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Should U or UR baby B killed 4 Something Father Did?, August 24, 2012.

Dear President Obama, If your mother told you that you were the product of a rape, would that change your mind on the abortion issue? Politicians running for president should be asked several questions. Should a baby be legally murdered, for something the father did? Should you be legally murdered for something your father did? If you found out you were the product of a rape, would you kill yourself? Should the government legally kill you, because you are the product of a rape because you should not have been born? The baby’s father is a rapist, so let’s legally kill the baby and call it justice. Civilized countries don’t even kill the rapist let alone the baby. It amazes me that there are actually people in the world, who not only believed the baby should be legally killed, if the father is a rapist, but that the government should pay for the hit man Doctor. One of my best friends was a product of a rape and it makes her sick to think there are people in society, who believe she should have never been born. She should have the legal right to sue these politicians, lawyers and American citizens , who think she should have been murdered at birth, because her father was a rapist. WTF is wrong with people? No one says a woman has to suffer the rest of her life if she gets impregnated by a rapist. She can give the baby up for adoption at birth. Is absolutely no reason to kill the baby for something somebody else did. It’s not the baby’s fault, if they are a product of a rape and the people who think it is, should have their head examined and not hold any positions of power. They should not be doctors, lawyers or judges, let alone Presidents or Congressman.

Furthermore, women who claim they need the government to pay for their abortion, because it’s a product of a rape, need to have the baby’s DNA tested and put in a database, so that we have the DNA profiles of all the rapist in this world. If taxpayers are going to pay for these births or abortions, these abortions should at least do some good of identifying the rapist, by testing the DNA of the baby. If the woman was lying to get a free abortion that is fraud and we know no women will lie to get a free abortion. Every woman who claims she was raped and needs the government to pay for an abortion, should let the government test the baby’s DNA. A huge database of the DNA can be Until the father is found and rape charges filed against him. Even it they can’t find him guilty of rape, he should at least pay for the abortion and be on some kind of sex registry. You can send someone to school to become a lawyer, Judge or Dr., but people have to be born with moral scruples. Only a person who is a product of a rape, can see something wrong with legally murdering a baby, because the father is a rapist. Unfortunately there’s not many of those around, because they were legally and systematically murdered.


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