Why Is the Flint River Polluted? January 26, 2016.

If it’s on the news, it’s probably propaganda. See how they are blaming officials for getting water from the Flint River and no one is asking why the Flint River is polluted. Even Michael Moore says everyone knows the Flint River is polluted, but nobody was upset about it. People should have been complaining, when factories were polluting the Flint River. People should be filing lawsuits against GM, Ford and the other factories that polluted the Flint River. It doesn’t matter if you get your drinking water from the Flint River or not. If the Flint River is polluted, your children are going to become sick from it. Household pets, dogs and cats are going to drink from the Flint River. Hunters and gun nuts, should be upset that the Flint River is polluted. Because dear, pheasants, rabbits and ducks drink from the Flint River. And if you’re a hunter your children are going to be poisoned from eating those animals that drink from the Flint River. There shouldn’t be a River or a lake in the United States, that is so poisoned that you cannot drink from it. Because if you’re not drinking from it, your pets and wildlife are. Furthermore that poison will get into the soil and the food chain and you will eventually eat it. This is why we’re having so many bird die offs. There should be a law that everybody gets their drinking water from the local River and this would stop people from polluting it. This would get people outraged at the factories that pollute the rivers and lakes. I thought this was a brilliant idea to get their water from the river. Why are they pumping water from 70 miles away when they have a river flowing through town? Michael Moore admits he lived in Flint and he knew the Flint River was polluted and he never complained about it? How much is GM and Ford paying Michael Moore keep his mouth shut?

I worked at a factory in California where the water pollution laws were so strict, that the water coming out of the factory, was cleaner than the city water going in. Our factory had a $2 million water filtration system. The water that left the factory was cleaner than the water that went in. We got GM and Ford by the balls now. When we tried to blame them for polluting the river they claimed the river was not polluted. But now GM and Ford is admitting the Flint River is polluted because of the factories. People are complaining that their children’s hair is falling out and they are getting skin rashes after the Flint River water was treated, what if the children fell into the Flint River? Would their skin fall off? There’s absolutely no reason that any River or Lake in the United States, should be so polluted you can’t drink from it. If you think that your children are not going to be poisoned, because you’re not getting water from a poisoned River or Lake, you are only deceiving yourself. That poisoned Flint River water, is going to end up in your children, whether you are drinking from it or not. It’s going to end up in your pets, in the wildlife, in the fruits and vegetables at the local farm. That poison will migrate through the soil and through the rain and it will end up in crops and hunting animals and eventually end up in your bodies, if you don’t clean up the Flint River to the point where you can drink from it.

This whole story is propaganda to get Flint residents to purchase $12 million a year Detroit water. It probably would not even cost $12 million to clean up the Flint River. They’re talking about spending $1.5 billion on new pipeline, when they should simply clean up the Flint River? Sue Ford and General Motors and every factory that is on the Flint River and taxpayers will not have to spend a penny. We are tired of people like Alex Jones, and David Icke who claim government has too much control over factories bypassing anti-pollution laws like the carbon tax because Alex Jones and David Icke, and Pete Santilli are being paid off by these big corporations to claim the government is too much in their business.

More than 2% of these children had lead in their blood before Flint ever switched water from Detroit. This lead is coming from the gun lobby and the gun nuts who sue over 12 billion lead bullets into the rivers and lakes. The gun lobby is partially responsible for the lead poisoned and so is every gun owner who supports the NRA or gun ownership. These laws that they passed that they are not liable for children who become poison from their lead bullets have to be taken off the books. It’s these gun nuts like Alex Jones, David Icke and Pete Santilli who think the gun lobby should not be sued when children become sick from lead bullets they shot into the environment, rivers and lakes. If even one lead bullet is found in the Flint River, it makes the gun lobby and gun owners responsible for the lead in the blood of Flint children. You’re not hearing on the news the fact that this will lead is coming from bullets and you never will because of the power of the gun lobby and you will never see so-called truther’s like Alex Jones, David Icke or Pete Santilli mention the poison from lead bullets. You only hear them talk about how the government is trying to stop them from poisoning the environment with lead from their guns. Don’t let them fool you into believing the toxic lead poisoning of children is only coming from water pipes and not their lead bullets. They shoot over 12 billion lead bullets into the environment in just one year and gun owners should be paying the medical bills for these children. Let’s see Alex Jones, David Icke and Pete Santilli teach this truth on their radio shows.

Yes immediately after they switched from Detroit water to Flint water, the water taste funny. It always does. You get used to drinking a certain type of water. I remember when we drank well water, was very hard to switch over to city water. But we kept our well running after we hooked up to city water. And after we were used to drinking city water, we could no longer drink well water, it tasted funny. It’s like switching brands of cigarettes. You can only smoke your brand. The water will always taste funny when you switch drinking water.


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