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Fake Photo To Change 2nd to 1ST Degree Murder, April 22, 2012.

The fake Zimmerman photo proves conspiracy and it allows the prosecutor to change the charge of second-degree murder to one of conspiracy, premeditated first-degree murder and seek the death penalty for George Zimmerman. It also allows the prosecutor to charge police and the person who took the photo with conspiracy to commit murder. Every Florida police officer who was at the scene, knows that this photo was faked and they said nothing. That’s proof they are in on the conspiracy to commit murder. What is a shame is the police chief who knew this was murder and resigned. Leaving only evil policemen, to serve and protect the people. President Obama should give the police officers who resigned because they knew this was murder , some kind of metal and promotion, while he is seeking the death penalty for those who were in on the murder.

GeoTagging Photos with GPS-enabled iPhone is what the conspirators are using to claim the bloody head Zimmerman photo is real and was taken three minutes after the murder in the same location.

There is a website called Kelso’s Corner, I will put a link below, that shows you how to change the satellite GPS information inside a photo. You can take a picture in your backyard, a year later and make it look like you took the picture in Florida two minutes after Zimmerman’s Trayvon Martin murder. There is big money in making these fake photos and selling them to newspapers and tabloids. It’s pretty obvious these newspapers do not like even check to see if the photos are real. It took me two minutes on a Google search to find out how to edit the GeoTag EXIF information on a photo taken with an iPhone. There is actually an application you can download to edit the information for you on the Mac.

You can download PhotoInfoEditor to edit the precision of the GPS coordinates stored in the EXIF information for the photo. The prosecutor, the judge and the lawyers who let Zimmerman go free, should be ashamed to send their children to school. For other children in the school, will laugh at them, for having such stupid parents. Any 12-year-old kid, knows how to change the GeoTag information on a photo to make it look like it was taken on any day in any location they want to. The news media agents, who purchased those photos should be fired. This is telling children everywhere you don’t have to go to school, because adults who work at these tabloids in newspapers are so stupid, you can sell them fake photos for thousands.

Zimmerman has said that his friend, that he told to call his wife, to tell his wife Zimmerman had murdered Trayvon Martin, was the person who took the bloody photo of the back of his head. Of course he did not explain why the friend did not take a picture of his broken bloody nose or the dead child laying on the ground from a gunshot because he knew it was fake. If there was any pictures taken at the scene of the murder, George Zimmerman’s father the judge who was at the murder scene would have confiscated all of the photos. Just like all the videos of the ATF women and children massacre, were confiscated by the evil gun lobby military-industrial complex, who killed over 1 million Iraqis for oil. These people believe they can get away with murder, because they have the guns. What they ATF does not realize, is all their names are recorded as being murderers. Your children’s names are being recorded as being the children of murderers. There are people who are still recording the names of the children and grandchildren from the murderer Cain in the Bible, in hopes of someday having revenge on them. You don’t get away with murder, even when you die. Your children or grandchildren will pay 1000 generations later. You think you can change your name to prevent your children from being labeled the child of murderers? They have your DNA. It doesn’t matter if you change your name and get into the witness protection program. If you’re with the ATF you are guilty of murdering women and children. If you have a lethal weapon, you are premeditated murder and your children are the children of premeditated murderers. It’s that simple. The only thing you can do is repent, confess your crimes to police and media, hopefully if you do enough time in prison, your children will not be labeled.

Kelso’s Corner at: .

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