Fake Moon Landing Debunkers December 29, 2010.

Just as I predicted. If you point out the flaws, mistakes, anomalies and discrepancies in the “official version” the military will send in their debunkers. These people will stop at nothing to perpetuate their lies. Even to the point of killing people to shut them up.

Anyone who sees the fake moon landing can tell it’s a fake. But explaining why it is difficult, when debunkers will do anything to refute you. We can see from the fake moon landing video, astronauts kicking up sand, dust and dirt. Not a whole lot of sand or dirt mostly dust.

When the 40 pound astronaut steps on the surface of the mostly dust moon, he leaves a footprint that looks to be at least a inch deep. If the surface of the moon was like talcom powder, it might seem real. As experts say the moon has a thick layer of this dust.

What gets me angry, is when all these military types, who have seen helicopters land in the sandy desert, kick up a lot of sand and yet they still try to tell us, the lunar landing is real.

If a 240 pound astronaut only weighs 40 pounds on the moon, how much does a grain of sand weigh on the moon? How much does a grain of dust weigh on the moon? When you figure that out, then you can just about imagine how much dust rocket engines can kick up when they are landing on the moon. We don’t see dust in the videos.

I’m sure the debunkers will say there is no air on the moon so dust will not float in the air. But if there is a force like rocket engines, that kicks up the dust into the empty space above the lunar surface, with very little gravity, it should remain up there for quite a while.

If the 240 pound astronaut only weighs 40 pounds on the moon and the gravity makes the astronaut float, how long will this dust float? This would be easy to find out. All we have to do is set up a telescope with a video camera pointing at the moon 24 seven. There are many meteorites hitting the moon. We just have to wait until a small meteor hits the moon and see how long it takes for the dust to settle. Far as I know no one has done this before. We did however see the plume, from Jupiter.

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