FBI More Evil than Isis Terrorist, March 19, 2016.

The evidence shows, that people in the FBI were behind the Kennedy assassination. We all seen on national TV, the ATF pumping poison gas into the Branch Davidian compound, killing 29 women and children. What people donít know about the Waco mass murder, was that even after the mass murder of women and children, the ATF killed reporters who witnessed the mass murder to shut them up. Confiscating the video from the reporter was not good enough, as an ATF agent said in a AOL chat room, that the reporters eyes were a camera. The reporter was a witness to the murder of 29 women and children at Waco and thatís why they had to kill him. Because the FBI did not prosecute the ATF for this mass murder, it made them just as guilty as the murderers themselves. Claiming that not all FBI agents are evil, is like saying not all IsIs terrorists are evil. Claiming that not all FBI agents are evil, is like claiming not all bank robbers are evil. Some of them steal money to give to the poor like El Chapo.

After I saw God in California in 1985 I was injured on the job. After being injured on the job I was tortured by the medical system with stellate ganglion blocks to the neck. When I sought out support from the church, they told me that Jesus was supposed to heal my injuries, so that the industrial nations can make billions of dollars in profit and the workers comp insurance companies, donít have to pay for the pain and suffering that industry causes. In other countries, businesses would have been sued out of business, the first time a man was injured on the job. The Wright brothers didnít invent the airplane, an inventor in Russia invented a steamed power airplane in the 1800s. But the Russians could not profit off an airplane that killed people. They were sued out of business the first time someone was killed. Only in America, can you stay in business, after your product kills people. The Wright brothers airplane actually killed a government official Selfridge, and not only werenít they not sued out of business or charged with murder, they were given a government contract to build more planes.

When the churches claimed Jesus was supposed to heal my injuries, so that industry can stay in business, insurance companies can profit, I knew the church was run by the devil and started the Timothean religion. We are supposed to have free speech and freedom of religion, but when I taught that Jesus wanted you to sue industry out of business to end suffering, the FBI killed my followers and pumped poison gas into my home on 7524 Jackson St. In Warren Michigan. One of my followers, Cassie Brendan, warned me of the plot in a AOL chat room and then she was killed later by two members of the FBI special forces. The story and the chat logs are in my book Killing the Messenger I will leave a link below. Now if all the FBI agents are not evil, I would hope they would investigate the death of Cassie Brendan and the two FBI agents, who claimed to have murdered her Keldon Reilley head of the northern branch of the FBI and his buddy AOL member Parenthesis Mine. The poison gas, was the same thing Saddam Hussein used on the Kurds made from a type of mold. In fact it is a type of mold and the house was tested positive for high levels of mold. After Cassie Brendan had warned me that they were going to pump this stuff into my house. I still have some samples to test for a government grade of toxic gas if anyone has the equipment to test it. Again the chat logs in information is in my book killing the messenger. Iíve sent copies to the president and other officials but it has fallen on deaf ears. I had called AOL to find out who these people are and they said they could not give out personal information. When I explained to AOL that these people claim to be FBI agents and that I am reporting these so-called fake agents, AOL Tech support told me that they were in fact the real FBI. People find it hard to believe that the FBI pumped poison gas into my home, because I saw God, was injured on the job and was suing industry out of business and starting my own Timothean religion, but we have all seen, on national TV, that the FBI pumped poison gas into the Branch Davidian compound, killing 29 women and children, because it was not a government approved religion that claims Jesus is supposed to heal your job injury so billionaires can profit. And nobody did a damn thing about it. Not even the 140 million gun owners, who is supposed to protect us from Mafia thugs in the FBI.

The only way the automobile industry can stay in business, is if they torture or kill the people who are injured by their product. Weíve seen two lawsuits on TV. A woman who sued for 55 million because someone seen her naked & Hulk Hogan who won 110 million, for a 45 second video. And I had suffered 30 years of chronic pain and suffering from my job injury and all they told me, was that go get another job. Itís not about the money. Itís about suing industry to guarantee no one is ever injured on the job again. Jobs are slavery and Jesus set us free. This is why my followers cannot say they are my followers. They will be killed, not by homeless bums or Isis terrorist, but by the FBI themselves, who are not protecting a free nation, or free religion, but in fact are enslaving us and keeping us in bondage and killing anybody who does not accept the state sponsored religion called Christianity. I believe they are also controlling Islam.

The media would not hear my story, but now we have alternative media on YouTube and the Internet. If thereís anyone who would like to investigate this story, get the subpoenas to find out who these AOL characters are, who claim to be in the FBI and to have murdered my follower Cassie Brendan, let me know. If you want to do an interview. This so-called head of the northern branch of the FBI, Keldon Rilley also has an account on Amazon dot com where he commented on my book and said it was his job to take my books off the internet. A link to my book on Amazon below. http://www.amazon.com/The-Gospel-Timothy-Campbell/product-reviews/1575021501?pageNumber=2 .

http://www.amazon.com/gp/pdp/profile/A2G9MXIV0GJUZL/ref=cm_cr_getr_d_pdp?ie=UTF8 .

You will notice there is some bad reviews on Amazon, but I only sold three books on Amazon and those who were to people I knew and they left good reviews. So all the bad reviews are by shills who never purchased the book. I have plenty of copies of Killing the Messenger, itís about twenty-eight pages, if anyone is interested. I think people are still afraid of being killed by the FBI if they purchase a copy, but I think things are starting to get better and I wouldnít worry about it, as I believe the world is about to end anyways. Because God had said itís better to destroy the whole earth and the seven billion people on it then let them live in bondage by these FBI psychopaths, who are a thousand times more evil than Isis terrorist. Keywords.

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