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Asbestos Haven’t Slept in Five Days, October 29, 2012.

My throat is really killing me from inhaling the asbestos dust from moving that floor tile box. Think of burning the place down, might go to prison for arson, but at least I’ll get some sleep knowing I did everything I could. And if the 30 million Americans who live in asbestos homes followed my example and burned their toxic homes down, the government would realize HUD can no longer sell them and claim that it is a “buyer beware market”. It will be a seller beware market. If you don’t want your city to burn down, don’t sell toxic houses.

My sister coming over just stress me out worse. HUD sold me a toxic house that The city of Warren inspected and said was safe. The wood shake roof was re-shingled with regular shingles causing 13 square (13 10x10 feet) of mold. The last owner of the house collected $10,000 insurance from a flooded kitchen, that caused mold to grow under the floorboards. The city failed to tell me about a asbestos furnace and possibly asbestos tile floor in the basement. They also failed to tell me the house had a toxic lead waterline going to it, and the sewer line should have been illegal, as it kept raw sewage above the trap in the basement drain. The city sewer line ran through the backyard years ago and they put in a new sewer line in front of the house so they rerouted the sewer line around the house and this past city code, but kept raw sewage in the basement floor drain. The city let the homeowner put asbestos shingles over the toxic lead paint wood, and then let someone put aluminum siding over the asbestos shingles. How in the hell can anyone call that a safe house to live in? I’m suffering from sick building syndrome from a toxic house and my sister she tells me that it’s my fault because I was honest with the city and told them I had a Fossett that I let drip for two years and wondered if that might have contributed to the toxic house. While I never told my sister about the drippy Fossett, it seems that the mafia government that runs the city has brainwashed my family into believing that toxic house was all my fault because I had a drippy Fossett for two years. In my opinion the drippy Fossett just keeps the drains clean and there was never a mold growing by the drip, no one ever found mold growing by the drip, but they have brainwashed my entire family, into believing it’s all my fault because of that drippy Fossett. And there is at least a hundred other things the city done to contribute to that toxic house and all they did was try to convince my family, behind my back, that it was all my fault the house was toxic because of a drippy Fossett. There is no cure for that kind of mental illness the city of Warren mafia government inspectors, who will try to blame a first time home buyer for his toxic house, when they are the city inspectors. The $300 million lawsuit I have against the city of Warren is not going be enough money to teach them anything, they are going to have to die in the Revolutionary war. There is no way to cure that kind of criminally insane mental illness, that you can blame a first time home buyer and brainwashed their entire family, so that they can get out of their responsibilities of selling people toxic houses. I don’t know if I’m more pissed off at the city of Warren and the government or my sister for being stupid enough to believe them. The city, HUD, government, loves to sell toxic homes to first-time buyers. They don’t want even try to sell their houses, to anyone who has already had a house. These homes are for sale to first-time buyers only. They even have a law that says you have to live in the toxic house for five years, before you can purchase it for so cheap. That way the city of Warren can sell toxic HUD homes to people and not have the pay them when they get sick from living there. They brainwashed my family and they brainwashed you, into believing it’s a buyer beware market. You should have done your due diligence. They think they can sell you a radio active home by Fukushima and if you suffer from radiation, it’s your fault, because you do not test the home with a Geiger counter. They think if you did not test your home for mold, it’s your fault. They think if you didn’t test your home for lead paint, it’s your fault. They think if you did not test your home for asbestos, it’s your fault. They think of you didn’t test your home for biohazard sewage, it’s your fault. They think of you did not test your home for radon gas, it’s all your fault. If you did not test your home to see if the former owner made it into a meth lab, it’s all your fault. You are the first-time buyer and you should know it all. City inspectors don’t know anything, their job is to collect the $150 inspection fee. If your home is radioactive, it’s not their fault you should’ve hired a professional with a Geiger counter. The time will come when they ask city inspectors, judges and lawyers if they tested their work environment with a Geiger counter. Well they should have done their due diligence, because it’s if it’s radioactive, it’s all their fault if they get sick and die. Well they can only brainwashed the stupid like my sister, because in the future, it’s going to be a seller beware market. Beware if you sell someone a toxic house, they might kill you in self defense. Beware if you sell someone an inspection, if it ain’t safe, they might kill you in self defense. Beware if you sell someone dangerous tobacco, the patriotic American, might defend his country, from the mafia who runs it. Beware if you sell someone a dangerous automobile that goes over 15 miles an hour, as everyone knows that you could be injured or killed at speeds above that. My sister was over here telling me that my asbestos place wasn’t that toxic and she didn’t know why I was making such a fuss, as the mafia government has already been talking to them and brainwashing them. It’s funny how they got them all brainwashed into thinking this place isn’t that toxic and that I am mentally ill and when the inspectors came over, they didn’t even want to step inside the house, they wanted me to step outside. They think it’s safe for me to live in but they don’t even want to step inside the door for two minutes to talk to me. Then she was worried about driving home because of the sniper shooter on I-96. The sniper shooter hasn’t killed anyone yet but the automobile company who sold her her car she was driving home in, Has already killed millions. She’s 10,000 times more likely to die from cancer, from the asbestos in my house, that she was exposed to, than she is to die, by being hit by that sniper. And dying by that sniper, is 10,000 times better way to die, than to die from asbestos. We somehow got on the subject of Hitler and she talked about how evil he was because he burned people. But she just came from my other sister’s house, who cremated her husband. Hitler didn’t burn living people, he burned the dead. In fact he seems to have invented cremation. It’s weird how people can be brainwashed into believing Hitler was so evil because he burned people and the very same brainwashed people want to be cremated when they die. Because being cremated in such a lovely way to go but Hitler was evil because he burn people. In World War II the Russians lost 20 million people and they didn’t have 20 million funerals. They simply piled the bodies up and poured gasoline over them and lit them on fire. At least Hitler used a chamber with a smokestack so that the people did not have to smell the burning bodies like this funeral home did for my other sister, when they burned her husband.

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