FBI Apple iPhone Hack, March 22, 2016.

I’m surprised it took the FBI so long to find someone, to learn how to hack the iPhone. Computers are just dumb machines. They only know input and output. The computer code for getting passwords is fairly simple. One line of code, says to print to the screen asking for a password. Another line of code, checks to see if the inputted password, matches the password that is stored on the iPhone. If the password matches it continues to run the rest of the program. If it doesn’t match, it doesn’t continue. The simplest computer hack is to simply input code that tells the computer program to skip checking, rather than comparing a password.

So line 10 says print to screen “enter password”. Line twenty checks the inputted password to see if it matches the stored password on line 30 and if it does, go to line 40. If you input a line of code, instead of a password, that says go to line forty, you just hacked the program. Here’s a little screen capture of the program I wrote.

The program is fairly simple with only three steps.

The first part says to prompt for a password. The second step is to check the input with stored password and if it matches go on to the third step of starting the OS. The way to hack any computer program is simply insert a hack into the second step that bypasses the password check and go straight to starting the OS.


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