vitamin supplements. People are buying iron supplements that we used to get from our iron pipes. I should convince the townhouses to drill their own well and cut Detroit out of their $50,000 a month. The water is cleaner from a well and we never had to put any anti-corrosive agents or chlorine in the water. We had to use a water softener and that was it.

I’m surprised there are so many people deceived by the Detroit Mafia controlled water distribution system. Start testing the water in houses in Detroit and you will find they are more toxic than Flint’s water. It’s absolutely crazy, the tactics they are using to sell their water. Does anyone know what these anti-corrosive agents do to humans? Now they are going to spend another $29 million, trying to fix the system that should’ve never been. They would be better off given the money to have people drill their own personal wells.

What’s this about people donating cases of water? Water cost about six dollars a case. Nobody’s going to drive and spend $10 worth of gas to pick up their six dollars worth of water. Why aren’t the people donating money so the people can purchase the water locally? The gas is another conspiracy. Up north there is a gas station selling gasoline for $.43 a gallon. How can they sell it that cheap? How can they even make it that cheap? Now gasoline is cheaper than water and it’s probably less toxic.

There seems to be another conspiracy about the emails. The religious nuts have itchy ears and want to see what I’ve been writing to Gov. Snyder about. I just sent him an email a few weeks ago, but you won’t find any of my emails to Gov. Snyder. I just started using email this year. I used to send letters.

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