Facebook Shooters, Syria - Korea, Trumps 100 Days, May 1, 2017.

The reason why they dropped the Moab bomb, the drone strikes in Syria and the North Korea propaganda, is to take Americans minds off the abortion issue. Since Donald Trump has been in office, 350,000 American helpless infants have been murdered by abortion. Until the people who support abortion are charged with crimes against humanity, thereís no need to go to war with any other country, until those countries killed over 60,000,000 American helpless infants.

Every time I make another pro-life video, they drop more bombs. Itís not a coincidence. Thereís no one more evil in the world than those who support abortion. The same people that would kill 3500 children a day using criminally insane rationalization to justify it, are the same people who will start these wars and drop big bombs on villages of women and children. When they drop that Moab bomb, they didnít even know who they were killing. They simply drop the bomb, because they knew they were going to be charged with crimes against humanity for the abortion issue.

Everything on the news is to take your attention off the abortion issue. Even the story of a man killing his baby live on Facebook. Thereís been several Facebook killings. The 1st Facebook killing, somebody posted a message that the guy should be hung by the balls. The people posting messages on Facebook are more evil than the Facebook killer. Itís like the grandmother who got scammed on American greed, wanted to skin the con artist alive, because she was stupid enough to fall for his scam. You got to wonder if these killings are Godís way to show us who the real evil scum are. Can you imagine skinning someone alive or hanging someone by the balls? I think whatís happening, is people are killing those who believe in abortion and posting it on Facebook and they are afraid of copycat killers. People are shooting atheist, and posting the videos on Facebook, to show their love of God and they are afraid copycats, might bring an end to Satanís kingdom. Not even alternative media is reporting the truth on these Facebook shooters. Itís almost as if the government is creating false flag reverse stories and putting them on the news. Hence, the story of a man killing a baby live on Facebook. They are trying to generate laws to make sure nobody starts killing atheist or pro-choice people live on Facebook. Can you imagine, even the injured workers could be shooting people who donít believe they should be paid 1,000,000,000 dollars for their job injury, live on Facebook. It would bring an end to capitalism almost immediately. So they have to make laws preventing people from doing live videos.

I can tell that they are screening all my videos. It takes quite a long time from the time I upload them, until they are visible on the Internet.

There really isnít any need to post any other video on YouTube except pro-life videos. The world will never change as long as there is people who believe that itís okay to murder unborn children and use criminally insane rationalization to justify it. The same people who believe itís okay to murder children see nothing wrong with pizza gate, enslaving humans with jobs or dropping bombs on villages of women and children.

If you go to my website, you might get transcripts of my videos days or even weeks before I make a video as I post the information they are 1st before I make the video. Furthermore, I think YouTube is slowly posting my videos online hours after I upload them. Twitter is blocking some of my tweets and making me delete them. The tweets and videos blocked by twitter and YouTube will be on my website. The terms of service are generally the same with all social media. So if twitter blocked my tweet, Iím not going to upload that information to YouTube.

I watched a few videos from Richie from Boston and he wants to create his own server. I created my own server and I could make a video to show people how to do that, but Iím not an expert. Would be nice if someone could make a YouTube video showing people how to do that. Iím not even sure if my server is visible on the Internet, they might have hacked it somehow. Either that or 99.69 percent of the people in the world are evil or completely brainwashed. But Richie seems to be teaching the same stuff that I taught so my information must be getting out there somehow.


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